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Holidays October 2:

International Day of Social Educator

Social pedagogy is engaged in the study of education in
context of socialization, that is, given the impact of the surrounding
environment on the formation of personality. Establishment Decision
International Day of Social Educator was adopted in 2009 on
held in Copenhagen XVII International Conference of Social

On this day, it is customary to hold thematic events in the form of
professional conferences, forums, seminars where
talk about increasing the role of the family in the development of society; healthy way
life and problems of youth education; social conflicts and
methods to overcome them, etc.

International Day of Non-violence (Mahatma’s Birthday

International Non-Violence Day is celebrated according to the resolution.
UN General Assembly, adopted on June 15, 2007. Its not
accidentally celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas
Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-1948) – the greatest of peacekeepers
modernity, the leader of the liberation movement of India, who
stood at the origins of the philosophy of non-violence. UN resolution is proposed in
This day to spend educational and public awareness
work aimed at promoting non-violence with the aim of approving
culture of peace and tolerance. This resolution was introduced on
consideration of the General Assembly by the State Minister for
Indian International Affairs Anand Sharma, who saw in her
evidence of the deepest respect for Mahatma Gandhi and recognition of his
merit to the world community.

Other significant events on October 2:

On this day, remember the faithful Prince Theodore of Smolensk and
his faithful sons David and Constantine; Date of saint’s birth
pious Prince Theodore of Smolensk and Yaroslavl consider
period of time from 1237 to 1239. He was named after Theodore
Stratilate, patron saint of Russian warrior princes. In 1240, after
the death of his father, Prince Rostislav, elder brothers Theodore, dividing
father’s land, allocated to him Mozhaisk. In 1260, marrying a daughter
Basil, the holy Prince Yaroslavl, Theodore became
Prince of Yaroslavl. Shortly after the birth of his son, Mikhail Theodore
widowed and began to devote much time to military labors and campaigns.

In 1261, thanks to the efforts of Metropolitan Cyril III and
Alexander Nevsky, in the capital of the Golden Horde established a diocese
Russian Orthodox Church. From 1276 prince Theodore stayed there.
Khan Mengu-Temir, heard about the feats of arms of Theodore, belonged to
to him with deep respect. After spending three years in the Horde, Theodore married
on the Tatar princess who received holy Baptism. She gave birth to Theodore
sons of David and Constantine. Saint Theodore directed all his forces
to the glorification of the Russian Land and the Russian Church, strengthening
Orthodoxy among the Tatars and helping the Horde to assimilate Russian customs
and traditions, and to Russian merchants, architects, craftsmen – to carry to them
Russian culture. Thus, the pious Prince Theodore
Smolensky and his sons David and Konstantin stood at the origins
the great missionary movement of the Russian Church to the East. After
Theodore received news from Yaroslavl about the death of his eldest
his son, Prince Michael, the khan gave the prince rich gifts and, giving him
big squad, let him go home. After этого Феодор снова
began to reign in Yaroslavl, carefully taking care of the development of his
the principality than he became famous throughout Russia and gained the respect of all

Folk calendar October 2 (old style – 19

Memorial Day of Trofim and Zosima

This is the memorial day of Zosima the Hermit and Trofim, two saints
martyrs. Zosima, who lived in the 4th century, retired to the desert, preferring
living with predators next to pagans. When hunted in those
places the ruler of Cilicia became interested in how Zosima manages
to tame wild beasts, he told about faith in Christ. After этого
Zosima was tortured during which his tormentors
promised him to adopt Christianity if the predators help the old man.
After молитвы Зосимы перед ними появился огромный лев. Zosima
released, but he died immediately.

Trofim lived in the 3rd century. Once in Antioch, he and his friend
During the pagan holiday, Savvatiy prayed for what friends were
tortured and executed.

In Russia on this day, Bee Nine Maidens was celebrated – a holiday
beesmen, and arranged Trofimov evenings, where young people
looked after her brides and grooms. Wind blowing from the south in this
day, foreshadowed a good harvest of winter bread.

Significant Historical Events 2

2 октября 1552 года войсками Ивана Грозного
Kazan was taken, which led to the annexation of the Kazan Khanate to

2 октября 1720 года за значительный вклад в
the development of mining business was made in hereditary
noblemen with the surname Demidov, the founder of this famous dynasty,
Nikita Demidovich Antufiev.

2 октября 1768 года Екатериной II был вынесен
sentence to Darya Nikolaevna Saltykova, who went down in history as
Saltychikha. She became famous for her cruel treatment with
serfs. According to this sentence, Saltychikha was imprisoned in Ivanovsky
the monastery where she stayed until her death.

2 октября 1803 года жители Москвы впервые стали
witnesses of the flight of a balloon piloted by the former
Inspector of the French Revolutionary Army Andre Jacques Garnerin.
The flight of the ball lasted about an hour and ended in the estate of Ostafyevo,
owned by Prince Vyazemsky. Together with the pilot it was
Princess Trubetskaya.

2 октября 1987 года в эфир вышла телепрограмма
�”Look”, at one time beat all records of popularity on
Russian television. Initially she was led by Vladislav Listyev,
Alexander Lyubimov and Alexander Politkovsky. Over the years
the transfer of her changed a lot of leading, repeatedly changed and her
concept, periods of ups alternated with times of failure.
Existed “Look” until 2001.

Родились 2 October:

Нечаев Сергей Геннадьевич (1847-1882), русский
nihilist and revolutionary.

Шапошников Борис Михайлович (1882-1945),
outstanding Soviet warlord.

Генри Грэм Грин (1904-1991), английский
writer, playwright and journalist, known for his intransigence to
manifestations of fascism, racism or other forms of violence. He is
the author of such works as “Strength and Glory”, “The Essence of the Case” and

Левитан Юрий Борисович (1914-1983), самый
famous Soviet broadcaster and the official voice of the Kremlin. Exactly
Levitan in 1941 announced to the Soviet people about the beginning of the war, in
the war years read reports of the Soviet Information Bureau, and on May 9
1945 announced a victory over Nazi Germany.

Стинг, настоящее имя Гордон Мэтью Томас Самир
(born in 1951), famous English singer and actor.

Сидихин Евгений Владимирович (род. в 1964 г.),
famous Russian theater and film actor.

Ричард III (1452-1485), один из королей
Of England.

Уильям Рамзай (1852-1916), известный английский
chemist, Nobel laureate, who discovered argon, xenon, neon, krypton
and radon.

Гальперин Пётр Яковлевич (1902-1988), великий
Soviet psychologist, who did a lot for the development of the common,
age and pedagogical psychology.

Именины 2 October:

On this day Alexey, Gabriel, George, David, Igor are honored
Constantine, Makar, Trofim, Fedor.

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