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Fri, 07 Oct 2016

Holidays October 26

Austria’s adoption of the Permanent Law

October 26 Austrians celebrate the Austrian National Day
Republic, which recalls the withdrawal of allied forces with
territory of the country in 1955. Until this date, the occupying forces
Allies stayed on Austrian territory for 10 years
after the end of the Second World War. In May 1955 in Vienna was
a contract was signed, fully restoring the sovereignty of Austria,
followed by the withdrawal of allied troops from the country and approval
federal constitutional law enshrining a permanent
neutrality of Austria.

Mother-in-law in the USA

Residents of the United States and some countries in Latin America and Europe 26
October, the Day of Mother-in-law is celebrated, which in the twenties of the last century
began to celebrate as a joke, however, many people had this idea
soul, and the holiday caught on. On this day, the son-in-law should thank
mother-in-law for the good education of her daughter, who became a wonderful wife and
caring mother, and give her a gift.

Other memorable events of October 26:

St. Dmitry’s Day in Greece

October 26 in orthodox Greece, Bulgaria and Romania commemorate
St. Dmitry of Solun. The son of the Roman proconsul in Thessaloniki, he
held a military post and was supposed to oppress Christians. But,
Dmitry, brought up by his parents in the traditions of Christianity, himself became
to preach, for which he was killed. He was later canonized, and his
relics began to be considered a shrine. Orthodox Christians have the memory of Dmitry
Solunsky is honored in November.

Pomegranate Holiday in Azerbaijan

This holiday is annually held in the city of Goychay, which is
recognized center of pomegranate in Azerbaijan. It takes
participation of representatives of state power, public,
city ​​residents and his guests. The main event of the holiday is
pomegranate fair, which unfolds in the city center, and
in the evening the guests of the holiday can watch the concert and admire
wonderful fireworks.

Folk calendar October 26 (old style – 13

October 26 Orthodox worship the memory of the miraculous Iverskaya
the icons of the Most Holy Theotokos, also called the Gatekeeper, or
The gatekeeper. The original of the icon, which, according to legend, he wrote
Luke the Evangelist, kept in Greece, in the Iversky Monastery on the mountain
Athos. With the acquisition of icons associated with such a legend. In the IX century one
a resident of Nikaia in order to save the face of the Virgin from the iconoclasts
the icon was lowered into the sea, where she stayed for about two centuries. AT
The 11th century, the monks who lived in the Iversky Monastery, saw over the water
stitch image of the Virgin, which was supported by fiery
by the pillar. At the direction of the Virgin Mary, the Monk Gabriel the Holy One,
passing on the water, he took the icon and brought it to the monastery, but in the morning the face
was found above the cloister gate. The icon was brought back to
monastery, but the situation repeated. Then the monks realized that she
she chose for herself the place where she should be. So
образом она и получила название Привратница (ATратарница). This icon
has always been one of the most revered in Russia, she was asked to
consolation in grief, on getting rid of troubles, on protection from fire and on
good harvest. On the Iverskaya, the Russian people had a tradition
arrange bathing everyday life – bring various healing
grass It was believed that in a hot, heated bath on that day
herbal spirit could cure epileptic sufferers.

Also these days, in the old days, people celebrated the Day of Mokosh,
Slavic paganism – the goddess of marriage and childbirth, patroness
feminine, protector of women and girls. Ancient slavs
commemorated Makosh on Friday. According to some sources, her cult arose
from 30 to 40 thousand years ago. The symbol of this goddess is yarn or
spindle, which brought to the place of sacrifice. AT этот
the day the women did not spin, did not wash, did not bathe themselves and did not bathe
children. After the day of Mokosh, Slavic women began to have basic
work related to sewing and needlework. Wonder what’s up with that
holiday has common roots halloween.

Name Day October 26:

AT этот день чествуют ATениамина, Иннокентия, Карпа, Никиту,

Significant Historical Events 26

26 октября в 1824 году в Москве состоялось
official opening of the Maly Theater. He became part of the system
Imperial Theaters in 1806, but first dramatic and
opera and ballet troupes worked together. From October 26, 1824
the venue for dramatic performances was the building on
Petrovskaya (since 1829 – Theater Square), then the theater and
became known as Small; another theater opened in 1825
intended to show opera and ballet performances, called

26 октября в 1863 году представителями
an eleven London football club was set up
which became the first football union in the world. Its members have been developed
a set of rules of 13 points, which are very similar to those that
act now, and to some extent formed the basis for them.

26 октября в 1920 году Совнарком выпустил
ruling on the collection and sale abroad of confiscated Russians
artistic values. ATсе последующее за этим десятилетие
there was a merciless sale of art objects, which
significantly devastated national repositories.

26 октября в 1927 году в Париже был оправдан
Jewish anarchist Solomon Schwartzbard, who shot Petlyura.
Schwarzbard lost in the Jewish pogroms conducted by the Petliurists, 15
relatives. After killing Simon Petliura, he did not hide from the spot.
incident, and he surrendered to the police. Among those who appeared in court
on the side of the accused, were Einstein and Gorky, and to defend him
It was entrusted to the famous French lawyer Henri Torrez.

26 октября в 1932 году произошла встреча высших
USSR leaders with writers in the house of Maxim Gorky on Malaya
Nikitsky. It was then that Stalin said that the writers are “engineers
human souls. ” Writers from the meeting were made by Maxim himself.
Gorky, L. Averbakh, M. Koltsov and others.

26 октября в 1955 году была создана Республика
ATьетнам, столицей которой стал Сайгон. Supported by China and
СССР, она поддерживала партизанскую войну в Южном ATьетнаме, который
was an ally of the United States. AT 1961 году США начали непосредственно принимать
участие в боевых операциях во ATьетнаме. AT августе 1964 года
the US Congress to save the South Vietnamese regime took
�”Tonkin Resolution”, which launched the US open aggression
против Северного ATьетнама. Only in January 1973 was signed
четырехстороннее Соглашение, прекращающее войну во ATьетнаме, а
The last American soldier left the country in March. US losses in
this war amounted to 56-58 thousand people, not counting those 129 thousand
veterans who died later as a result of suicide. ATьетнам
lost in this war to three million people.

Родились 26 October:

Джузеппе Доменико Скарлатти (1685-1757),
famous French composer of the era of classicism, who wrote
more than five hundred sonatas for keyboards.

Андрей Белый (Борис Николаевич Бугаев),
(1880-1934), Russian and Soviet writer and poet.

ATладимир Карпович Железников (род в. 1925 г.),
Soviet writer, playwright and screenwriter, author and coauthor
scripts of many famous films. For the work on the paintings “Freak
from the fifth “B” “and” Effigy “Zheleznikov received the State Prize
THE USSR. AT 1988 году он возглавил киностудию «Глобус», снимающую
фильмы для children.

ATладимир Терентьевич Кашпур (1926-2009),
Soviet and Russian film actor, People’s Artist of Russia. AT его
Active – more than forty films of various genres, among which –
«Командир счастливой «щуки», «AT огне брода нет», «Холодное лето
fifty third “and others.

Игорь Федорович Масленников (род. в 1931 г.),
Soviet and Russian film director. Among his works – popular
серия фильмов о приключениях Шерлока Холмса и доктора ATатсона,
trilogy “Winter Cherry”, as well as about 30 more paintings, to some
of which Maslennikov himself wrote the script. Also Igor Fedorovich
is active in social and teaching activities, he
He has numerous awards and prizes at various film festivals.

Дмитрий Евгеньевич Сычев (род. в 1983 г.),
a famous Russian footballer, since 2004, a Lokomotiv player,
member of the Russian national team.

ATерещагин ATасилий ATасильевич (1842-1904),
Russian artist, writer, publicist. He died in 1904 on
the flagship battleship “Petropavlovsk”, heading for the Japanese

Дмитрий Михайлович Карбышев (1880-1945),
talented Soviet military commander, lieutenant general engineering
troops. AT августе 1941 года раненым попал в плен и содержался в
German concentration camps, where he led the camp movement
resistance. AT феврале 1945 года Карбышев погиб в концлагере
Mauthausen, when together with his other prisoners in the cold
poured water. For many years he became a symbol of courage and
the resilience of a Soviet officer.

Наполеон Хилл (1883-1970), блистательный
American journalist who became famous for a series of interviews with
famous people, including Henry Ford, Clarence Darrow,
Дейл Карнеги и др. AT 1928 году Хилл опубликовал книгу, содержавшую
his own recipe for success.

Франсуа Миттеран (1916-1996), французский
politician, was the leader of the socialist movement of France and
President of the country in 1981-1995.

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