Mushrooms for weight loss: from kefir toTibetan

scientists recently conducted one very interesting experiment,
the purpose of which was to identify the effective impact of the use
fungi on the processes of weight loss.

Its participants (volunteers) certain time strictly
adhered to the principles of the mushroom diet that ultimately
led all of them to a stunning result – minus 8 kg!

And believe me, there is nothing supernatural about it! After all, mushrooms
Essentially, they are a low-calorie product (about 70 kcal per 100
group), which contains a huge amount of nutrients:
vitamins of group B, A, D, proteins, carbohydrates, starch, phosphorus, iron,
calcium, useful antioxidants that can suppress the generation
cancer cells and much more.

Competent mushroom diet will help to adjust the exchange
processes in the human body, because of what excess weight is lost, and
also has a positive effect on the level of “bad” cholesterol in
blood due to the presence of a special substance lecithin.

However, do not forget – whichever slimming mushroom you choose,
but to get the expected result, first of all you
need to learn how to use it correctly.

Which mushrooms for weight loss should pay attention!?

If you do not know which mushroom will suit you best, then in
first give your preference to the larger ones.
This is due to the fact that all nutritional components, as a rule,
concentrated in the cap of the fungus, which means that the more it is, the
the more likely you are to get the necessary vitamins and minerals
in full.

Pay attention to the mushrooms, which are ideal for
improve the digestive processes in the human body, well
they clean the intestines and remove all harmful toxins, slags and
other waste. Plus they are extremely favorable.
affect blood circulation, accelerating the formation of new blood
cells. Another good option for weight loss are oyster mushrooms.
and champignons that do an excellent job with the problem of harmful
cholesterol, able to spur the development of obesity and disorders
metabolism. In addition, in our countries such species
fungi grow in sufficient abundance.

But before you pick any mushrooms yourself, remember
that the place where they grew up is of the utmost importance. After all
mushrooms are known to be able to absorb a large amount of
hazardous components from the environment, after which their usefulness
for the body, you can safely be questioned.


Mushroom tinder for weight loss – what’s his secret !?

This mushroom has unique properties, so that its
can be used not only for losing excessive weight, but also in
framework of alternative therapy aimed at the treatment and
prevention of many insidious diseases.

It contains about 70% of various resinous substances,
which help to organize the work of the liver, biliary tract and
lungs. Plus, in the opinion of leading scientists, the reception of the tinder encourages
the production of special liver enzymes capable of easily
break down fat tissue!

Many athletes use this mushroom to maintain
current form. The reason is simple – the researchers were able to isolate from
its composition is a special polysaccharide (lanofil). This substance is just
able to actively stimulate the liver to produce
enzymes that have an effect on metabolic rate and
body fat reserves.

By the way, interesting is the fact that in the human body the liver is up to 3
– 4 years of age is not able to generate such a set
enzymes, so until this time the child often has an increased
body weight.

A very good helper will be tinder and for women after
genera in which cardinal metamorphoses are noted in the body,
associated with metabolic imbalances due to changes
hormonal levels.

Tibetan mushroom for weight loss: a gift from the East

The next mushroom was known to the inhabitants of our planet for many more
thousands of years ago, but it became widespread only at the end
XIX century.

Buddhist monks living in Tibet discovered that milk
simultaneously poured into several carafes sour completely
differently. After that, they decided to conduct an experiment, thanks to
which found that in sour milk, obtained from milk,
unusual compounds appear, resembling in structure
clusters A little later, they began to be used in medicine and

А вот что касается напитка из Tibetan гриба, то его заслужено
called the “elixir of youth” for its ability to maintain
skin freshness and wellbeing, and it is also used to
treatment of rickets, dropsy, anemia and even tuberculosis.

But at the same time with the healing effect, another
interesting side effect – all people who used the elixir
for a long time, easily lost excess weight. As it turned out, in his
The composition includes acetic acid bacteria, which just help
get rid of fat stores.

I would also like to note other interesting facts: Tibetan
Milk mushroom has a positive effect on microflora
gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins, radionuclides, severe
metals, salts, slags and greatly enhances immunity,
being a natural antibiotic to some extent.

Kefir fungus for weight loss: quick results!

It’s no secret that dairy products are extremely useful for
the human body, and their regular use condition
almost mandatory. But besides its delicious flavoring
qualities, they also have a mass of useful properties, including
weight loss is included.

At first glance, ready kefir mushroom resembles ordinary
boiled rice (has a yellowish-white shade and small size
grain, about 6mm). But thanks to the lactic acid bacteria entering
its composition, carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other useful
components, overweight people can get rid of it without
the slightest harm to their own health.

Regular intake of kefir fungus in addition to losing weight will help you
normalize metabolism, improve cardiovascular health
system, besides, it has excellent antimicrobial and
anti-inflammatory action.

Mushroom agarik and weight loss – the impossible is possible?

Agarik mushroom (or leaf sponge) is one of the most valuable
species of deciduous tinder family. According to historians, its
It was named after the country of Agaria, which is more than 2,000 years old.
ago it was located near the Berdyansk spit in the Azov region.

Later this mushroom fell into the hands of traditional healers, who, having studied
its miraculous properties, began to actively use agarik for
treatment of various kinds of bruises and serious diseases such as
jaundice, tuberculosis and bronchial asthma.

Yes, where just did not use it – during the war of the mushroom
made something very similar to cotton, with which
healed wounds in the absence of creams, ointments and various medical
drugs. A little later, children were made from agarik

According to experts, this mushroom contains a huge
the amount of beneficial gummy substances that make it
an excellent remedy for constipation and cancer, he
used to cleanse the body and rejuvenate it, as well as
has excellent sedatives and hemostatic


Kombucha for weight loss – your choice №1

Kombucha is an excellent option for most people
who decided to fight overweight. With it you can not
only lose weight, but also cope with many diseases that
confirmed by a number of scientific experiments.

In its composition, Kombucha resembles a fusion of two
organisms: yeast fungi and acetic acid bacteria. He looks like
very specific and a bit like a jellyfish (his hat has
a large field from which the strings seem to hang down).

In the present form contains the following components:
organic acids, chlorophyll, vitamins B, C, PP, D, lipids, mono
and disaccharides, various enzymes and ethyl alcohol. Due to such
composition its use will allow you to tidy up your
health, strengthen the immune system and increase the vitality of the body in

As for weight loss, the composition of Kombucha in sufficient
enzymes that are directly responsible for
decomposition and splitting of fats, while normalizing metabolism in
the body. This is guaranteed to help you not only bring in
order your weight but keep it constant all the subsequent


As it is not paradoxical, but each method has its minuses.
For example, useful components in the composition of fungi are poorly absorbed.
our body that makes them heavy food for the stomach, which
very long digested, and accordingly causes unpleasant
feeling of heaviness. As a result, it can cause bloating,
frustration, increased flatulence, and sometimes allergies.

Some types of mushrooms, for example, such as tea, categorically
contraindicated in people suffering from diabetes or having in
history of gastric ulcer. But the Tibetan milk mushroom is not
recommended for use by those who have any
milk intolerance.

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