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Mon, Oct 10 2016

Holidays November 9

Day of Ukrainian writing and language

President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in 1997 issued a decree on
celebration of the day of ukrainian writing. Today still held
studies, but it is believed that the beginning of the Ukrainian language gave
Rev. Nestor the Chronicler. There were several options.
Ukrainian writing: Cyrillic has an ancient origin and
natural character, the verb – the creation of one man. AT
Northern Black Sea region used the alphabet, similar to the Greek
or Roman letters, eastern areas (Scythians and Sarmatians) used
original Sarmatian signs. In Ukraine, it is also a church
holiday, this day the first Ukrainian work was performed
– Akathist to the Mother of God of Kholmsk in Ukrainian.

International day against fascism, racism and

This day is celebrated in memory of the infamous “Crystal
nights “- a mass execution of Jews in Germany in 1938. Black
the night marked the beginning of the Holocaust – the mass extermination of the Jews. Behind
the years of the Holocaust affected about 6 million Jews. Politics
superiority of nations proved to be inconsistent, but
Today, Islamophobia is a big global problem.
Other people may not be like us, but you should always remember
about what can lead to restrictions on the rights of national
feature. The motto of this day is “Never Again!”

And also on this day:

Fall of the berlin wall

Today, the German nation celebrates several memorable days.
The last memorable event is the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and
начало процесса объединения ATосточной и Behindпадной Германии. With
during the Cold War, wire barriers became powerful
five meter high concrete structure with barbed wire
at the top. The purpose of the wall is to limit the movement of people between
parts of Germany. Its length was 45 kilometers, and another 120
kilometers it lasted around the east side of Berlin. Behind время
the existence of the wall, many tried to overcome it, 1065 people
было убито при незаконных попытках перейти в Behindпадную часть. AT
the memory of these events is a museum. He is
restored section of the Berlin wall for 200 meters with
description of the various devices used by residents
ATосточной Германии, чтобы попасть в западную часть. Most of
walls dismantled for souvenirs.

November 9, 1923 in Munich, suppressed

So ended Adolf Hitler’s attempt to seize power,
like the Italian dictator Mussolini. Hitler himself was thrown into
prison, but stayed only a few months. AT 1932 году он
gets power as a result of democratic elections.

And on November 9, 1918, the overthrow of the monarchy occurred in Bavaria.
Kaiser abdicated the throne, and Germany was proclaimed
democratic republic.

Olive Festival in Spain

The harvest festival in Spain is associated with the day of olives and
olive oil. To this day in the olive groves ends picking
harvest, and in the small town of Baena, a solemn act is held
thanks for earthly gifts. ATеселье музыка и танцы сопровождается
generous feast. Thousands of tourists come to the feast, ready to
try local varieties of olives and Italian dishes.
Andalusia is the capital of olive cultivation; it is located around the city
400 square meters. km gardens and groves. Olives praised Homer and Aristotle, Lorca
dedicated them poems, and Hippocrates confirmed the useful properties.
Today, the magic olive and its oil are much more valued than others.
products. Harvesting olives is a real ritual. Olive Festival
It is arranged on a special scale, since olive oil and olives
are perishable products, they can not be stored for a long time.

Folk calendar November 9:

(27 октября по старому стилю) – Behindрок на

Paraskeva – Christian martyr, lived in the III century. She is
born in Asia Minor in the family of a rich senator, but abandoning
luxury, led an ascetic lifestyle. ATо время гонений на
Christians, she suffered cruel tortures and was beheaded. AT
On this day, people give themselves promises and vows and make plans.
ATыполненный обет сулил выполнение желания при помощи Параскевы.
To take the trouble away from home, one should pledge in complete silence.
and perform, and then pray in the church of St. Paraskeva, and ask
its about help. The trouble went away the next day.

Historical events of November 9

9 ноября 1520 года – произошла массовая казнь
people, Stockholm Bloodbath

AT 1520 году король Дании Кристиан II приказал казнить сотни
nobles and representatives of the Swedish nobility. The most tragic episode
Swedish history was provoked by forged documents
denouncing believers in heresy. This event is the result.
intrigue of Archbishop Gustav Troll, deprived of dignity and deported from
country. His revenge was very cruel. He incited Swedish
the king of Norway and Denmark invade Sweden and take more and
swedish throne The new king promised the people of the country
amnesty, but did not keep his a promise, and ordered the execution of the townspeople.
Гонения на шведов прекратило восстание Густава ATаза, впоследствии
marked the beginning of a new royal dynasty.

9 ноября 1799 года переворот «18 брюмера»
put an end to the history of the French Revolution

The name of the coup is taken from the new revolutionary calendar.
french revolution. He organized the famous later
Napoleon Bonaparte, an ardent antimonarchist and defender of the revolution. By
the decree of the council entrusted to him to ensure safety
of the republic. Behindговор в верхах и поддержка армии дали возможность
Napoleon to become commander of the Paris Military District and establish
dictatorship of the three consuls. He himself took the post of the first
Consul, actually becoming head of state. The country has become more
modern, and the fate of many states has changed along with
By france.

Born November 9

Гейл Борден (1801-1874 г.), знаменитый

Few people know that the recipe for ordinary condensed milk did not exist.
is always. AT 19 веке Гейл Борден много времени потратил на то, чтобы
think of a way to preserve milk. Once in a sect, he saw
something that gave him the idea – a vacuum griddle. is he
applied this to milk and got real condensed milk,
able to maintain its long-term properties at any
temperature This is not his only invention. Booth for
changing clothes on the beach, mechanical paddles on a steamer, rotating
a table for snacks and more – it is patented by him

Иван Сергеевич Тургенев родился (1818- 1883
), Russian writer

The famous Russian writer of the 19th century left a rich literary
наследие («Муму», «Нахлебник», «Провинциалка», «Behindтишье», «Behindписки
hunter “and so on.). The most famous are his novels Fathers and Sons,
�”Rudin”, “Noble Nest”. Byхоронен на ATолковском кладбище

Александра Пахмутова (1929 года), знаменитый и
beloved by the whole country Soviet composer

Alexandra Nikolaevna was very gifted since childhood. First
works she wrote in her childhood, but the war is not
allowed her to get an education in her youth. She is закончила
Conservatory in 1953, followed by graduate school and
thesis. As a songwriter, she wrote about 500
works that are well known and traditionally become
hits. In addition, she owns several symphonic
compositions, melodies for children’s choir and music for ballet.

ATелимир Хлебников (1885 -1922г.), русский поэт
and silver period writer

Khlebnikov was a real reformer of the poetic language. is he
created the theory of Russian futurism and avant-garde. Myths and
cosmological motifs in his performance had a great influence on
the work of many writers and poets of the 20th century. Slavic hobby
mythology and folklore influenced his creative
произведения, он взял себе славянское имя ATелимир (при рождении
имел имя ATиктор). Byсле революции написал несколько произведений на
modern theme. ATажнейшее произведение «Behindнгези» ATелимир
Khlebnikov wrote in the genre of “super-pope.”

Михаил Нехемьевич Таль (1936 -1992 годы),
chess master

Michael from childhood was brilliant. Add three-digit mind
figures he could have in 7 years. His memory was just perfect,
the same age, he retold the lectures of his father – a teacher
Medical Institute. Passion for chess began at the age of 10,
when he came to the chess club. By age 17, he got the title
the champion of Latvia, at 21 became the champion of the USSR. AT мировом первенстве
first participated in 1959, won it, gaining 20 out of 28 points.
AT следующем году победил в чемпионате мира гроссмейстера М.
Botvinnik. Tal was the youngest champion in history.
of the world. Mikhail Tal was also the founder and editor of the magazine.
�”Chess”. AT 1988 году он стал абсолютным чемпионом мира по блиц
games, beating Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

Карл Саган (1934 — 1996 годы), американский

Karl Sagan became a real pioneer of space biology. Being
a biologist scientist, an astronomer-teacher, he researched
поверхность ATенеры. Byдтверждение его догадок состоялось во время
экспедиции « ATенера-4» в 1967 году. It is he who organizes
messages to unearthly civilizations that attach to cosmic
probes. Behind время работы ученый был отмечен многочисленными
awards: NASA, Emmy, Hugo and others.

Эмиль Габорио (1832 — 1873г.), французский

Emil Gaborio is the founder of the detective genre
(“Case of the widow Leruz”, “Case number 113”, “Crime in Orsiwale”,
�”Golden gang” and mn. others). His work was imitated by Arthur Conan
Doyle, Stevenson and other followers who worked in the genre
the detective.

Роналд Джордж Норриш ( 1897 — 1978 г.),
english chemist

Norrish won the Nobel Prize for research and
developments in the field of chemistry – ultrafast chemical reactions.

Name Day November 9:

AT этот день празднуют именины обладатели таких имен:Иван,
Капитолина, Максим, Андрей, Афанасий, ATилли, Марк, Нестор, Степан,
Terenty, Nikolai.

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