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Fri, Sep 30, 2016

Holidays October 13

Birthday of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia

Yerevan’s Birthday – Erenbury for the Armenian people,
enduring many hardships at different times, is a great
holiday. The capital of Armenia in some ten years will be
celebrate the third millennium (from 782 BC). Yerevan
has always been a center for handicraft and art. Being on
the intersection of trade routes, the city has always been a tasty morsel for
conquerors. Inexplicably, the forces of nature manifested their
presence in this region by earthquakes and natural disasters.
Armenians are very kind to their capital and celebrate this
day, no matter where in the world are today.

Duck Festival in Italy

The Italian city of San Miniato spends this day duck
festival, by another name Palio del Papero (Palio Racing).
The main characters of the holiday are duck marathoners. In the second
Saturday, October 1982, San Miniato becomes the center
spectacular duck races where quacking contestants compete between
yourself at different distances. Fun runs represent several
Italian cities. Coaches and spectators strongly encourage their
feathered pupils. The fair sells national dishes.
A nice and fun event is attended by thousands of guests of the country and
foreign tourists.

October 13 – the day of the translator of Armenia is celebrated

Armenian Apostolic Church honors remarkable figures
the opening of the Armenian alphabet. Translation and Armenian Day
The alphabet is celebrated twice a year. Tribute to the Armenian
Writing and culture is celebrated in June and October. Creator
Armenian alphabet and writing priest Mesrop Mashtots
streamlined the alphabet, making it one of the three most perfect in
the world.

October 13 in the national calendar

Mikhail Solomenny

Holy Russian Orthodox Church, the first Metropolitan of Kiev,
at the end of the 10th century, he converted thousands of Kiev residents to the Orthodox faith.
And at the moment the relics of the saint are stored in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
The customs of Kievan Rus are very interesting – on this day the women were burned
a bed of straw in the stoves or on fires, giving these actions
mystical sense. Straw has always been important,
it is believed that it absorbs the earth and solar power.
Straw shaken from the mattress may indicate health
the owner. On this day, children were bathed on the threshold, and the old women were burned
their sandals Also on this day, such signs are observed: the first snow
on Michael testifies to the late winter. Fly cranes before
of the day speaks of an early and cold winter.

Name Day October 13:

The owners of such names are noted: Alexander, Alexandra, Alexey,
Vasily, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Leonid, Matvey, Mikhail, Peter

Born October 13:

1925 – Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher – recognized state and public
a doer of great britain and the world. The first in the history of the UK
woman – Minister of Defense (1970), five years later
winning the election and becoming the leader of the party. Since 1979 she
becomes the first in the history of the country and the only woman
Prime Minister of Great Britain. In 1990, she retires
and after two years returns to politics. She becomes a member
House of Lords and holds the post of Baroness, departs from the political
activities only with deterioration of health. Margaret Thatcher received
noble title of baroness and coat of arms, wrote the book “Art
Governance: Strategies for a Changing World. ”

1933 – film director Mark Zakharov

For the national artist, the honored worker of arts of RSFSR Mark
Anatolyevich Zakharov rewarding with the medal “For services to
Homeland “three degrees are not the only awards
which noted his contribution to the cultural life of the country.
He is a laureate of three State Prizes, State Prizes
THE USSR. He was awarded the Stanislavsky Prize and “Triumph”, and
also “Crystal Turandot”. The director received all these merits in
activity time as a director of the Moscow Theater of Satire,
Moscow Theater named after Lenin Komsomol and a large number
film works (“Prisoner of Castle If,” “Twelve Chairs”, “The
Munchausen, Ordinary Miracle, Kill the Dragon, House
built Swift “,” Formula of Love “, etc.)

1980 – David Haye, the famous London

David Daron Haye was able to get silver medals at 21
чемпионата мира по боксу, уступив лишь одному boxerу – О.Солису. Have
молодого boxerа были и временные неудачи, однако, он настолько
strongly sought to become a champion that fought almost
monthly. In 2007, he received several titles at once, the main
of which – the absolute world champion in his heavy weight.

1829 – Peter Ivanovich Bartenev

Peter I. Bartenev – writer, compiler and publisher
first magazine in Russia about the history of the country (“Russian Archive”). is he
collected the most valuable material that is used to study
history of Russia 18-19 centuries and today. Being a director
Chertkovsky Library of Moscow, he picked up material for writing
novels to Leo Tolstoy. In total, through his mediation, 598 were published.
volumes of the history of Russia.

1880 – Sasha Cherny, the famous satirist of the early 20
century writer

Sasha Cherny (Alexander Mikhailovich Glikberg) was a writer,
satirist and author of books for children. Merciless satire did not interfere
in his life to be a simple and kind person, and his death only
confirmed it – he died helping his neighbors in France to extinguish
fire. His creative legacy – books and essays, stories and tales
for children (“Bible Tales”, “Not serious stories”, “Who in
emigration live well “).

1934 – Savely Kramarov, famous and loved by all.
russian actor

Dreaming of becoming a lawyer, he “got” into artists forcedly, when not
was able to break through the “defense” of the NKVD, which forbade the study of this profession
children “enemies of the people.” In 1960, there are films with his participation
�”City of Masters”, “The Adventures of Krosh”, “The Tale of the Lost
time “,” Without fear and reproach, “brought him a nationwide love.
A popular comedian has starred in a lot of movies, but
remained an uncomfortable person for officials since he visited
synagogue and had kinship abroad. Roles appeared
more rarely, he was even accused of “stupid Soviet man.” After
In 1981 he emigrated to America, and returned to Russia only
после распада THE USSR.

October 13 in history:

October 13, 1792 – the founding of the White House in

On this day, laid the foundation stone of the White House –
резиденции президента USA. The name “White House” is a building
received in 1809 due to facing white Virginia sandstone.
On Pennsylvania Avenue, in the very center of Washington was launched
construction of the house, which lasted 8 years. The project has made
American architect James Hoban, Irish by birth.
Президент USA Джон Адамс вместе с женой Абигайль стали первыми его
residents in the 1800s. The official residence of the President House
becomes already in 1902 under President Theodore Roosevelt. it
the building has long been open to the public as real
a museum in which every presidential family left objects
your life. 6-storey house contains 132 rooms, it has
132 bathrooms, 7 stairs, 4212 doors. The interior is designed in
style 18-19 centuries.

October 13, 1883 – All-Russian Theatrical

Famous actress Marya Gavrilovna Savina took the initiative in
creating an organization to help those in need of art,
позже оно было переустроено в “Русское театральное society”. Was
held the first congress of stage figures, which was held
discussion of the problems of theaters, censorship, education of directors and
actors. Membership fees accounted for the financing of society
until in 1919 A.V. Lunacharsky approved a new position, according to
which most of the rights and powers departed to the state. AT
the same year the trade union of workers of the theater was created.

October 13, 2007 – appointment of a new General
UN Secretary

Им стал уроженец Южной Кореи Пан Ги МHaveН, активный политический
figure of this country and world scale. Powers of Ban Ki-moon
end on December 31 of this year.

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