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Mon, Oct 03, 2016

Holidays October 11

World view day

The initiator of the foundation of this holiday, which is celebrated in
the second Thursday of October, is the World Organization
health (who). Its purpose is to draw attention to
the problems of people with visual impairments
about 284 million people (among them 39 million are completely deprived
ability to see). Moreover, in about 80% of cases of her blindness
could be prevented with timely treatment. Here is
why does WHO consider it its task on this day to
educational and preventive measures aimed at
prevention of eye diseases.

Day of the Armed Forces of Abkhazia

On this day in 1992, the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme
Of the Council of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba signed a decree by which
The Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Republic were established.
Abkhazia. Its signing took place at the height of the Patriotic War,
which Abkhazia led for its independence from Georgia. Today have
Abkhazia is a modern and efficient army with land
troops, as well as air force and naval forces.

October 11 in the folk calendar (old style – 28

October 11 commemorate the Reverend Khariton the Confessor,
victim during the persecutions that Christians underwent under
Emperor Aurelians. Chariton the Confessor lived in the 3-4th century. Minor
Asia, in Iconium. He was severely beaten by persecutors and imprisoned.
dungeon, where he stayed until the reign of Emperor Tacitus. After
liberation went to jerusalem but was captured on the way
brigands. However, he was miraculously saved: robbers
drank wine poisoned by snake’s poison, and died. Chariton gave them
cave church and founded a community of Christians – the Farans Lavra, which
became the first monastic abode in the Judean desert.

The people of the day Kharitonov feared and tried to spend it
at home, so as not to become a victim of damage or the evil eye. Not even engaged
household chores, especially not litter from the hut, so as not to call
over trouble

Grooms with brides on Khariton secretly visited the village
witch and brought her a gift of cakes and honey, trying to appease,
so as not to become a victim of her evil spell.

Name Day October 11

This day is very rich in birthday. So, October 11 is honored
Alexandra, Alexey, Anatoly, Anna, Athanasius, Valentina, Vasily,
Vyacheslav, George, Gregory, Ivan, Illarion, Elijah, Isaac,
Cyril, Makar, Maria, Mark, Matthew, Moses, Prokhor, Sergey,
Tatiana, Fedor, Khariton.

Significant historical events 11

В 1702 году русскими войсками была взята
Swedish fortress Noteburg built on Lake Ladoga,
opposite the town of Shlisselburg. Since 1612, the fortress was part of
the composition of Sweden. Peter I, who led the Northern War at that time,
attributed the taking of Noteburg to the tasks of top priority. But,
without the fleet, it was impossible to embody these plans, since the fortress
Noteburg was located on the island. Especially for her assault on
Arkhangelsk was built thirteen ships. The siege began 27
September 1702, and ten days later the fortress was taken by assault
and, once again becoming Russian, it was renamed Shlisselburg.

В 1783 году в Петербурге основали Российскую
the academy. Her distinction from the Academy of Sciences was that she was
created for the development of not the exact sciences, and humanities. By order of
Empress, headed by the Russian Academy of Ekaterina Dashkova,
who saw the main task of the academy in “writing grammar and
dictionary. “Dashkova did a lot for the development of the Academy. Thanks to her
To the efforts, in the academic printing house appeared new fonts, in
library – new books. Much work has been done on
compiling a catalog of books, putting in order collections of minerals
and the archive, as well as the improvement of the staff of the Academy.

В 1852 году был торжественно открыт Сиднейский
university organized by a traveler, journalist
and the politics of William Wentworth from the existing Sydney College.
At first, there were only three in the staff of the University of Sydney
professors who have trained 24 students. Sydney today
The university is a member of the Australian G8, which
by analogy of the American “Ivy League” brings together the most prestigious
educational institutions of the country, and 2,300 of its teachers
teach about 46 thousand students.

В 1931 году в СССР была полностью ликвидирована
private trade and ended the period of the NEP – a new economic
policy, which in 1922 replaced the “military
communism. Thanks to the NEP, the economy revived and were quickly
overcome the devastating effects of “war communism”.
But, в конце 1920-х годов начались гонения на деревенских
private owners and urban “NEP”, which ended in confiscation
property, deprivation of their political rights and judicial

В 1961 году в Семипалатинске на бывшем
The test site held the first underground nuclear explosion. Behind
years of landfill there produced 456 nuclear explosions as well
also 175 explosions in which chemical explosives participated
substances. In 1991, the Semipalatinsk polygon was closed by decree
President of the Kazakh SSR N. Nazarbayev; since April 1996
National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan and the Agency for Nuclear
Security at the US Department of Defense was signed
agreement that began work on the elimination
polygon tunnels and galleries. Stopped Semipalatinsk polygon his
existence on July 29, 2000, after the last explosion

В 1982 году в проливе Солент, расположенном к
west of Portsmouth, raised a multi-ton part of the English corps
combat ship “Mary Rose”, which sank in July 1545.
This ship was built by order of Henry VIII, but
sank, according to researchers, due to overload and unsuccessful
maneuvering in the strait. I found the ship in 1965 English
writer and submariner A. McKee, after which a specially created
the fund raised funds, and in 1982, the rise was started
the ship. Despite a number of technical difficulties, he
ended successfully, and a separate pavilion of the museum complex in
Portsmouth stores a preserved fragment of the legendary ship.

В 1994 году произошел «обвал» рубля по
against the dollar, caused by unheard of inflation. In that
Tuesday, nicknamed by the people “black”, Moscow International
currency exchange registered the growth of the dollar from 3081 to 3926

Родились 11 October:

Борис Андреевич Пильняк (Борей), (1894-1938),
Russian and Soviet writer, author of “The Tale of the Moon Outstanding”
(1926), in which Michael’s death was covertly described
Frunze. Behind этот роман Пильняк был арестован в октябре 1937 года, а
in April 1938 sentenced to death by the military college
Supreme Court of the USSR.

Михаил Иванович Давыдов (род. в 1947 г.),
talented Soviet and Russian surgeon, academician of the Russian
академии наук, доктор медицинских наук, Behindслуженный деятель наук
Russian Federation, State Prize laureate
science and technology, known to the world as an innovator in the treatment of such
severe diseases like lung and stomach cancer, mediastinal tumor,
as well as the founder of the national school of oncology surgeons.

Хильда (Мириам Алехандра Бианчи), (1961-1996),
Argentinian singer, the most popular woman
of the tripikl music movement that died in 1996 in
car crash at the height of its glory.

Игорь Верник (род. в 1963 г.), российский
theater and film actor, broadcaster, honored artist

Элеонора Рузвельт (1884-1962), супруга
Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, the only one
American First Ladies who performed this mission four times, so
as her spouse was President of the United States for four terms, from 1933 to 1945.
Eleanor Roosevelt was very well brought up and educated, and
differed political and religious tolerance. She took
participation in the creation of the UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Harry
Truman, the former successor of Roosevelt, called her “the First Lady of all
of the world. “

Франсуа Мориак (1885-1970), французский
writer, Nobel laureate.

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