Nightshade – benefits and unique properties. What kinddiseases can be cured with its help and how harm is expressedNightshade

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Nightshade is an ambiguous plant. Mostly
poisonous, it is also a valuable raw material for herbal medicine and in some
cases can be no less effective than modern
synthetic drugs. And the safest and most delicious
сосредоточием пользы Nightshade являются ягоды одного из его


Особенности использования растения и объяснение пользы Nightshade
its composition

There are approximately 1000 species in the Nightshade family, among which is a tomato with
potatoes, and many species of herbaceous plants combined
similar biological traits called, in fact,

Some of them have no value, others are decorative.
(jasmine-shaped nightshade, curly, papillary), there are weeds and those
that they are valued by traditional medicine, but in terms of nutrition, it’s important
only nightshade is black (ordinary).

From the second half of summer to late autumn from this high
grassy annual with oval, serrated leaves
you can collect large (up to 1 cm in diameter) black and purple

Плоды Nightshade вкусные, сладкие с горчинкой, можно есть сырыми,
but most of them cook the jam (in it the nightshade goes well with
quince, gooseberry, cranberry, lemon juice) and compote, add them to
pies and curd casseroles.

To improve the taste and eliminate the peculiar smell of light,
рекомендуется перед приготовлением чего-либо обдавать ягоды Nightshade
boiling water (for drying or freezing in reserve this step

And it is important to make blanks by removing the stalks from the berries – they contain
toxic substances.

The fruitful hybrid of the European small-fruited is widely cultivated.
стелющегося Nightshade и Nightshade африканского — паслен Санберри,
fruiting with especially large and sweet berries with energy
value of 220 kcal per 100 g

In addition to the berries, herbaceous parts of the plant are also harvested – for
cooking infusions, decoctions and tinctures on alcohol.

Польза Nightshade черного создается сбалансированным
complex of substances in its composition:

• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for strong
immunity (production of antibodies), proper absorption of iron and
enhancing the positive effects of vitamins A (retinol) and E

• glycosides are effective in treating heart disease,
act as antiseptics (in particular, destroy pathogenic
gastrointestinal microflora) and vasodilator, in relation to
diseases of the respiratory system – stimulate expectoration

• carotene is indispensable for eye health and prevention
oncological diseases;

• manganese is involved in the formation of connective tissue and
promotes the absorption of carbohydrates;

• organic acids slow down the development of atherosclerotic
phenomena, improve the process of blood formation, are necessary to maintain
acid-base balance;

• magnesium in combination with calcium strengthens bones, provides
мягкое мочегонное действие Nightshade и влияет на нервную систему, что
may positively result in improved sleep and improved
stress tolerance;

• vitamin P (rutin) prevents gums from bleeding, reduces
the risk of developing varicose veins is important for the work of the adrenal glands;

• sugars as a source of fast carbohydrates form energy
reserves for the activity of all body systems and organs,
provide “food” to the brain and stimulate hormone production
joy – endorphins;

• tannins (tannins) create astringent and
Hemostatic properties of the plant, promote healing
purulent wounds, burns and damage to mucous membranes, treatment
dermatological viral infections.

При каких заболеваниях brightly выражена польза Nightshade

By promoting insulin production and lowering blood sugar levels,
Nightshade is useful for diabetes of the second type.

The flavonoid quercetin is effective in allergic reactions, so
How to inhibit the release of histamine, provoking irritation
cells, which results in various allergy symptoms (skin
rash, itching, nausea, cough, sneezing).

In addition, Quercetin provides:

• protection of cells against the damaging effects of free

• pain relief for rheumatoid arthritis.

Также, препараты из Nightshade и варенье из ягод Nightshade черного
used to treat the following diseases:

• gout;

• hypertension;

• chronic constipation.

For the prevention of liver disease, nightshade is effective as
cholagogue, it is able to normalize the functioning
this body that has suffered in the past as a result of poisoning or

Ягоды Nightshade, употребляемые в период лечения заболеваний
urinary tract (eg cystitis), strengthen and prolong
the effect of selected drugs for this purpose, as well as
prevent the formation of sand and stones.

With flu and ORVI, nightshade is used as antipyretic and
diaphoretic, it makes breathing easier for rhinitis and chronic
antritis, relieves swallowing with inflammation and sore throat.

For the treatment of many diseases are useful. brightly
pronounced anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties

It is also effective for relieving cramps and smooth spasms.

В каких еще случаях можно извлечь пользу из Nightshade

Ягоды черного Nightshade омолаживают организм за счет поддержки
synthesis of collagen and toxins and slags, the establishment of processes
converting carbohydrates into useful energy and not into fat

Варенье из Nightshade нельзя назвать диетическим продуктом из-за
sugar content, but if you eat it little by little after intense
physical exertion (training) it does not damage the figure, but
will help to relieve muscle tension and restore

Также, при помощи Nightshade, возможно снизить

Как может проявиться ядовитый вред Nightshade

За исключением спелых ягод, у Nightshade черного ядовиты все части
plants, so picking berries is carried out with all precautions
(for example, you can not touch the stems, and then touch

And it is very important to beware of eating unripe berries.
Nightshade черного — только полное созревание нейтрализует
the toxic substances they contain, in particular the steroid
алкалоид соланидин, из-за которого вред Nightshade может обернуться
the strongest


If the berries are picked ripe and not fermented – in the nightshade
no harm at all.

Заготовка и использование травянистых частей Nightshade черного (и
any other types of it) for the manufacture of medicines
permissible to produce only with special knowledge, more
wider than simple recipes of traditional medicine, often
originating from ancient herbalists whose truthfulness
doubt many modern scientists and doctors. Otherwise,
реальный вред Nightshade практически наверняка превысит его
theoretical benefit.

Употребление Nightshade в любом виде противопоказано в
following cases:

• hypotension;

• tendency to diarrhea and frequent manifestations of flatulence;

• renal failure;

• acute liver disease;

• pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

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