Nikolai Karachentsov rose to his feet after 5 years inwheelchair

Sat, Oct 22, 2016

Actor Nikolai Karachentsov, who was a long time
practically bedridden and wheelchair managed
to rise to their feet, thanks to a special course of acupuncture in
combination with physical exertion. His wife, Lyudmila Porgina,
accompanied the spouse to China, where local experts were engaged
health actor.

And he did it! Lyudmila Porgina never lost hope
on a happy outcome, and was right. She encouraged her husband,
Forced to go forward, looking for the best doctors.

Now Nikolai Karachentsov is in Moscow, on Taganka, in
Center for Speech Pathology and Neuro Rehabilitation. He runs the program
restoration, created by academician Valentin Dikulem. Actor
is under close supervision of specialists, passes
physical therapy procedures, it is treated with physiotherapy, doing

Before that, Karachentsov was treated twice in a Baltic sanatorium.
�”Jaunkemeri” (in 2006 and 2007), where he visited baths with
hydrogen sulfide, went to a special pool with hydromassage. Ibid
Speech therapist was actively involved with him. Then he was treated in the territory
Of Israel. In the spring of this year, he traveled to Turkey. And all this time
the wife of the actor was with him, supporting him.

Recall that Nikolai Karachentsov in 2005 became a victim
car accident. He was diagnosed
traumatic brain injury. The situation was very serious, long
thought that the actor will not be able to get out of it. But love, faith and
a great desire to live won! Popular favorite confidently got up
on the road to recovery.

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