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Sun, Oct 16, 2016

Holidays November 24

Friends Day in the USA

How to win friends? How to influence people? In a day
the birth of Dale Carnegie the Americans turn again to his
bestseller about relationships, life and friendship. Oratory
opened Dale Carnegie several ways to communicate more effectively
He later shared this with the world in his books, which
enjoy unchanged popularity in many countries. November 24, at
the birthday of the author and the teacher, his books are exhibited in all
bookstores country. Interesting and productive techniques
used by people all over the world, wanting to build relationships and communicate
in society.

The tenth day of the month of Muharram – Ashura Day

According to the Muslim religion on Hebrew’s Day, Heaven, Earth, were created
the angels and the first man of the world – Adam. The end of the world is also expected in
this day. Adherents of Islam observe the day of mourning for their grandson
Prophet Mohammed Hussein, who died in terrible torture by hand
Yazid, son of Mu’awiya. This death was the result of a rift between
relatives for power, Hussein refused to recognize Yazid
the legitimate ruler. In memory of this event Muslims of Gujarat
make a smaller copy of the tomb of Hussein and sneak it along
the city under the melodies of the orchestra. The first tomb built yet
in 1398, ruler Amir Timur. Celebrating this day for Muslims
they arrange the performances of acrobats and gymnasts, stage the episodes
past epoch. This time in Shiite Muslims coincides with
mandatory post in honor of the commemoration of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad
Hussein ibn Ali, who was killed in the 7th century AD.

Folk calendar November 24

Memory of the Byzantine Orthodox monk Theodore

Rev. Fedor spoke out against lawlessness in the country, divorces,
illegal marriages, contrary to the statutes of the church. His protest he
expressed and the emperor Constantine, for which he was thrown into prison, but
later exiled to Solun. Subsequent ruler Irina freed
Fedor and placed him as the lord of the Studion monastery. When
Irina was overthrown by another ruler, Fedor was again persecuted. All
his life is upholding the ideals of the church, holiness
Orthodox icons and temples. Charter Studio Studios,
designed by Fedor, became the basis for all monasteries.

Fedor himself is sometimes called Frost, “Fedor Studios land
student ”- that’s how people treat him. From this day in Russia they expected
lower temperatures and true frosts. Wise people try
spend that day at home near the stove, and watch the folk
omens. Dampness on this day foreshadows a thaw;
read – whether there will be a harvest of mushrooms and berries. Many stars
predicts a good harvest. To confirm the signs brewed
tea with dried berries.

Significant Historical Events 24

24 november 2002 года – 12-летний школьник из
Bryansk, Jan Nepomniachtchi becomes World Chess Champion

On the Greek island of Crete in November 2002, a tournament on
chess among youth. As in previous competitions month
before, the winner was Jan Nepomniachtchi. This was his third
victory in the international championship, and the second team victory
Russian chess players at a similar championship. Young champion loves
chess, but is not going to associate with them a profession and further
a life. He explains his victories with love for chess, not desire
always be the first. It should be noted that at his age sought
success champions Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Kramnik, Harry

24 november 1927 года – открытие Theaterа оперетты
in Moscow

The opening of the season began with the operetta “Playing with the joker.”
The forerunner of the theater was the Operetta Eugene Potopchina, the theater,
which was periodically closed by the workers’ council. Only in 1927
it was decided to preserve bourgeois art and three
Moscow Operetta Theater. The head was Gregory Yaron. Theater
immediately became successful, his repertoire included both classical
works, as well as the operetta of the composers of the new time: Dmitry
Shostakovich, Isaac Dunaevsky, Yuri Milutin. Today it is
famous in Europe academic theater “Moscow Operetta”.

24 november 1905 года — началось восстание на
Ochakov cruiser in Sevastopol

The ship “Ochakov” had the most revolutionary-minded crew. TO
Bolshevik rebellion joined sailors and port workers.
Created on the ship, the Council of Workers ‘and Soldiers’ Deputies called for
join the uprising ships of the Black Sea Fleet. TOомандующим
Lieutenant PP was appointed. Schmidt TO царскому правительству
directed a number of requirements: freedom of speech, democratic
Republic, 8-hour working day, improved compulsory conditions
service. The uprising was suppressed by the troops, the ship opened fire.
2000 insurgents, survivors, arrested, leaders
shot. The rebellious cruiser after repair in 1907 was
переименован в «TOагул».

24 november 1874 года Джозеф Глидден запатентовал
barbed wire

Wire with spikes located on it is associated with
guard obstacles, most often with military camps, zones.
Few know that her invention was solely subject
peaceful purposes. Such devices were used in fencing
undeveloped land in america. They were indispensable for the development
farming and herding. Stop cattle when
The help of barbed wire has become much easier. Mono and dibasic
the wire inventor Glidden became the impetus for the development
pastoralism In 1900, its production exceeded 150
thousand tons Later it was used in World War I for
manufacturing barriers.

24 november 1817 года – состоялась дуэль графа
Alexander Zavadovsky and Vasily Sheremetev because of Avdotya

Famous ballerina Avdotya Istomina quarreled with her lover
Sheremetyev and at the invitation of Griboyedov spent two days in the house
Zavadovsky. When граф узнал об этом, он вызвал соперника на
duel in which he was mortally wounded. It is known that during
duels quarreled seconds (Griboedov and Yakubovich), a year later in
Georgia, another duel took place, and Griboedov was injured
fingertips. According to this wound, he was identified after the murder on

24 november родились:

Бенедикт Спиноза (1632 — 1677 годы),
Dutch materialist philosopher

Spinoza was originally an orthodox Jew. In conflict with
the city authorities excommunicated him for heretical views and
evicted from the city. He was making glasses and that
зарабатывал себе на a life. The beginning of the New Age epoch affected
the formation of his views. He was fond of anthropology,
neoplatonic scholastic philosophy, studied the relationship
people in society and around the world. The ideas expressed to them caused
huge interest over several centuries, it is called
�”The most pure sage.”

Александр Васильевич Suvorov (1729 — 1800
years), the great Russian commander

A nobleman from a family of hereditary military men who received the beautiful
strict education, Suvorov spoke 7 languages ​​and at the age of 17 came to
active duty. In the victorious age of Empress Catherine II, he
played a huge role in the turn of the war with the Turkish troops. Bright
victory in the assault on the impregnable fortress of Ishmael forever inscribed it
The name in Russian history as a genius commander. In the war against
Polish confederates he commanded the Russian troops and achieved
capitulation of the enemy. In 1796 he wrote the book “Science
win”. After the death of Catherine, he was in exile, but was
returned and made his famous crossing of the Alps. Suvorov
He became the first Generalissimo in the history of the Russian army.

Грейс Дарлинг (1815 — 1842 годы), национальная
British heroine

Grace was the daughter of the lighthouse keeper and noticed during the storm
ship sailing to the lighthouse. She saved 60 people in a small boat
swimming up to the crash site several times. The girl has become
national heroine. Patriotic poems were dedicated to her
artists considered it an honor to paint a portrait. The girl was awarded an award
and the medal of the royal society. Today at the lighthouse arranged
National Museum.

Неманья Эмир TOустурица (1954 год), режиссер из

TOультовый режиссер снял большое количество фильмов, многие из
which received awards from festivals and competitions, among which
«Золотая пальмовая ветвь» и приз ФИПРЕССИ на TOаннском фестивал. Him
works nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe. Him фильмы:
�“Dad on a business trip”, “Black cat, white cat”, “Widow from the island
St. Pierre “,” Good Thief “and many others.

Михель де TOлерк (1884 — 1923), знаменитый
Amsterdam School Architect

Молодого де TOлерка называли непостижимым гением, управляющим
композициями современного динамичного города.Him работы были
made in neo-gothic style with elements of the architecture of the era
Revival. Де TOлерк разработал множество проектов зданий в
Amsterdam. These are often rounded, organic forms, with
many turrets and spiers, sculptural images and
original windows in the form of stairs.

Дейл TOарнеги (1888 — 1955 годы), автор
famous bestsellers to improve interpersonal

TOарнеги — известный автор, написавший бестселлеры по развитию
communication skills and oratorical skills. He became real
teacher of effective communication and public speaking, created
�”The Institute for Effective Oratory and Human
relationship», имеющий множество филиалов по всему миру.

Именины 24 november:

On this day, the birthday of Victor, Stepan, Fedor, Maxim is celebrated.

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