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Mon, Oct 03, 2016

Holidays October 17:

International Day for the elimination

There are some days that are difficult to attribute to holidays, but
humanity simply must know about them. Day of struggle for liquidation
poverty смело можно отнести к этой категории. To celebrate it began with
1987, when the Trocadero (Paris) was installed
камень-памятник в честь людей, погибших от poverty. Idea of ​​creation
a similar day belongs to the Fourth World movement. Its members
in every possible way try to help the distressed by organizing various
shares in order to attract the authorities and the public not to close
eyes on the existing problem and support those in need.

According to statistics, there are more than five hundred thousand people on the planet.
eats more than 2 billion live on meager wages, half of them
lives in absolute unsanitary conditions. In order to at least somehow
eliminate such a phenomenon, create special organizations and
programs that define the rights of a citizen for disaster protection. AT
2000, the Declaration was adopted, in accordance with which
2015, the authorities plan to reduce poverty several times.

Festival “Senor de Luren” (Peru)

The history of the holiday “lights” is rooted in the distant 16th century, when
crucifixion of Christ got lost in the wilderness and then mysteriously
It turned out in Luren. Every year in the third week of October, the city of Ica
arranges a grand religious presentation in honor
Messiah – Jesus Christ. Solemn event collects every time
thousands of people: locals as well as tourists come to take
participation in the festival. Various social games are organized,
concerts, colorful fairs and other entertainment events

Days of cities October 17:


AT июне столица WITHеверной Осетии отпраздновала день рожденья:
228th anniversary of the founding. 17 октября во ATладикавказе состоится не
less important event – the day of the city.

Initially (in the 18th century) the city played the role of a fortress and locked the entrance
in the Darial Gorge. Empress Catherine II, who ruled at that time
наградила крепость «именем» ATладикавказ. AT период с 1924 по 1934
yy the city was at the same time the center of the North Ossetian and
Ingush autonomous regions. AT годы ATторой Мировой войны на
подступе к ATладикавказу были остановлены германские войска. AT честь
This event was declared the capital of the City of military glory.
Культурно-исторический центр ATладикавказа — Александровский
Prospectus (in the present – Prospect Mira). Among the others
attractions can be identified Terek embankment, Alley
Fountains, Recreation Park, as well as many others.


City Day in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (the capital of Kamchatka
region) is celebrated on the third Wednesday of October. AT 2012 году это событие
falls on October 17th. Mass city holiday will be
accompanied by various events dedicated to
significant day. AT их числе парад, выступление муниципальных
authorities, concerts and fair, and after sunset in the sky will sparkle
rolling volleys of multi-colored salute lights. So the townspeople will meet
272 anniversary of the development of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

October 17, according to the national calendar:

Erofeev day

17 октября по народному календарю празднуют Erofeev day.
It is believed that with Yerofey the martyr of cold intensified, as they said
in Russia: “winter puts on a fur coat.” According to legend, wakes up at night
evil forces and sow their evil witchcraft. Goblins wander all night
the forest, frighten animals, scream, laugh, clap their hands, but with shouts
first roosters that same hour crawl into the ground until the next spring. AT
this day did not go to the forest, even in case of urgent need. People
believed, if they meet the devil, the whole of him will not be able to leave.
�”On the day of Yerofeyev, one” Yerofeich “will warm the soul” – so people in olden time
called fragrant tincture consisting of healing herbs: peppermint,
Anise, Oregano, Hypericum, Sweet Clover, Thyme, Marjoram, Wormwood and

Name Day October 17:

Именины в этот день справляют представители имен: ATероника,
Аммон, Онисим, ATасилий, ATарсонофий, ATладимир, Михаил, Доминика,
Dmitry, Pavel, Nikolay, Stepan, Peter, Chionii, Tikhon and Yakov.

Born on October 17, they love holidays, fun, but in their hearts
often lonely, have phenomenal hearing. For
attracting good luck and spiritual balance such people should
wear beryl or chrysolite and restore physical strength with
using the scent of wildflowers. Their magic number is 8, plant is
reed, astral colors – crimson, yellow and pink.

October 17 – historical events:

17 октября 1740 год: Освоение

WITHвоим появлением Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (город на Дальнем
ATостоке) обязан второй Камчатской экспедиции, которую возглавил
мореплаватель командор ATитус Беринг. In the autumn of 1740 two
postal passenger ships: “St. Paul” and “St. Peter” went to
east coast of Kamchatka. AT бухте, расположенной на территории
Avacha Bay, the expedition decided to wait out the winter. So on October 17
the first settlement was laid. WITH he, in fact, began the whole
difficult history of the capital of Kamchatka.

17 октября 1902 год: AT Детройте состоялся выпуск первого

Most car brands proudly carry their “names”
the creators, however, with Cadillac, the situation is different. Brand is named in
honor of the founder of Detroit – Antoine de la Mot Kadiyak. AT создание
the same car the main contribution was made by talented inventors
Henry Leland and Henry Ford, who founded the company in the summer of 1902
�Cadillac Motor Car Company. And in the autumn of October 17 of the same year, they
The first Cadillac model “A” was designed, the exhibition of which
took place in 1903 in the city of New York.

17 октября 1938 год: Учреждение медали «За

Медаль «За courage – государственная награда — была учреждена
Президиумом ATерховного WITHовета WITHWITHWITHР в 1937 году. WITHогласно указу,
медаль мог получить любой воин Красной Армии или ATМФ, а также
защитник государственной границы WITHWITHWITHР за отвагу и мужество,
manifested in battle with enemies. WITHреди первых героев, получивших
medal, there were frontier guards F. Grigoriev and N. Gulyaev. WITHмельчакам
managed to detain a group of saboteurs in the vicinity of. Hassan.

17 октября 1945 год: Кёнигсберг стал частью

By decision of the Potsdam and Yalta Conference, Koenigsberg and its
прилегающие территории были включены в состав WITHWITHWITHР. AT 1946 году
The Koenigsberg region was formed, and a few months later
the honor of the All-Union elder the city was renamed to

17 октября 1961 год: Открытие Государственного
Kremlin Palace

Kremlin Palace of Congresses (now – State Kremlin
Palace), erected in the heart of the capital, was designed
architect M. Posokhin. Direct participation in the project also took
Ашот Мдоянц, и Евгений WITHтамо. WITHтроительство Дворца было завершено в
1961 г. AT этом же году 17 октября состоялось его открытие. AT честь
a significant event held within the walls of the Palace was held
holiday concert.

Born October 17:

Эминем (родился в 1972 году) — американский
rapper ATоспитывался матерью-одиночкой, с малых лет участвовал в
school repersky programs and competitions in which practically
always won. AT 15 лет сформировал собственную группу, а в 17
started working on a local radio. AT 1999 году выпустил альбом,
brought him fame.

Андрей Гречко (родился в 1903 году) — маршал,
Minister of Defense. He graduated from the school of red commanders, cavalry
школу, за ними последовала ATоенная академия имени Фрунзе и академия
General Staff. После победы WITHWITHWITHР в ATОAT, Гречко продолжил стремительное
promotion up the corporate ladder. AT 1967 г. достиг статуса
министра обороны WITHWITHWITHР.

Иоанн Павел I (родился в 1978 году) — глава
Roman Catholic Church, Pope of Rome.

Яков Павлов (родился в 1917 году) — герой
WITHталинградской битвы. AT 1942 г. получил задание разведать
the situation in the building, which has an important tactical position. Pavlov
with other fighters managed to “win” him from the Germans and prevent
enemy invasion.

Григорий Орлов (родился в 1734 году) —
Russian statesman.

Роберт Джордан (родился в 1948 году) —
American writer. AT 1970 годах окончил Цитадель, получив
Degree in Physics. ATскоре начал писать романы в стиле

WITHен-WITHимон (родился во Франции в 1760 году) —
utopian socialist.

Беверли Гарланд (родилась в 1926 году) —
American actress. Despite the inherent female fragility,
preferred to play “strong” roles. Her heroines hit the viewer
internal resilience, iron will and desire to
independence. Especially good. Beverly was in the role of a police officer.
TV series “Decoy”, filmed in the fifties.

Кими Райкконен (родился в 1979 году) —
champion racing “Formula 1”.

Таркан (родился в 1972 году) — известный
Turkish singer. Began to give concerts with 16 years, falling in love
representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. AT число его
кумиров входят такие исполнители как Мадонна, Джеймс Браун и WITHтив

Михаил Друян (родился в 1911 году) —
cameraman-animator. WITHнял более трехсот мультфильмов.
Many of them have become a real classic. WITHреди них: WITHказка о рыбаке
and fish, Golden Antelope, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Kid and Carlson,
Humpbacked Horse and many others.

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