Oatmeal Slimming

ovsyanka-dlya-pohudeniyaBunting received a significant surge
popularity from the moment scientists discovered that soluble
fiber in its composition can lead to lower cholesterol levels

But nowadays, many people use oatmeal not only for its
benefits for the cardiovascular system but also because it is
the perfect food to include in a healthy program
losing weight

So what is the incredible oatmeal efficiency for
losing weight, which allows slimmers to achieve real results in
fight overweight in the long term?

In this question we will try to understand this article …

Oatmeal Slimming: мнение экспертов


Along with a relatively low amount of calories per serving oats
also contains vitamins, minerals and other
nutrients needed to improve overall condition
health and promote successful weight loss.

In addition, according to experts, oats, as well as other
whole grains has enormous potential to substantially
reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes,
obesity, constipation and high cholesterol.

And, summing up all its positive features, experts agree
in the opinion that oats are the # 1 product in the fight for
снижение уровня холестерина в blood. And mostly due to
the content of soluble fiber in it, which helps
prevent the absorption of “bad” cholesterol.

Varieties of oatmeal

There are several different types of oatmeal, each and
which has a low content of fat and calories. Difference is
only in the degree of pre-treatment of oats in order to reduce
time to prepare it.

For example, instant oatmeal is ready.
after adding boiling water, fast cooking – you need to cook until
5 minutes, swaged – about 10 minutes.

But the flip side of the coin is that with each phase
processing, much of the beneficial benefits of oats are lost,
so for your diet try to choose less
processed options.

In addition, before buying oatmeal is very important well
examine its label, because very often flakes can
add a few grams of sugar, as well as preservatives,
artificial colors and fats that contain completely unnecessary


The nutritional value

Oatmeal has such nutritional characteristics that
allow her to successfully fit into a large number of well-known diets, including
low-fat, low-calorie and diets for individuals
suffering from cardiovascular disease.

On average, one portion of it, regardless of the type of flakes
contains only 150 calories, 6 grams. squirrel, 27 gr. carbohydrate, 3 gr.
fat, 4 grams. cellulose (2 of which are soluble fibers,
absorbing cholesterol in the intestines), less than one gram of sugar and
saturated fatty acids.

Glycemic index of oatmeal

Recall that the glycemic index (GI) is
numeric value that characterizes how fast
определенный продукт повышает уровень сахара в blood.

Products that dramatically increase its level (have a greater
indicator GI), can cause a subsequent rapid decline
blood sugars, especially if they were not taken in conjunction with
foods with a low GI value, for example, proteins, which in its
the queue will cause an acute feeling of hunger and further
binge eating.

Oatmeal is a moderately glycemic index product with
indicator of 42 units. But first of all it concerns
raw or minimally processed grains, while
processed oatmeal (for example, instant cooking)
have a higher GI that reaches 60.

Oatmeal and weight loss

Experts draw your attention to the fact that 78% of people
achieved significant weight loss, regularly received breakfast.
And the best option for your perfect breakfast is oatmeal,
since you no longer need to worry about
excessive calorie intake.

In addition, you can use oatmeal as food for
snacking or when you don’t have free time to cook but you
want to eat something healthy and low in calories. If a
you decide to use flakes as a substitute for basic tricks
food, add a spoonful of protein powder in them to give
your body extra energy and stamina. Tips and

Oatmeal is a very versatile food that is sure to
нужно включить в вашу программу losing weight You can also
add flakes of various fruits, berries and vegetables to
increase their nutritional value and diversify your daily
diet, for example, diced apple or
a handful of blueberries.

You can also add 1 or 2 tbsp. spoons of flax seed which
contains omega-3 fatty acids or a small amount
skim or soy milk.

But still weight loss depends not only on those products that you
eat You must constantly burn more calories than you
consume what is best achieved by using a balanced
nutrition and regular physical activity.

Besides, before actually using the oatmeal diet,
consult with a competent nutritionist.

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