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Sun, Oct 16, 2016

Holidays November 19

Day of the glass industry worker

November 19th professional holiday workers celebrate
glass industry. This date was not chosen randomly.
coincides with the birthday of the outstanding Russian scientist Michael
Vasilievich Lomonosov, who created one of the glass recipes for
mosaic paintings. In fairness, it should be noted that
for the first time, mankind received glass over five thousand years ago.
However, despite the rather rich history of glass,
glass industry began to develop only at the end of XIX
century, float glass appeared in the XX century.

Day of rocket troops and artillery

To commemorate the merits of rocket troops and artillery in the fight against
by the German invaders at Stalingrad, declared on November 19 in
Russia Happy Rocket Forces and Artillery. Holiday was established in
It was called Artillery Day in 1944, two decades later it
был переименован в Day of rocket troops and artillery. Probably no one
will not argue with the fact that artillery is one of the most significant
branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. November 19th is
the day when the merits of the military can be assessed by the public,
поскольку в Day of rocket troops and artillery принято устраивать
parades, demonstration exercises and shooting.

International Men’s Day

November 19, the world community marks the International Male
day. For the first time an official men’s holiday was initiated in
United States of America in the distant 60s of the XX century, but “not
caught on. ” Since 1999, began to be celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, then
traditions of its celebration began to spread across the planet, to
a small African country joined the inhabitants of Australia,
North America, Asia and Europe. International Day of Men arose
as an analogue of the International Women’s Day, because with all its strength
men also need attention, care and warmth. Gradually
gender discrimination began to level off, to some extent
thanks to the holiday, the opportunity to assess the role of men in
family, his participation in raising children, which certainly has

World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day — один из наиболее необычных праздников,
it was first held in 2002 and since that time every year
celebrated in many countries around the world. �”Assign” November 19 World
the day of the toilets was decided during an international conference that
held in 2001 in Singapore. In a large environmental forum
took part represented different continents – Asia, North
America and Europe, which were part of the national toilet
organizations. During the conference, certain
regulations, in particular, the World Toilet was created
the organization, namely its new members, initiated
такого необычного праздника, как World Toilet Day.

November 19 in the national calendar

Today, according to the national calendar, Paul

St. Paul the Confessor, whose Day is celebrated on November 19,
was considered the defender of the sailors, it was he who had to pray
On this day, as did the representatives of the Russian fleet. In 1797
year in Russia, the temple of Paul was consecrated, in the walls of which were going to
and kept relics associated with the history of the Navy.
The name of Ledostav St. Paul’s Day was not accidental, it was exactly 19
November the rivers and lakes fettered the first ice. From the ice age peasants
gradually began to prepare for winter fishing, while leaving on
the river was too early, the men repaired the gear. As ice condition
rivers, it was possible to determine what the next year’s harvest would be, to
for example: “If ice is piles, then there will be piles of bread. If smooth –
then the bread will be smooth. “

National weather forecasters noticed that the snow was on Pavel Ledostav
foreshadowed a snowy winter, the absence of wind – a quick frost. It could be
judge the run and the state of the animals, for example, if
horses on ice sheet good appetite, you can not worry that
in the winter they will be sick, good milk yield at the cow foreshadowed a lot
milk until spring.

Nameday November 19

Александра – может стать невыносимой, если она
only child in the family. A girl with that name is active,
positive attitude to reading, purposeful, can be
a successful person for whom others will reach. House cleaning
definitely not Alexandra’s horse, she will find any reason to somehow
way to avoid it. The appearance of Alexandra may push
strangers to the idea that she is “on her mind”, but
the closeness of a woman is only a character trait, in Alexander’s soul
very sensitive, kind and fair person who will not allow
myself to do something contrary to the laws of conscience. Alexandra –
sexy woman but getting married late because of choice
Satellite is responsible. Loves active sports and recreation
in nature, with her beloved husband becomes an excellent mistress and loving

Анатолий — человек общительный и
sociable, not for him it is of great difficulty to find a common
language with other people even if it is relatives
wives. Anatoly is almost always the leader in the family, the wife is happily inferior
this role is a husband named Anatoly, because he copes with her
sumptuously. Discretion, balance and charm are weapons,
with which Anatoly goes into battle, if you want to win a woman.
One of the main shortcomings of Tolik – addiction to alcohol
drinks, often because of the extra glasses he can behave
ugly and spoil the opinions of others about themselves.

Арсений — очень добрый и открытый человек. AT
childhood boys of that name adore animals in their home
stray dogs and cats appear periodically. Despite
sociability Arseny, a friend they do not call everyone, this honor
must be earned. However, if Arseny called you his friend,
rest assured that he will put his heart on the altar of friendship.
Arseny often choose a creative path, they are not bad
writers, artists and even priests.

ATасилий — человек не требовательный и
unbiased, he is almost always satisfied with everything in life, so
that there is no need to make sharp maneuvers. ATасилия нельзя
call a person apathetic, he always carefully fulfills his
duties, whether at work or in the family, is ready to help in difficult
situations even to an unfamiliar person. AT общении с женщинами ATасилий
the knight is therefore successful with them.

Герман — это копия собственной матери, причем,
both vernal and internal. ATместе с тем, мужем человека с таким
the name to be quite difficult, because it is not constant in the relationship
and affection for him is a big rarity, but in friendship
Herman can always be relied upon.

Клавдия — спокойная и мягкая женщина, которая
always in awe of their parents, the same fate
waiting for her husband and his parents. Claudia will never allow herself
humiliate or even make a petty remark to her husband in the presence of him
colleagues or friends, with such a woman, you can be calm for your
family hearth.

Нина — весьма неоднозначная особа, безумно
stubborn and emotional, if something is not for her, Nina definitely will not
be silent, she will break the relationship. However, a woman with that name
has a lot of advantages – Nina is fair, always intervene
for the weak, intelligent, purposeful, hardy, good mother, in
In general, this list can go on for quite some time.

Born on November 19

Михаил Ломоносов (1711 год) — выдающийся
Russian scientist who made a lot of discoveries in the field of natural
history, chemistry, physics, mathematics, mechanics and other fields.
Considerable achievements were at Lomonosov in the field of literature, he was
a bright reformer under Catherine II, it was on his initiative that
Moscow University was founded (1755), which today carries
name of Lomonosov.

Кельвин Кляйн (1942 год) — знаменитый
fashion trendsetter, author of legendary men’s and women’s coats
(women’s coat PeaCoat – fashion squeak of the 1970s), fur products,
calvins designer jeans (recognized world classics). Author
several lines of perfume. Winner of the title “Best Designer”
America. “

Индира Ганди (1917 год) — выдающаяся
political figure, head of india. Did not participate in military units and
advocated the planned development of the economy. Under Indira Gandhi relationship
between the Soviet Union and India reached unprecedented flourishing.

Historical events November 19

19 ноября 1190 года – во время крестовых
trips in Palestine founded the German Catholic spiritual and knightly
Warband. The Order was ruled by the Pope, his
The main goal was to help the German knights and the fight against enemies
catholic church. Representatives of the Teutonic Order constantly
made armed raids on the Baltic and Russian lands. On
the territory of the Baltic was formed a large feudal
military colonization state of the Teutonic Order, on
the occupied territories, the local population was exterminated, they came
immigrants from Germany. The Teutonic Order was defeated during
Battle of Grunwald (1410), the expansion of the Order was

19 ноября 1819 года — в Мадриде открылся
the legendary Prado Museum, which is considered one of the largest
world art treasures. AT настоящее время живописная
The Prado Museum collection includes more than 8,600 paintings.

19 ноября 1824 года — крупнейшее в истории
St. Petersburg flood reflected in the works of the great
Russian writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, “Medny

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