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Thu, 29 Sep 2016

Holidays October 1

International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons впервые отмечался 14 декабря
1990, the initiator of its annual holding
Representatives of the United Nations General Assembly.
The main goal of the event is to draw public attention to
problems of older people make their lives easier and
comfortable. In Western Europe began to actively celebrate
International Day of Older Persons уже в первые годы после его
official appointment, a little later he was taken seriously
Americans, 10 years later, on October 1, older people were honored in
most countries of the world. А International Day of Older Persons людям
retirement age is given increased attention, for them
celebrations, evenings, meetings with
local government representatives. In many enterprises
pensioners are paid a premium.

International Music Day

In 1975, it was decided by UNESCO to appoint October 1
International Day of Music. The initiator of the events
dedicated to one of the most popular art forms, became
famous composer Dmitry Shostakovich. October 1 in concert
halls and small venues can be heard
works of outstanding musicians, included in the treasury of the world
culture. Today it’s hard to say when the music first appeared,
but the fact that this art form originated in several millennia
back, no doubt, because on the rock drawings of the ancients
tribes often depicted people with musical instruments in
hands. Music is the heritage of world culture, which is capable
to work wonders, she encourages people to do amazing things
makes it kinder and cleaner.

World Architecture Day

On the first Monday of October, a tribute is paid to this kind.
art like architecture. People of this profession are creators,
creating true masterpieces admired by descendants
subsequent centuries. World Architecture Day был учрежден
International Union of Architects in 1985, however, until
1996 this holiday was celebrated in July and only from the second
half of the 90s of XX century by the decision of the General Assembly in
Barcelona, ​​it was decided to postpone its celebration to
October. Architecture is not only art, but also painstaking,
the daily work of millions of professionals who create residential
home, business centers, banks, shopping facilities. Thanks
Architects from around the world become cozy and comfortable.

Day of the Russian Ground Forces

31 мая 2006 года Президент Российской Federation подписал Указ
�“On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in
ATооруженных Силах Российской Federation», благодаря данному
October 1 was the Day of the Russian Ground Forces
Federation. It is difficult to overestimate the role of ground forces in history
Russia, their representatives constantly rescued the country in the most difficult
for her time. The date October 1 was not chosen by chance, it was on this
day in 1550 there was a reform in the regular Russian army, the king
Ivan the Terrible signed a decree laying the foundations of the standing army. AT
настоящее время в состав сухопутных войск Российской Federation
includes motorized rifle, rocket, tank, artillery kind
войск, войска ПATО, связи и специальные войска.

October 1 in the national calendar

October 1 – Arina Shipovnitsa. AT этот день улетают в теплые страны
cranes, which is why the people often called it “Arina – crane
departure”. National weather forecasters have noticed, if on Arina cranes
gathered in a flock and fly away, on Pokrov (October 14) should wait
the first frost, if the birds flew earlier, the cold will not come
until November. The presence of snow in October – early November was determined by
birch trees: if the leaves before Arina did not fall off, the snow will fall only in
the middle of the month following October. From October 1, zealous
the hosts began to collect and dry rose hips, it was believed that the berries,
collected before Arina, had no healing power.

Name Day October 1

Алексей – выбор на этом имени следует
stop parents who want to see their baby
calm and gentle. ATо взрослой жизни Алексей часто становится
protector of the fair sex.

Аркадий – любит быть в центре внимания, он
everyone’s favorite, but it does not spoil it. Arkady is born
diplomat, loves children and is ready to sacrifice a career for the sake of

Борис – человек аккуратный, умный и
persistent, usually spends a lot of time with his family, honors

ATладимир — его главный конек любознательность,
Moreover, all the information obtained is necessarily verified in practice.
empirically. ATладимир лидер, ценит комфорт и чистоту.

Irina – боевая девочка, ее часто можно видеть в
the company of boys, it is more to the father than to the mother. Irina
enjoys fiction, but it does not prevent her from being realistic,
a woman with that name is hard not to respect.

Even today, people with the following names celebrate birthday: Ivan,
Peter, Sergey, Konstantin, Michael and Sophia.

October 1 born:

Павел I (1754 год) — российский император, сын Екатерины ATеликой
and Peter III. The reign of Paul I was distinguished by such features as
the introduction in Russia of orders characteristic of Prussian troops,
the denial of all that was done by Catherine II, the sole
the board, contrary to the collegial principle established by its
mother. Dissatisfaction with the despotism of Paul I and the nature of governance
Russia expressed many, the emperor died at the hands of murderers, not wishing
voluntarily give up the throne .;

Sergey Aksakov (1791) – an outstanding Russian writer,
who organized the famous “Aksakovskys
Saturdays “, the participants of which became the color of the Russian
literary elite (Gogol, Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, Shevchenko,
ATолконский). Перу автора принадлежат произведение «ATоспоминания»,
poems, fables, satires .;

Oleg Efremov (1927) – People’s Artist of the USSR, organizer
of the Sovremennik Theater, headed by the Moscow Art Theater, professor at the Moscow Art Theater School.
Yefremov is known for his roles in the films “Beware of the car”, “Three
poplars on Plyushchikha ”,“ Hello and Goodbye ”and others;

Nina Usatova (1951) – People’s Artist of Russia, laureate
State Prize of the Russian Federation. Since 1989, part of the troupe
Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Tovstonogov
(St. Petersburg). Nina Usatova is known for her roles in performances and
the films “Balzaminov’s Marriage”, “Family Portrait with a Stranger”,
�“Muslim”, “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, “Fatal eggs”, “Master and
Margarita “and others;

Chulpan Khamatova (1975) – People’s Artist of Russia, actress
Theater “Contemporary”, is known for roles in the films “Crime and
punishment “,” Country of the Deaf “,” Divers “. Co-founder
Charity Foundation “Give me life.”


1 октября 1904 года — начато рабочее движение
trains on the Circum-Baikal Railway, the length of the
station Baikal to the pier Mysovaya. The road had a big
strategic importance during the Russo-Japanese War.
The Circum-Baikal Railway was not built according to standard designs,
and on the individual designs of architects, on her way still
there are many tunnels and stone galleries.

1 октября 1924 года — в российской столице
The Moscow Academic Satire Theater opened. When fiction
leaders Alexey Alekseev (1924-1928) were put on the scene
parodies of social and political issues, then they were replaced
comedy. Before the war, the theater was headed by Nikolai Gorchakov. More than forty
лет театр возглавлял ATалентин Плучек, при нем ставились спектакли
�”Terkin in the next world”, “Profitable place” A.N. Ostrovsky (with
with the participation of Mark Zakharov), “The Courage Mother and Her Children” by Brecht. AT 2000
year artistic director of the Moscow Academic Theater
satire became Alexander Shirvindt.

1 октября 1960 года — впервые с конвейера сошел
the famous Soviet car “Zaporozhets”, the car was
reasonably cheap compared to other varieties
vehicles, therefore, enjoyed great popularity among
citizens of the USSR.

1 октября 1967 года — впервые телевизионные
programs in the Soviet Union began to go out in color, it caused
a storm of enthusiasm among ordinary citizens and prompted them to more actively
buy televisions.

1 октября 1988 года — сборная Советского Союза
national football team celebrated their victory over the Brazilian team at the Olympic
games in Seoul. AT финале главных соревнований четырехлетия советские
football players scored one more ball than the Brazilians, to the delight
Soviet fans, the game ended with a score of 2: 1.

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