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Sun, Oct 02, 2016

Holidays October 18

Azerbaijan Independence Day

Since 1991, the Day is celebrated in Azerbaijan
Independence of the Republic. That year, the world community recognized
Azerbaijan as a separate state. Constitution of Azerbaijan
guarantees the rights and freedoms of all citizens regardless of
creed It is believed that the republic was organized back in
1919, and in 1991 the restoration of its independence and

International Day of Credit Unions (International
Credit Union Day)

On this day, credit unions and branches arrange open day
doors. Charity events, fairs and contests are held.
A credit union is an organization of financial mutual aid, a mass and
attractive to people form representing alternative
banks on a non-profit basis. The basis of such unions
is a consumer cooperation that develops in Europe
since the end of the 19th century. The economic advantages of cooperation for the first time
explained Charles Fourier, Robert Owen, Louis Blanc. In America, this
the holiday was first celebrated in Massachusetts on Memorial Day
President Franklin, born in this state.

In Britain, the Day of the Horned God (forest deity Ato,
or Henri-Hunter)

Known far beyond the borders of Britain, the deity has on his head
deer horns. He wanders around the Windsborough castle, sometimes his
watch astride a fire-breathing horse. Forest horned god
manages the fecundity of the animal world of the forest, opening the gates
Life and Death. Druids revered him as a fertility God.

Luke the Evangelist’s Day

One of the 4 evangelists Luke, a doctor by training, was born in
Antioch. His legends about Jesus were heard throughout the Mediterranean.
He was very good about the poor and the rich, but he was the poor
by man. He was fed both those and others, the clothes were given by the community.
He was invited to the community of Paul in Greece. The gospel of Luke wrote,
like your biography. Revelations of John the Theologian include a description
four animals living in heaven with human faces and and
praising the Lord. Therefore, evangelicals received one by one.
the symbol, the symbol of Luke is Taurus. Luke’s Day Cope in
Protestant and Greek Catholic Church.

Folk calendar October 18 (old style 5

Haritina Day – the first canvas

The holy martyr Kharitina lived in the IV century on the Black Sea
coast in the city of Ponte. Being an orphan and educated foster
Father Claudius, he firmly believed in Christ and decided to fully
devote yourself to the service of God. Solitary and chaste life in
a separate house gave an example to many people, and pushed many to
the adoption of Christianity. But once the pagans slandered her, and she
brought to justice and torture. She died in firm faith and with
a prayer. Folk sayings mention home
Crafts – “Kharitina weaved and spun – she wore the whole house.” Women
We started this day weaving, began to spin, embroider and
to knit. The works were fun, with the singing of folk songs. Weaving
the work was considered very honorable. The day has become much shorter and more nights.
According to signs, if the clouds that day went against the wind and the plates
hovering in the air, snow should be expected soon.

October 18: other memorable events

18 октября 1009 года был разграблен и разрушен
Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The order was given by the Egyptian ruler of Al-Hakim, who
legends, wore the nickname Crazy. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was founded
Empress Helen, in 325, the mother of the ruler Constantine
Great. The first Christians came to the place of Calvary and the place where
the life-giving cross was found. The looting of the temple took place
in parallel with the destruction of the rest of jerusalem christian
buildings. The mad ruler repaired persecution of Christians, Jews and
even sunni The legends of these facts are extremely controversial and
today there is almost no possibility to fully recover

18 октября 1867 года Аляска была передана

The discovery of Alaska in 1732 by M. S. Gvozdev and I. Fedorov
made Russia the owner of land in North America. In 1799
The Russian-American Company (CANCER) was established. In 100 years
after the discovery of the population of Alaska was 2, 5 thousand people
Russian origin and up to 60 thousand Indians and Eskimos. Region
brought income from the fur trade, but the cost of maintaining
remote region exceeded income. It was October 18, 1867
Alaska was transferred to the United States, the cost of the transaction
is 7.2 million dollars. Russian garrison stopped
function, the board was transferred to the American
to the government. On the same day, the chronology in this
area – entered the Gregorian calendar. Residents for one
the night was postponed for 13 days.

18 октября 1967 года космическая станция
�”Venus-4″ received the first scientific data from the surface of Venus

For the first time to the planet of the solar system Venus
rocket was sent back in 1961. It was also planned
Mars exploration. Rocket circled the earth and from district
Equatorial Africa launched into space toward Mars and
Venus. Scientists could not yet count what the pressure of the atmosphere
can be expected on the surface of these planets, it should have been
calculate the devices when approaching. Landing on Venus was
carried out on March 1, 1966. This unit could not transmit
data to Earth. The space station has coped with this purpose.
�”Venus-4″. The composition of the planet’s atmosphere was determined;
successfully conducted research. Further research allowed
get color shots of the surface and work began on

18 октября 1947 года была запущена первая
ballistic missile

The launch of the rocket took place at the Kapustin Yar test site, subsequently
converted into the Cosmos-1 cosmodrome. Starting from this spaceport
research satellites with small boosters

18 октября 1942 г. 70 лет назад состоялось
opening of the theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya in Leningrad
(St. Petersburg)

It is noteworthy that the theater was opened during the blockade of the city, and
was called Blockade. Presentation of the play by Konstantin Simonov
�”Russian people” took place during the entire blockade. Also viewers
watched the military-patriotic performances “Front” Korneychuk, “Wait
me “Simonov,” Invasion “Leonov. Russian classics was
represented by the plays of the plays of L. Tolstoy, N. Gogol and F.
Dostoevsky. The symbols of the theater were staging plays about Ivan.
Grozny. The name of the great actress Komissarzhevskaya was given to the theater
in 1959.

Born on October 18

18 октября 1960 года – Жан-Клод Ван Дамм,
American actor, film director and screenwriter

Favorite sport – karate and kickboxing served him
Excellent role in acting career. In 1979, he became the champion
European karate. Showered offers from directors. Fee
reached 6 million per film. Today, he continues to roll, although
popularity has faded a little.

18 октября 1934 года — Кир Булычёв, детский
science fiction writer

He became known to the general public in 1980 when
the novel was filmed “Guest from the Future.” However his career
associated with oriental studies. He lived for some time in Burma,
working there as a translator and correspondent for APN. Published essays on
popular science magazine “Around the World”, worked as a teacher.
His work as a screenwriter has been awarded the USSR State Prize as
the best scripts for the films “Through thorns to the stars”, and later “The Mystery
the third planet.

18 октября 1777 года – Генрих фон Клейст
German playwright, prose writer and author of poetry collections

His artistic legacy was only assessed after his death.
This is a reworking of the gallant comedy Amphitryon, realistic
comedy “The Broken Jug”, a romantic fairy tale “Kethen from
Heilbronn, or the Trial by Fire. ” Rejection of his compatriots
entailed a double suicide that they committed along with
beloved woman with an incurable disease.

18 октября 1901 года – Владимир Захаров,
Head of the Pyatnitsky Choir

He started the choir in 1931. In the war years, the choir
toured the front with concerts. At that time he wrote his
the best songs for choral performance, received the State
award and title of People’s Artist of the USSR.

18 октября 1847 года – Александр Лодыгин,
Russian electrical engineer

The main invention of the Russian scientist was the creation of a lamp.
incandescent. It is noteworthy that this topic interested young
Researcher at work on the aircraft. Lamp
filament he invented in 1872. The filament body was made from
thin rod of retort coal placed under glass
cap The invention was first applied as lighting
Odessa street. Lamp накаливания стали использовать для освещения
ships and businesses.

18 октября 1959 года – Сергей Доренко,
Russian journalist and broadcaster

He was for several years leading the program “News” on
channel “Ostankino”, served as director in the “Moscow
Independent Broadcasting Corporation. ” His famous political show
– “The program of Sergei Dorenko.”

Name Day October 18

On this day, the owners of such names will be celebrated: Gregory,
Denis, Evdokim, Alexey, Gabriel, Kuzma, Peter Matvey.

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