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Wed, Oct 19, 2016

Holidays November 29:

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian
by the people

After the adoption of the 1947 resolution by the UN General Assembly
Palestine was divided into two parts: between Arabs and Jews. And in
In 1977, the UN Directive established a new holiday – the International
день солидарности с палестинским by the people. At one of the meetings on
on the occasion of the holiday, the UN Secretary-General announced: “In this important
for all day I personally express deep solidarity with the Palestinian
by the people, который по-прежнему страдает, подвергается насилию и не
has its own state. The people are in constant
danger, waiting for the next strike, and struggling
to resist terrorism … “.

Terrible events lasting several years in the region
become a beloved example of the fact that the more parties
destroy each other, the more harm they do to themselves and
civilians. All this only exacerbates the suffering of the people,
gives rise to a feeling of emptiness and helplessness, and also delays
the day when all Palestinians finally learn to live in harmony
on the territory of their own state.

Albania Liberation Day

The national holiday in Albania has its roots since 1992,
when the Democratic Party came to power. Liberation Day
began to celebrate along with the Independence Day of the Republic – November 28.
But after five years, power passed to the new Socialist Party,
which set a new date by moving it just one day.
The event is organized in honor of the liberation of the republic from the Nazis. AT
In 1944, Albania was occupied by the troops of Italy, and after some
time they were joined by fascist Germany. The purpose of the invaders
was to prevent the allies from entering Greece in Yugoslavia. But the army is
headed by Khoja, November 28, liberated the city of Shkoder, the next day
the invaders left the country.

St. Matthew’s Day

Levi Matthew – the apostle of the 12 and the Evangelist – had close
kinship with another disciple of Christ: the apostle James.
Matthew was one of Jesus’ best disciples, but unfortunately about him
There is very little information available. According to the Scriptures,
the evangelist was a tax collector – he collected a fee until
heard the teachings of Christ. The Messiah called Levi to follow him. what
what happened to him next is hard to say. The only thing you can
note – Levi Matthew was executed in a Roman fortress for preaching
The words of God and Christianity.

November 29 according to the national calendar:

Matveyev day

AT этот день христианами чествуется память святого апостола от
twelve – Levi Matthew. Как правило, в Matveyev day, как
Ancestors noticed, a thaw was established on the streets. Wherein
jokingly they said: “On Matthew, winter is sweating,” the earth was becoming
wet from melted snow. If strong winds blew on November 29,
It means to rule the bitter cold up to the very Epiphany. If the clouds
sailed low above the ground – waiting for a sharp cooling. Also this
the day was an unbreakable tradition of visiting each other and
to regale friends and relatives with various Lenten foods
(many people in Russia at that time held fasting): “Hood
Matvey, since he didn’t regale his guests, ”they joked among the people.

Significant Historical Events 29

29 ноября 1783 год — ATведение в русскую азбуку
letters “yo”

It’s no secret that our alphabet is thirty-three
letters. One of them, unfortunately, we gradually cease
enjoy in writing. А между тем история этой letters “yo”
began in 1783, when on November 29 a meeting of the Academy took place
Russian literature. Famous members were director
Ekaterina Dashkova, Fonvizin and Derzhavin. It is on the board Catherine
proposed to replace the usual characters “io” with a more simplified
option “E”. The arguments of the director were very convincing, therefore
The majority of Academy members voted for innovation in Russian.

29 ноября 1941 год — Казнь партизанки Зои

Quite young, but brave Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya voluntarily decided
join the partisan detachment, which acted on the instructions of the headquarters
Western Front. The girl along with the stronger sex fulfilled the plan for
liquidation of the fascists. A month later she is on her own initiative
destroyed several buildings with the Germans, but when you try again
Kosmodemyanskaya counterattack caught one of the German sentry. On
the next day Zoya was hanged, but before her death she
uttered the words that later became known to the whole world: “How many
neither hang us, do not hang all, we are more than one hundred and seventy
million Our comrades will avenge you. ” For courage,
manifested in battle, Kosmodemyanskaya was posthumously awarded
title – Hero of the Soviet Union.

29 ноября 1945 год — Провозглашение
Федеративной Onродной Республики Югославии

The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. ATо
avoidance of disintegration and interethnic conflicts the kingdom was divided
on banoviny (administrative-territorial units of the state).
ATесной 1941 года Королевство приняло Berlin fascist pact
powers. The rash decision of the government of the country caused a wide
protest of the inhabitants, and soon it was overthrown, what the fascists
instantly reacted and staged a massive bombardment in
Belgrade, after which the entire state was occupied. Part of the territory
went to Italy and Germany, began the mass extermination of Jews,
Gypsy and Serbs. ATскоре в Королевстве развернулась освободительная
the struggle that ended in complete victory in 1945 over

Кратко о других событиях 29 November:

29 ноября 1870 год — Свершилось первое
Przhevalsky’s trip to Central Asia.

29 ноября 1908 год — Основание в
St. Petersburg Jewish Historical and Ethnographic
of society.

29 ноября 1946 год — Бельгия стала частью
UNESCO organizations.

29 ноября 1947 год — AT ATосточной Германии во
time explosions at the mine for the extraction of uranium killed 3,700 people.

Именины 29 November:

Angel Day (name day) November 29 will be marked by the owners of the following
имен: ATиктор, ATасилий, Иван, Дмитрий, Матвей, Николай, Михаил,
Sergey, Fedor, Gregory, Thomas, Philip and Peter.

Born November 29 personalities have a provocative,
contradictory character, are often avid debaters and
bullies, but they rarely care about the surrounding opinion. Such people themselves
on their minds, they are impossible to somehow convince and impose
any point of view. ATосприимчивые и прозорливые — они
forced to put up with their difficult character traits that
bring them a lot of problems. Despite all this, born in this
Day stand out enviable stability in relations with friends and
loved one.

Родились 29 November:

Джон Флеминг (родился в 1849 г., Ланкастер) —
English inventor, designed and assembled the first
electronic lamp. Since childhood, Fleming became interested in geometry and technology.
Mother gave him a room as a workshop where he could freely
do what you love. His first works were devoted
the development of models of boats, however, became famous scientist that
built a lamp with a thermal cathode. In addition, Fleming contributed considerable
contribution to the discovery and development of wireless communications.

Евгений Миронов (родился в 1966 г., Российская
Federation) – Russian theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.
ATпервые снялся в фильме «Жена керосинщика» в 1988 году. Today
Mironov’s filmography has about forty films, among
them: “Burnt by the Sun”, “Anchor, Another Anchor”, “House of Fools”,
�”Apostle”, “Piranha Hunt”, “Diamond Hunters” and

Райан Гиггз (родился в 1973 г., Кардифф) —
Welsh footballer, midfielder. Giggs – the most titled
футболист ATеликобритании. On протяжении всей карьеры он, будучи в
the club “Manchester United”, won twelve titles
высшего дивизиона ATеликобритании.

Алла Духова (родилась 1966 г., Коса) —
famous choreographer of the Russian Federation, founder of ballet
�Todes. The show-ballet called “Todes” appeared in 1987. Since
since then he has successfully started performing programs on the best
world sites. Dukhova also achieved the opening of many branches
his school across the country. Today многие звезды российской
эстрады за плечами имеют опыт участия в балете �Todes.

Жак Ширак (родился 1932 г., Париж) —
French politician, twenty-second president of France.

Николай Зинченко (родился в 1918 г., Украина) —
Hero of the Soviet Union. По указу Президиума ATС Зинченко был
awarded multiple times (Order of Lenin, two orders of the Red Banner,
several medals) for courage and heroism shown in battle, for
exemplary performance of tasks and endowed with the title of Hero of the Soviet
Union with the award of the Gold Star Medal.

Клайв Льюис (родился в 1898 г., ATеликобритания)
– famous English philosopher and writer. Wrote works in
fantasy, fiction, science fiction, religious
directions, as well as scientific works on philosophy and history.

ATильгельм Гауф (родился 1802, Штутгарт) —
writer-storyteller. Hauff began to write fairy tales, working as a caretaker.
for children in the family of E. Yugen (Minister of Defense). That is how he discovered
in itself this talent. ATскоре выходят его произведения-сказки
�”Little Muk” and “Kalif Stork”, which immediately conquer
popularity among the child population. In addition, Hauff wrote
a number of other tales.

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