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Mon, Oct 03, 2016

Holidays October 10

World Mental Health Day

Every year in the world, an increasing number of people are prone to mental
disorders, largely due to the fact that in the 21st century
a large flow of information falls down
which can not all. As a rule, negative news,
sound from televisions, newspapers and radio make it worse
mental state of a person superimposed on fatigue and
stresses. There are about 450 million people in the world today
suffering from mental illness, especially high risk of becoming
the victim of this disease in Western countries – in the United States, Britain,
Germany, here every seventh is suffering from mental disorders
resident of. The growth of mental illness has forced the world
the public is actively talking about the dangers of this process.
For the first time, World Psychological Health Day was held at
1992, it was initiated by representatives of the World Federation
mental health. Every year on October 10th in the world are organized
thematic events, the purpose of which is to convey to residents of various
countries need to learn how to monitor their own health and
time to relax, not overworking and dangerous for
body effects. Mental illnesses are not
only serious nervous disorders, but Alzheimer’s disease,
epilepsy, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol addiction.

European Mortality Day

10 сентября отмечается European Mortality Day
executions, основная цель мероприятий, проводимых в этот день —
to ensure that all countries of the world respect human rights, in
particular, the main right to “life”. First European day
борьбы против смертной executions был проведен в 2007 году. At present
time, almost all European countries have abandoned
смертной executions, исключение составляет лишь Беларусь, руководство
which is not yet ready to give up this punitive
tool. Representatives of the European Union and the Council of Europe
have done a lot of work in order to convince the leaders and
parliamentarians in many countries, initiate referendums and
последующую отмену смертной executions. However, too humane
attitude towards dangerous criminals (a vivid example is Anders Breivik,
who was sentenced for killing 77 people as a punishment
only 21 years of imprisonment, while in quite comfortable conditions)
encourages representatives of some European countries, including
Russia, to seriously consider the possibility of returning mortal

Day of workers of standardization and metrology

October 10 in Ukraine is the Day of workers of standardization and
metrology, this event is intended to attract attention
public to the health of people, animals and the preservation
plant world. Standardization Day is another reason
to pay attention to the products sold in shopping facilities,
activities of many organizations whose well-coordinated work
depends on the quality of life of people.

Anniversary of the beginning of the war for independence

Борьба за независимость Cubes продолжалась на протяжении
decades – from 1868 to 1878, it is not surprising that an important
period in the history of a distant country located on the American
continent, called the War of Ten Years. Serious conflict between
Cubans and conquerors from Spain began on October 10, 1868,
when Carlos Manuel Cespedes and his patriotic
colleagues organized a strike at a sugar factory, the goal
organizers of the action was simple and transparent – to overthrow
Spanish government. Carlos Manuel Cespedes has a lot
последователей, мечтавших о свободе Cubes, революционер решил начать
a serious matter first and show comrades as necessary
to do: a rich planter freed his slaves.
In just one month, Cespedes managed to recruit into the rebel squad.
about 12 thousand Cubans who want to fight for their rights.
Революция вспыхнула на восточном побережье Cubes. Spaniards
faced not only with the active resistance of the Cubans, they also
had to fight a dangerous fever, so the outcome of the battle
sooner or later had to be on the side of the indigenous population

October 10 in the national calendar

On October 10, it is customary to honor the memory of Rev. Savvati
Solovetsky, who deserved respect and respect, as tolerant and
humble man, thanks to him on the island of Solovki was founded
Orthodox monastery. Savvaty Solovetsky was for a long time
in the monastery of the island of Balaam, but heard that in a few days
waterway is an uninhabited land area and decided
go looking for him. Taking a monk with you
Herman, Savvaty sailed to the island, established an Orthodox there
cross and built a cell. At the place where the monk lived, after his
death was founded a monastery, named after a man, the first
settled on the island. In the national calendar, the day Savvaty
Solovetsky called Bee devyatiny – this is the time when
beesmen prepared their farm for winter: hives were cleaned in omshaniki.
It was customary to pray to Savvatiy on the Beeti Nadiina, and
it was not recommended for adults, only the child had
moral purity that is necessary for the saint to hear
pleading and responded to them accordingly. Folk
forecasters said that the queen bee took away the keys on October 10
from summer and hid in warm lands. Usually they didn’t plan that day.
no business, it was considered a great sin and did not benefit

Name Day October 10

Акулина — страстная натура, трудно представить
more loving and active woman. Akulina tries to see in
people are exceptionally good and closes their eyes to the shortcomings that
often brings quite significant problems in life. Among
disadvantages Akulina can be noted such as arrogance and
quick temper, while enjoying great success with men.

Виктор — добрый и справедливый человек, он
tries to make him surrounded exclusively
clean people who are not capable of treachery and meanness.
Victor does not matter, deceived him or someone else, the fact of deception
causes in him disregard and he will try to get rid of friendship
or close contact with a dishonest person. Victor is a good father
and a husband with an innate sense of duty, you can safely choose in
companions in life.

Дмитрий — невероятно упрямый и вспыльчивый
man, however he is persistent and intelligent, so that in any case
will achieve its goal. In childhood, Dmitry delivers a lot of problems
parents, because it is very capricious. In adult life, Dmitry
able to communicate with people, appreciates a beautiful and comfortable environment. TO
women relationship is ambiguous, loves to communicate with them, but in
relationship is not constant, it is possible several marriages. TO детям
Dmitry is very kind.

October 10 is also celebrated by Aristarchus, Ignatius and Mark.

Birthdays October 10

Джузеппе Верди (1813 год) — знаменитый
Italian composer, author of the music “Rigoletto”, “Troubadour”,
�“Traviata. Verdi wrote about two and a half dozen operas,
included in the treasury of world art. In addition to such a heritage
the composer also composed two choirs, a string quartet, worthy
samples of chamber and vocal music and church works. A life
Giuseppe Verdi was quite challenging, born in a peasant
family, he walked for a long time to fame, before reaching her lost his wife
and two children. Verdi died of paralysis in 1901.

TOлод WITHимон (1913 год) – известный французский
writer, Nobel laureate, author of works
�”Battle of Farsal” and “Road of Flanders”. TOлод WITHимон — яркий
representative of the school of “new novel”.

Historical events of October 10

10 октября 1503 года — монахи московского
the Kremlin by ferry received vodka, which was originally
used exclusively as an antiseptic. Monks
they cooked the alcohol of their bread, and then diluted it in proportion to 1 part
alcohol on 1/2 part of water. The drink was called “vodka”, exactly
The name appears in the archival books. Already in the thirties of the XVI century
�”Vodovka” began to take inside and sell in the royal taverns. WITH
every year the quality of the alcoholic beverage improved,
distillers nobles ensured that the cooking process was
High Quality. For the purification of vodka such products were used
like egg white and milk, as well as silver, river sand and

10 октября 1874 года — впервые в России был
The first storm in the Baltic Sea was announced, which testified to new
advances in meteorology. Autumn storms on the Baltic
the sea often brought trouble to the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and its
neighborhoods. Information about the coming natural disasters
allowed people to prepare for the elements.

10 октября 1918 года — в России была введена
new spelling: the letters (iu), Ѳ (phi), І (“and
decimal “), replacing them with E, F, AND, a solid mark was excluded from
many words, remained only as a dividing element.
The changes affected the prefixes “z” and “c”, endings of participles and
adjectives Amendments were also made regarding grammar.
and orthoepies.

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