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Sat, 01 Oct 2016

Holidays October 16

Chef’s Day (Boss’s Day)

This holiday began to celebrate in America on the initiative
Patricia Kharoski, Secretary of State Farm Insurance Company,
who offered to thank her boss for her honesty and
kindness Many countries have supported this initiative almost
instantly and today this holiday is official in
UK, South Africa and Australia. Head is
a profession, but the chief is, first of all, a man. Thanks,
presenting and presenting greeting cards
accompanied by smiles, flowers and souvenirs.

World Anesthesia Day

This relatively new field of medicine dates back to 16
October 1846, when the first physician, Thomas Morton, underwent surgery
under anesthesia from ether. Patients requiring surgery surgeon
got the opportunity to anesthetization. In the 20-21 centuries with
anesthesia began to be treated and psychiatric diseases, for example,
schizophrenia. Artificially reducing sensitivity to its full
loss is used in surgical operations in order to
pain relief. There is a local, common and spinal cord.

World Food Day

World Food Day has been celebrated worldwide since 1979. On this day
Much attention is paid to the discussion of a global problem.
humanity – providing food to the extent necessary
to destroy hunger on earth. Back in 1945 was formed
Food and Agriculture Organization, the main objective
which was the creation of a powerful structure capable of feeding
humanity. The plight of the countries of the “third world”
discussed at congresses and conferences. Hunger and Malnutrition
able to undermine the gene pool of entire countries and even continents. In 2000
the year was set a goal – “The third millennium, free from
hunger. “

Navarri Vedic Feast – Nine Nights
the fall

These are the days of the Divine Mother in Vedic culture. Starts at
The first day of the lunar month and lasts for 9 days. In it
time is worshiped by the goddess Davy, who is also considered the Divine
Mother, (the Mother of the whole universe, all people are considered her children).
During this holiday, people try to remove from their hearts
greed, hatred, anger, lust, pride, jealousy and
cleanse the heart. Durga is constantly fighting evil, this
Goddess Warrior. Her creative aspect is the goddess Lakshmi with
lotus in hand, the embodiment of softness and harmony. In this way,
Durga purifies the heart and mind, and Lakshmi fills it with light and
heals wounds.

Arabian holiday of the nineteenth day –

By-арабски Ilm означает «знание», и почитается как самое главное
in life is a treasure. God sheds the light of knowledge upon anyone
will elect. If knowledge mates with the love of God, then it
multiplied, without love knowledge can lead to madness. Science like
the tree – it bears fruit, fertilized by the love of God, but becomes
dry wood for fire otherwise.

October 16 in the national calendar

Memorial Day of St. Denis Pozimniy

Dionysius the Areopagite lived in the first century in Greek Athens. By
he was a disciple to the legend of Paul and the first bishop of Athens. is he
preached Christianity in Gaul and published several writings
which since the 5th century are known as Archeopagitics. On denis
people need to be wary of disease, as well as fever and
evil eye. It is believed that the fever is caused by spirits that go to
the earth and, torturing themselves, penetrate people to torment them. In a way
protects against evil spirits aspen bark and aspen log to protect
houses. If your head ached, you put your head on a log, while
leg diseases aspen was applied to the legs. From the evil eye
protected and cured with garlic, onion, salt and
radish On this day произносятся заговоры от сглаза и избегают
people with “evil eye”.

October 16 in history:

The execution of the sentence of execution took place on October 16, 1946.
Nazi criminals on the Nuremberg process

More than 12 million people killed in the account by order only
a handful of nazis. Villainous calculations clothed in orders and
instructions for the mass destruction of people in gas chambers, by
monstrous experiments using chemical and
bacteriological weapons. Plans to kill another 30 million people
prevented the defeat of the Germans in World War II. Nuremberg
the process in 1945-46 completed the complete defeat of Nazism.
Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Goering, committed suicide
fighter with the German trade unions Ley. Remaining criminals
brought retribution in Nuremberg and were executed. Joachim
von Ribbentrop, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Alfred Rosenberg, Johan
Gustav Keitel, Hans Frank and other politicians of the third
Reich were executed by hanging.

October 16, 1964 – the first atomic test took place in China

China announced to the world that it has become a nuclear power. AT
этот день были проведены испытания ядерной bombs в автономном
Xinjiang Uygur district. AT 1996 году Китай подписал Agreement about
nuclear test ban, and before that date 45
tests, some of which were carried out in the atmosphere, and the other part
underground. Initially, Uranus served as a nuclear filling. Plutonium has become
apply after 7 tests. AT 1955 году в Китае учреждается
Ministry of Nuclear Weapons, some testing and
studies were conducted jointly with the USSR. Worsening relationship
between the two states entailed giving up
China weapons from the USSR. Byследнее атмосферное
nuclear testing was conducted in China in 1980.

On October 16, 1978, John was elected pope.
Pavel II

AT то время поляку Каролю ATойтыле было 58 лет, и с 1946 года он
was a priest, Archbishop of Krakow, cardinal. AT молодые
годы Кароль ATойтыла был артистом, поэтом и спортсменом. John Paul
II became a real record for all 2000 years of existence
catholic church. In addition, he was the first non-Italian for
the last 455 years, he has been the victim of the largest number
assassinations. John Paul II стал вторым в истории понтификом по
the duration of the board. Byсле его смерти Папой стал немец по
the origin of Joseph Ratzinger, who was given the name Benedict

On 16 October 1847, Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jen

The novel of the English writer was largely autobiographical and
said a new word in english literature. The fate of the poor girl,
alone leading the struggle for existence and happiness not
leaves indifferent and modern readers. Women’s equality
and today causes passions. By стилю произведение близко к
the novel of the writer George Sand “Consuelo”.

October 16 – this day were born:

October 16, 1854 – Oscar Wilde, poet, writer, playwright. The most
известным произведением является «Byртрет Дориана Грея», получившим
stunning success right after the publication. AT биографии Оскара
Wilde has some curious facts – for example, he served a sentence on
charges of homosexuality. ATозможно, таким образом, ему отомстил
father of his friend Alfred Douglas. The result was
writing the work “Ballad of Reading Prison”. is he был самым
остроумным человеком ATеликобритании, соотечественники ставили его
in first place, above Shakespeare and Churchill.

October 16, 1947 – Ivan Dykhovichny, a Russian director,
автор и ведущий телепрограммы «Уловка 22» на НТAT. is he снял
Documentary films “The Female Role”, “Music for December”.

October 16, 1962 – Dmitry Hvorostovsky, the famous
Russian tenor, winner of numerous awards and competitions,
winner of festivals. At the BBC International Peace Singer Competition
he did not just become a winner and was awarded the title “Best Voice”.
His performance of the central parties in the operas “Queen of Spades”, “Tsarskaya
невеста», «Пуритане», «Евгений is heегин», «Травиата», «Сельская
Honor, Payatsy, Rigoletto, Le Nozze di Figaro, Sevilsky
barber “,” Love drink “,” Favorite “,” Don Juan “,” Faust ”
attracts thousands of viewers from all over the world.

October 16, 1708 – Albrecht Galler, physiologist, botanist, doctor,
anatomist. His extensive biography and anatomical studies are not
lost their relevance in our time.

October 16, 1863 – Joseph Austin Chamberlain, British
politician, Nobel Peace Prize winner. AT 1927 году он
warned the Soviet government in its Note accusing
anti-british propaganda. Soviet propaganda company ”
Our response to Chamberlain “in response led to the rupture of trade and
political relations between countries. In addition, Chamberlain
warned the Soviet government about the threat from
Nazi Germany back in 1931, but his opinion was not
taken into account.

October 16, 1922 – Niko (Krista Peffgen), famous singer
first half of the 20th century from Germany, actress and model.

October 16, 1968 – Ilya Lagutenko, singer and musician,
who created the group Mumiy Troll ”, participant of Eurovision 2001.

October 16, 1961 – Dmitry Khavtan, composer, musician and
founder of the Bravo group.

Name Day October 16:

On this day празднуют именины обладатели таких имен: Денис,
Ivan, Paul, Peter.

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