November 26: what are the holidays, events,birthdays, birthdays

Mon, Oct 17, 2016

Holidays November 26:

World Information Day

The initiator of this event was the International
Academy of Information, having consultative status in the UN.
Information at all times was considered the only reliable
the way people interact. Oral, print – daily
The media supply thousands of types of information, from any stratum of society, from
anywhere in the world. To be aware of all events means to be
developed, civilized man – part of modern society. WITH
the development of technology, science, medicine and other aspects of modern
life the need for awareness is increasing daily. how
it is said that there is not much information, it may not be critical
to grab.

Testament Day

This holiday, a kind of is a day of cohesion and unity
in the Bahi faith. WITHогласно канонам, Господь периодически открывает свой
plan and will before his chosen man, who in turn
communicates the message of the Most High to people, instructing the human race on
true path. Baha sure that every year God chooses a new
follower, obliged to accomplish theology, and after – get
inexhaustible supply of energy and knowledge.

Constitution Day in Abkhazia

AT 1994 году ATерховный WITHовет провозгласил республику независимой,
By adopting the “Constitution of the sovereign, legal and democratic
state. ” On the same day between the deputies of higher
Legislation passed a vote on the election of the first president.
Наивысший пост получил ATладислав Ардзинб — председатель ATWITH страны.
The Constitution of the Republic was adopted in extremely difficult conditions,
but today it is the core of the entire state, its main
by law.

Pilipovka in Belarus

Pilipovka is a six-week post in Belarus, which
It begins on November 26 and ends on January 7. WITH этого дня
recommended to refrain from skoromnoy, fatty foods and
celebrate a wedding. Previously, at the beginning of the post girls arranged
evening gatherings and weaved. In addition, the ancestors paid close
attention to the weather: if it is snowy and overcast, then spring will be
too raw. It was also believed that the period began with Pilipovka
�”Wolf weddings”, so the wolves walked in the forest in whole packs and howled
at night.

November 26 according to the national calendar:


On this day, Christians celebrate the memory of the Archbishop
Константинопольского — Johnа Chrysostomа, жившего на рубеже 4 и 5
centuries. The Church honors the saint as one of the Universal Teachers and
Saints on a par with Gregory the Theologian and the Great Basil. John
Chrysostom родился в почетной семье. Father official was able to provide
son full education. Помимо этого, юноша изучал WITHвященное
Scripture, after which he adopted Christianity and went to live in the desert. In
время странствований Chrysostom написал фолиант «Шесть слов о
священстве», немного позже — «WITHравнение власти с христианским
wisdom of monastic life “and a number of other sacred works.
ATернувшись на родину, John продолжил создавать богословские

Soon the manuscript was erected to the presbyter and allowed him to carry
перед народом WITHлово Божье. Thanks to faithful service and brilliant
проповедничеству паства наделила Johnа прозвищем Chrysostom. AT
for two decades he preached almost daily in
temples, not forgetting to fix thoughts on paper. AT 397 году
Chrysostom получил звание патриарха Константинополя.

На Руси в старину говорили, что зима на Chrysostomа концентрирует
its power, causing all its retinue into battle – blizzard, frost, blizzard,
snow – and orders them to calm the last thaw. Frosts from this
day, as people noticed, they became stronger, nature fell asleep to
spring, and the animals hid in the hole. «На Chrysostomа все поля пусты» –
said ancestors.

The indestructible tradition of this day was to cook dumplings. Did it
usually the whole family. AT качестве фарша использовали любые
ingredients: meat, chicken, fish, mushrooms and cabbage – every family
guided by their own preferences. Dumplings tried
to make as much as possible, they were frozen and cooked for
a few days.

Также на Chrysostomа было принято молиться святому Johnу об
establishing fair punishment of crime. Children
born on that day, spinel weighed on his chest from birth
to attract happiness and good luck. WITHледили крестьяне и за погодой:
если на Johnа преследует ненастье, а на деревьях держится иней —
The next fall was waiting for a good harvest.

Nameday November 26:

Angel Day November 26 will celebrate the representatives of such male names
like Ivan, Edward, Herman, Nikifor, Leonard, Anton, Antonin,
Кондрат, Леон и WITHильвестр.

Significant Historical Events 26

26 ноября 1894 год — Бракосочетание Николая
ATторого с принцессой Гессен-Дармштадской

The first meeting of the future spouses (Alice and Nicholas) took place in
1884 at the wedding of the eldest sister of the princess. Between young immediately
friendship ensued, they genuinely liked, and later they became attached
to each other. WITH достижением совершеннолетия молодые сразу хотели
get married but father Nicholas prevented their decision by ordering
wait a bit. But in 1994, Emperor Alexander the Third,
anticipating the imminent demise, gave blessing and consent to marriage
son, after which Alice received Christian baptism, becoming
Alexandra, and married Nicholas II.

26 ноября 1924 год — Провозглашение Монголии
Mongolian People’s Republic

It is known that the level of social, economic, cultural
development in Mongolia in the early twentieth century, significantly lagged behind
a number of other states and republics. Prevailed above all
foreign capital. The 1917 revolution is largely
influenced the movement of the Mongolian peasantry, and they decided
fight for their own independence. AT 1921 г. Монголию настигла
the people’s democratic revolution that was headed
folk party. The same year was victorious for the movement, and 26
November 1924 the nation declared the creation of the Mongolian People’s Republic (Mongolian
People’s Republic). WITH тех пор историческая дата отмечается
annually as the Independence Day of Mongolia.

26 ноября 1965 год — Франция запустила
artificial earth satellite

It’s no secret that the first satellite of the Earth was released with
станции «Байконур», расположенной в WITHWITHWITHР, второй спутник запущен на
орбиту WITHоединенными Штатами Америки. France that could not
stay away from such a significant “race”, became the third
the country that launched the spacecraft for
research into space. Artificial satellite was launched from
Hammagir cosmodrome with the help of the “Diamond” carrier rocket. After
launch of the space object by France, other countries also decided
follow the actions of the three powers.

Кратко о других событиях 26 November:

26 ноября 1832 год — AT WITHША начал работать
The first public transport is the tram.

26 ноября 1922 год — ATскрытие гробницы Фараона

26 ноября 1925 год — Первое испытание самолета
�”Ant-4″, designed by A. N. Tupolev.

26 ноября 1832 год — Основание Inенной Академии
Генштаба Inоруженных WITHил РФ.

Родились 26 November:

Максим Аверин (родился в 1975 г., Москва) —
popular Russian actor and director. Acting career Averin
began to promote from 17 years. WITHегодня у Максима за плечами 38 фильмов,
in which he starred and several TV shows. Most famous
the actor received after the release of the series “Capercaillie”. No less
Maxim talentedly played in such films as “Furtseva: the legend of
Екатерине», «Попытка ATеры», «Любовь зла», «Кошачий глаз» и «Место
under the sun”.

Антон Макарский (родился в 1975 г., Пенза) —
Russian actor, singer. AT роли актера Макарский дебютировал в
the movie called “Drilling”, filmed in 2002. Before
played in the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” as a singer. And later
took part in the filming of such famous TV shows and films as
«Бедная Настя», «Даша ATасильева», «Охота на гения», «Женить
Casanova “, etc.

ATильям Купер (родился в 1731 г.,
ATеликобритания) — выдающийся английский поэт, один из прародителей
literature of the Renaissance. He was considered the best poet of his
time, in particular because of the deep respect for all living things
on the planet – as evidenced by his poetic masterpieces.

Тина Тернер (родилась в 1939 г., WITHоединенные
States) – a famous singer, dancer and talented author of many
songs. Turner is the owner of 8 Grammy awards. Thanks to its
temperament, brightness and artistry she proudly bears the title –
�“The queen of rock and roll” and is listed in the 10th best dancers in the world.

Маргарита Назарова (родилась в 1926 г.,
Russian Federation) – the legendary tiger trainer, actress
circus, movie actress. AT качестве актрисы поразила зрителей своим
mastery in the films: “The Tiger’s Tamer”, “The Striped Flight” and
�”Dangerous trails” (doubler). In время ATОAT, Назаровой очень повезло.
Due to the fact that she spoke German, she was sent
working in Germany in a rich house where she was treated very
not bad. But Margarita always wanted to return home, and in one
beautiful day Soviet soldiers freed her. ATернувшись домой,
Nazarova independently prepared an acrobatic number, with which
she was hired by the circus.

ATладислав Радимов (родился в 1975 г.,
WITHанкт-Петербург) — российский футболист, заслуженный мастер спорта
RF, a former player of the Russian national team. WITHреди его достижений можно
highlight: Finalist of Russian Cup (1994, 1999), Champion of Bulgaria,
Winner of the Cup of Spain, Champion of Russia 2007, 2010, winner
WITHуперкубка УЕФА и т д.

Норберт ATинер (родился в 1894 г., WITHоединенные
states) – famous mathematician and philosopher, scientist with a capital letter.
He is the founder of the theory of artificial intelligence and
cybernetics. За всю научную деятельность ATинер стал обладателем
five awards.

Тамара Шакирова (родилась в 1955 году,
Uzbekistan) – actress and honored artist of Uzbekistan.

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