Nikita Dzhigurda shared his attitude towardsthe introduction of “obscene law”

Thu, 08 May 2014

Two days ago in our country a law was banned
use of the mat in any media, including
including musical and theatrical productions. Many media
individuals will have to work hard on themselves to limit
foul language.

Так, Никита Джигурда, который не привык
limit yourself to use the mat, oddly enough, supported
law, but said it would not stop using swear words.
The actor claims that he can do it, uses the mat
exclusively for artistic expression. Nikita for
�”Plug the fountain” to those people who use the mat to insult
person in power or in general the political system.

Популярный писатель Захар Прилепин, заявил,
that, being a writer, does not accept such laws and is confident in
that the use of a mat is restricted to the decision
force Prilepin called the law “stupid”, assuring that he uses
swear words only in books, but not in life.

Лолита Милявская заверила, что матом она
relieves stress. The singer is sure that the introduced law
unable to limit the use of swear words in the people that mat
gives you the opportunity to throw out negative emotions.

А вот Виктория Боня назвала введение закона
�”Cultivation”. TV presenter said that occasionally in private life
uses a strong mot however never do it on

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