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Sat, 08 Oct 2016

Holidays October 27:

Independence Day in Turkmenistan

October 27 Turkmenistan celebrates state event
importance – independence day. And from the very first year of being in
State’s sovereign status has established an unbreakable tradition – this
the day just has to be grand, ambitious and bright. Celebrated
independence day for at least two days, and the celebration begins with
laying luxurious bouquets to the Monument of Independence. In so
The important part of the holiday is necessarily the participation of the authorities of the country.
After the “flower” introduction, everyone moves to Ashgabat Square,
where there is a festive demonstration and military parade. In the evening
the same day, the city is absorbed by concerts, various shows at the Olympic
the stadium of the capital, and in the dark sky sparkle waves of festive

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Audiovisual Heritage Day entered in the holiday database
UNESCO organization in 2005. The goal is to attract attention
public to the value of audiovisual materials and to ways
their conservation. Audiovisual heritage – video, sound recordings,
movies, broadcasts, etc. – is currently under threat.
Most of the materials have already disappeared without a trace. To prevent
further destruction of the audiovisual “legacy”, UNESCO
together with the association of audiovisual archives have committed themselves
difficult mission and in 1997 developed the Memory of the World program,
which today has several hundred documentaries
materials of global importance.

Winter Day

Windyatr (the day of winter among the northern peoples) is Scandinavian
New Year, which is celebrated at the end of the winter preparation period.
�“Winter nights” – forerunners of the “fairytale” event – lasting from 21
October 27, although initially lasted a little longer in time.
Winter Day знаменует переход к зимнему ночному режиму, когда в
the north-latitude countries the sun begins to disappear over the horizon
quite early. The roots of the event stretch from deep antiquity. Earlier,
как ни странно, Winter Day символизировал переход к тяжелому периоду
life when people began to prepare for the harsh winter frost.
It was necessary to take serious measures, stock up for future use and
thoroughly prepared to withstand long
cold weather

In addition, on this day:

Anniversary of the Ascension of Garegin II to the Throne

Garegin II – Patriarch, Armenian Catholicos and Head of the Apostolic
Churches. After the death of Catholicos Garegin the First in 1999
Archbishop was elected as the National Church Council.
Garegin II (Nersesyan), who became 132 Catholicos for the whole
history of existence of the Armenian church. The first was Gregory
Illuminator. By the way, in his honor the church was renamed to

October 27, according to the folk calendar (old style – 14

Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Paraskeva Gryaznuha

On this day, remember St. Paraskeva Serbian, who lived in 11
century. A girl was born in a family of wealthy people, but after
the death of parents she said goodbye to the inheritance and distributed it
needy people. Paraskeva herself took the veil and made
pilgrimage to the Holy Land, settling in the Jordan Valley.
According to legend, the saint performed many miracles. Two years before
the death of Paraskeva, as if sensing death, returned to her relatives
the edges.

The people called the saint a strange nickname – Gryaznuha, but this
not related to her lifestyle. Rather, it is due to the fact that 27
October, as people noticed in Russia, there is never a dry weather.
�“It’s not dry on Gryaznuha,” they said. In the mud on the streets
the people prophesied the onset of winter: if there is a lot of slush, then winter
displace autumn in four weeks.

Paraskeva Serbian had other nicknames. Among them:
Trepalnitsa, Lnyanikha and Friday. The fact is that the mistress of the day
the memory of the saint is traditionally battered and flaccid flax, but to wash and
spinning on this day was forbidden. It was believed if the day fell on
Friday, then pregnant women are incredibly lucky, because Paraskeva herself
protects future children. However, pregnant women on Friday could not
combing so as not to anger the saint.

Significant Historical Events 27

27 октября 1672 год — состоялся спектакль в
the first Russian theater building

Comedial Choromina – the first theater building in Russia
built specifically for acts and performances by
the direction of Tsar Alexis. On October 27, the theater presented a comedy about
how Arthaserks ordered Haman to be hanged. Performance troupe
created the son of a German doctor – Johan Gregory. After the death of the king
the heir, who accepted the throne, ordered the comedy to be demolished, as she,
in his opinion, contrary to the laws of God.

27 октября 1873 год — подача заявки на патент
barbed wire

American farmer, Illinois resident, Joseph Gleiden filed
заявку на патент barbed wire. The application was approved, and a year later
November issued a patent. A simple invention has found a wide
Popular with farmers and other landowners. After all, it is in
root has changed and made it easier for them to protect their land from the onslaught
wild animals and other ill-wishers seeking to harm
harvest or livestock.

27 октября 1951 год — впервые применили
radiation radiation to fight malignant

For the first time, a new method to help destroy cancer cells
applied in Canada under the leadership of Harold Jones. Ray
therapy was based on the use of radioactive cobalt-60
(cobalt gun) as a source of high-energy gamma rays.
The goal of therapy is to destroy the cells that cause growth.
cancer tumor. At the same time healthy cells practically do not suffer,
as less exposed.

27 октября 1984 год — открытие сквозного
train traffic on the Baikal-Amur Mainline

Ponder the direction of the first railway began at the end
19th century. So the colonel of the General Staff Voloshinov with a detachment of several
man, having overcome a distance of thousands of kilometers from Ust-Kut to
Mui, concluded that building a road in this part
technically not possible, since at that time they had no
funds or equipment to perform such work. However, after the Second World War
construction was carried out by hundreds of prisoners, and in 1984
the official opening of the movement of trains on
Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Родились 27 October:

Иван Мичурин (1855-1935) — селекционер,
having derived many varieties of fruit crops, an outstanding biologist, member
Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since childhood, fond of plants. At eight years old surprisingly
well versed in almost all types of vegetation.
Having matured, Michurin purchased land for his own nursery, where
could safely do what he loved – experimenting with
fruit and berry crops. In 1912, for his merits, Ivan
receives the Order of St. Anne.

James Кук (1728-1779) — английский
navigator. As a child, Cook settled on a working ship.
boyfriend. Gaining experience in the field of navigation, enrolled in
Royal Navy service. In the 1760s, he participated in
studies of the rivers Saint Lawrence and Quebec, and in 1768 the Cook was
appointed head of the expedition to the Pacific Ocean. James
made several important discoveries in the vast ocean waters, beyond
which was glorified.

Михаил Жаров (1899-1981) — советский актер и
producer. After school, he graduated from the studio at the theater
Artistic and Educational Union. Then he worked in the theater, and with
twenties began to act in films. The first big role Zharov
dropped out in 1925, when the young actor starred in the film “Road to
Happily. Since then, his skill has grown and the number of offers,
accordingly, too.

Николо Паганини (1782-1840) — итальянский
violinist composer. I took violin lessons from my own
father and several teachers. From the age of 11, young Nikolo gave
concerts, and at 16 – gained worldwide fame.

Лидия Русланова (1900-1973) — певица и
Honored Artist of Russia. At six, Lydia lost her parents and
was forced to beg, singing along the streets. Her talent
noticed and attached the girl to the church shelter, where she continued
develop a gorgeous voice. In the 1920s Ruslanova records
begin to come out in huge editions. Her voice often twisted and
radio. After WWII, Lydia was repressed, but after Stalin’s death, she
was released.

Теодор Рузвельт (1858-1919) — 26 президент
United States, Nobel laureate. Graduated from harvard
University, after which almost immediately released his book under
title “War of the Sea of ​​1812”. Soon began his political
career, which ended with the status of the president.

Николай Караченцов (1944) — актер, Народный
Artist of the RSFSR. in the studio named Nemirovich-Danchenko Nikolai entered
1963. His talent was immediately noticed, and for the very first student
work, he received a prize for the best male role. Having graduated from the studio,
Karachentsov became very popular, he was invited to various
performances that always went with an enviable notice.

Ванесса Мэй (1978) — эстрадная скрипачка.
Little Vanessa was raised by her mother and stepfather. Since childhood
the girl played several instruments at once, and at nine she
already debuted before the audience. In 1991, May released her
The first disc is Violin. Thanks to the album, the girl got
popularity and won a number of awards. Many called her “Paganini
of our time “And it is not surprising, because Vanessa and Paganini even
born the same day.

Именины 27 October:

On this day, the name day will be celebrated by representatives of such names as
Praskovya, Nazar, Ignatius, Kuzma, Nikolai.

Born October 27 personality possess explosive, impulsive
character, from which often suffer. They say about such people: “First
chat, and then think. ” These people are extremely important to learn
to keep within their own emotionality, otherwise they risk
periodically run into big trouble.

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