Natasha Koroleva’s Diet

When, at the age of 16, Natasha Koroleva came from Kiev to conquer Moscow,
composer Igor Nikolaev put her on a classical diet – less
fat, sweet, flour and more physical activity.

Following these simple rules, Natasha coped for many years, but
when it turned out that after giving birth, her weight increased by 15 kg,
I had to turn to a specialist.

The doctor from London advised starvation to Natasha. Every month
The queen hungry for three days, after which she sat for a week
boiled vegetables. The main weight then left, but the last 3 kg to her
managed to reset only after many years with the help of our
Russian nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

Наташа Королева до и после похудения

The closer the weight to the norm, the harder it is to move in volumes, but for
Margarita the Queen is not impossible. Moreover, her clinic –
it’s not just the center of proper nutrition, it’s a real orbital
station where the most modern vacuum simulators are assembled,
spa capsules, electromyostimulators and much more.

First, on the advice of the nutritionist Koroleva, the singer Koroleva sat on
salt free diet. Three weeks it was impossible to eat salt, seasonings, sauces
and ketchup, nothing smoked and dried. Then I had to
completely change the style of nutrition. Natasha ate every two hours. Without
macaroni, without flour. More meat, fish and vegetables. Time from
time – fasting days, the same as Anita Tsoi:

In the morning grapefruit, in an hour – the protein of boiled chicken eggs, through
an hour – again a grapefruit, then a protein again, and so on all day –
grapefruit and protein in an hour.

To remove the fat fold in the abdomen and tighten the buttocks,
Natasha prescribed a course of electromyostimulation and massage. Extra 3 kg
gone quickly. And without sport, but only thanks to the right
nutrition and procedures. With height of 160 cm Natasha began to weigh 49

Now the Queen has lost interest in the fight against obesity, and her
weight loss is considered an experiment – “I wanted to see what I
I can be perfect. “

Together with Tarzan, they, as before, maintain the form
independently: if they allow themselves fat and flour, try
spend extra calories at the gym.

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