Nikas Safronov has come out of wedlocka son

Sat, Apr 26, 2014

The birth of illegitimate children from famous men is practically
the usual. So, the artist Nikas Safronov again showed up a child,
about which he previously knew nothing.

The son of a 58-year-old artist showed up in just a few hours
before the celebration of Safronov’s birthday. The young man called
Никасу, рассказал о том, что является его внебрачным a sonом.
Safronov rightly assumed that he needed money, because it is
simple practice. To which the young man said that the money “yet” is not
are needed.

The young man assured Safronov that he just wants to talk to
father Nikas, having thought for a while after talking,
вспомнил, что никогда не был в городе, в котором его «a son»
was born

У Никаса Сафронова есть трое a sonовей, каждый из которых живет со
their mothers in different cities of the world. The warmest relationship
у художника сложились с последним, третьим a sonом, Лукой,
living in Moscow. The guy is a talented pianist, laureate
various contests.

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