My Little Pony: franchise and games. Than populargames about ponies?

Wed, 09 Mar 2016 The series My Little Pony is loved by very many
girls, but unfortunately, it ends very quickly. Series too
short: just starting to get involved in history, as she came
by the end. But the child is always not enough, I want to continue and
interesting! What to do? Meet again with your loved ones
characters help pony games.

A little about the cartoon itself

A cartoon with short but very informative series,
appeared after one of the companies launched pony toys.
The children loved the products, began to gain popularity, and
the corporation made a decision: it is necessary to develop a brand

The cartoon appeared about 5 years after the launch of the series.
toys, but much fans do not remember. But his follower
TV series Friendship Is Magic (Friendship is a miracle) produced a real
a sensation among collectors of small horses.

At first, the video was conceived as a standard cartoon for girls,
but the creator (Lauren Faust) insisted on adding
Realism in the series. She was sure: classic series for
girls are incredibly boring, so it makes no sense to spend a lot of time
and forces to shoot another one.

The approach has brought significant, but somewhat unpredictable results.
The brand My Little Pony got wildly popular and, interestingly,
not just among little girls. Fans of all ages
united and created a real subculture where the main thing is
love for colored horses and their adventures.

Pony Games: The Key To Success Characters And Flash Drives

Equestria pony games became popular mainly due to
the show. Characters – cute and funny insults – attract the outside
kind of characters, behavior. They look like little children,
causing delight in young and adult viewers. Logical that loved ones
Characters who migrated to games will be loved in games.

The important fact that many girls
associate themselves with the characters who are seen in the animated series on the screen.
And there are many of them, each will find for himself that horse that is more
all she impresses. All ponies are completely different, they have their own
special character and many positive features.

Games My Little Pony help not only to look at your favorite
heroine again, but also plunge into the world where she lives or
go for new adventures with her. Here and battles with
terrible and powerful monsters, and solving puzzles, and finding
the right way.

My Little Pony: some interesting games

You can talk a lot about the merits of pony games. But much easier
see them in examples. The site very significant
selection of games of this kind. The most interesting sections are described

Make a pony

This section contains games where you can create a pony and dress
horse in the latest fashion. Choose any game with your child
wear a friend or create a new character.


Adventure помогут вам отправиться в путешествие по самым разным
worlds and places. Here is the usual town where pony horses live, and
school, and other interesting and exciting places. By the way in
Brodilka is a game in which you need to play together. Is this not –
Proof that friendship always rules in Ponyville?


Suitable beauties who prefer active games, drive and
speed. Here you have to win the race, overcoming
obstacles in the way and earning points. In these games you can find no
only favorite characters from a famous cartoon, but just
beautiful horses.

Coloring pony

Coloring – great for little fans
cartoon series. Here you can create your own characters,
giving them any color, even the most original. Paint a horse
very easy, not even getting along with the computer

Pony farm

Grow vegetables and fruits of different types, care for home
cattle, follow the house – all these tasks will set before you
farm with funny ponies. Some games will require attention and quick
reactions, it’s not so easy to pay attention to every inhabitant

My Little Pony games and horse games are interesting for
most little girls (and for some boys!)
Adventure. If you and your baby have not tried to take with them
using free time, try it for sure. A lot of impressions
Joy and positive emotions – guaranteed!

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