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Mon, Oct 10 2016

Holidays November 1

Bailiff day

1 ноября в России отмечается Bailiff day, праздник
was established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2009.
For a long time in the legislation of the Soviet Union and Russia were
significant gaps related to the activities of bailiffs.
Only in 1997 were Federal Laws “On Judicial
Bailiffs “and” On Enforcement Proceedings “. Since 1917
until the second half of the 90s of the XX century regulatory framework,
regulating strict compliance with court decisions, practically
did not exist. The history of the structure of bailiffs includes
not one century, for the first time in documentary sources information about
People of this profession are found in the days of feudal Russia.
In past centuries, bailiffs had a wide range of powers, could
use the help of police or military.
Responsibility for disobeying a court decision was very harsh,
up to arrest and hard labor.

World Vegan Day

November 1, 1944 in the British capital was formed
Vegan society, whose members categorically did not recognize
animal fats, they ate only plant foods and not
wore clothes made of fur, silk or wool. the main
the idea of ​​veganism was to not harm the representatives
animal world. World Vegan Day был учрежден спустя 60 лет
after the formation of an English society whose leader was
Donald Watson. Since 1994, November 1 has become a holiday that
Vegans celebrate around the world. Although it is translated
In Russian, the term “vegan” means nothing more than
vegetarianism, put an equal sign between them will be too
bold decision. Vegans are very strict vegetarians, they
exclude from their own diet, not only meat and fish, but all
products that are of animal origin, such as milk,
eggs and natural honey.

All Saints’ Day

1 ноября католики всего мира отмечают All Saints’ Day. Celebration
It has a long tradition and is rooted in the past. Some
thousands of years ago the Celtic tribes made it during this period
celebrate the New Year. The end of October – the beginning of November
from time immemorial it was considered a borderline time when representatives
the other world could return to earth and visit their
ancestors. Such an opportunity forced living people to prepare for
holiday and cook for the ancestors of the sacrificial food. Connected People
with the other world and having extrasensory capabilities,
They say that on November 1, make a “trip” to the world of the dead and
anyone can come back alive since that day
the gates dissolve allowing to open the veil of the hidden

People’s Day

People’s Day — национальный болгарский праздник,
when it is customary to remember outstanding cultural figures
contributed to the revival of the country in the XIX century, when the state
was under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. the main заслуга будителей
lay in the fact that they were able to spark in the hearts of Bulgarians desire
to self-awareness and self-awareness, contributed to activating
national liberation movement. Thanks to such figures in
the country appeared theater, was established by the Bulgarian Exarchy,
opened regional centers and reading rooms. Public holiday
People’s Day стал в 1921 году, но в 1945 году, в силу
historical twists and turns, was canceled and revived only in 1992.
В People’s Day в учебных заведениях Болгарии нет
traditional activities, but events are held during which
glorified names of outstanding devotees-awakeners.

Ivanov day, farewell autumn

November 1, in the national calendar of Russia, Ivanov’s day, during this period
It was customary to see off the autumn and meet the winter. After November 1
severe frosts began, it is not surprising that the peasants
noted: “Whoever doesn’t get cold in November, that, even in the baptism of cold,
to freeze. National weather forecasters have noticed, if on Ivanov day goes
snow, spring will be late and rather cool, if thaw –
wait for early sunny spring. Seeing the fall was celebrated
on November 1, they cut a chicken and made delicious ones out of them
dishes – kurnik, noodles in broth, fried and greased chickens.

Name Day November 1

Дмитрий в детстве довольно много болеет, но с
by age, illnesses leave the boy, especially if
first place goes to sports. A man named Dmitry
quite capricious and demanding of people who are close to
him, with this quality will have to accept. Mother for Dima –
authoritative person, he will listen to her advice even
when will get own family. Among the merits of Dmitry
can be noted such as interpersonal skills, honesty,
care, lack of strong craving for alcoholic beverages.

Иван – мальчик довольно необычный, он может
to be quiet and calm, or vice versa, impossible fidget: everything
depends on the time of year when the baby was born. Life with
Ivan is not calm, he loves noisy companies and a big
the number of guests in the house. The person whose parents gave the name
Ivan is always a lot of friends, he is a sociable person and is ready to give
attention to all who appear on his life path. If the main thing
Ivan’s dignity is his responsiveness, the main drawback
which often annoys loved ones – unpredictability.

Леонид — человек очень щепетильный, это
manifests itself in childhood, because a boy with that name will not fail
run home for a bottle of brilliant green or iodine if you hurt your leg
while playing outside. Due to its scrupulousness and
accuracy, people with the name Leonid often achieve success and life.
Leonid is a very sociable person, he is wonderful
adapts to any environment and is able to smooth out conflict
situations. Women need to know what to endear Leonid
can cook him a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Михаил — логик по натуре, человек с таким
name can be an excellent teacher, military, scholar or
a lawyer, with a certain amount of talent, he will succeed on
creative field. If you hurt Michael, do not be afraid of
his retaliatory strike, people of that name are absolutely not vindictive
and not prone to revenge. Michael is often the center of attention, in
the company of unfamiliar people feels quite relaxed and
can endear others.

Николай — человек с таким именем практически во
everyone is an excellent student, he manages to quickly complete tasks in school,
but if difficulties sometimes arise, he prefers to solve
their own, without the assistance of parents. Becoming an adult
Nikolai becomes even more independent and confident in his
With strength, it is not surprising that he succeeds a lot. In the role of leader
a man named Nikolai is pretty tough, but sincerely believes
that it is necessary that the team was a discipline, a common cause
developed successfully. Nikolai cannot imagine his life without
the fair sex falls in love instantly and
able to make an offer on the second day of dating.

Also today, people with the names of Pavel, Peter,
Sergey and Felix.

Born November 1

Антонио Канова (1758 год) — итальянский
sculptor, representative of European academic sculpture XIX
century, his work is rightly called a model of classicism. Works
Antonio Canova on display in the Louvre and the Hermitage, among the most
famous can be noted statues of Cupid and Psyche, Eurydice and Orpheus,
portrait “Paolina Borghese in the form of Venus.”

Анатолий Кубацкий (1908 год) — знаменитый
Soviet actor, famous movie lovers for roles in fairy tales and
feature films. Worked on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theater
under the leadership of Gorchakov, played in the films “It was in Penkovo”,
�”At the Quay”, “Thieving Magpie,” his roles in
fairy tales “Marya the Wizard” (Water), “The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors”
(King Jagupop). Inimitable Kurbatsky played in the tales “New
the adventures of Kota in boots ”,“ Frost ”,“ Fire, water and … copper
pipes ”,“ Barbara beauty, long spit ”,“ Evenings on a farm near
Dikanki “and others.

Historical events of November 1

1 ноября 1520 года — был открыт знаменитый
The Strait of Magellan, which separates South America and Fiery
Earth The width of the strait is quite small – only 2 kilometers 200
meters, and many of its parts are quite dangerous for
seafarers. Given the fact that the length of the Strait of Magellan
is over 575 kilometers often its passage causes
difficulties, especially in those places where the depth is not more than 20
meters. The great discovery was made during the round-the-world
travel, often this waterway “Strait of All Saints.”

1 ноября 1811 года — недалеко от
St. Petersburg was founded Imperial Tsarskoselsky Lyceum, in
which went training and received education the best minds of Russia XIX
centuries, including an eminent writer, a classic of world literature
Alexander Pushkin.

1 ноября 1993 года — дата основания
European Union economic and political association in
whose composition currently includes 27 states
located on the European continent.

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