Muesli or explosive mixture for weight loss

to make your own diet and keep
your beauty and youth? “- such a question often gnaws
representatives of the fair sex in the era of general
spreading overweight problem.

But, as it should be, the right answer lies with the

In this situation, compliance with the principles of
balanced nutrition based on natural products, healthy
and active lifestyle, as well as regular exercises in the gym
the hall.

And one of these natural products can surely
call muesli.

Muesli for weight loss: passed the 100-year milestone

The history of this wonderful product begins in the first
The years of the XX century, when the famous at that time doctor named M.
Bercher-Benner decided to serve for breakfast in his sanatorium
great meal made up of oatmeal flakes,
dried fruits, nuts and milk, which became the prototype of modern
muesli. He believed it would help people get rid of some
diseases. Since then, they have become a new symbol of healthy eating and
keep on the wave of popularity and now.

In fact, muesli is a semi-finished product that
consists of a mixture of different cereals, with the addition of pieces into it
fruits, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Subdivided into two types – dry and fresh. Main difference
is that dry muesli can be purchased at any
point of sale, and they have a long shelf life, and fresh
cooked just before use, grinding at the same time
grains of oats, wheat and rice.

Muesli contain in its composition a huge amount of useful
vitamins of group B and E, micro and macro, which are very
beneficial effect on the human body. For example, flax seeds
are excellent blood purifiers for cholesterol, fiber
promotes proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and barley
easily release the intestines from toxins and slags. Concerning
dried fruits, they are known to be excellent sources
carbohydrates that are necessary for the active work of the human brain and
body accumulation of vital energy.

Therefore, using muesli instead of breakfast, you are not only
Enrich your body with all the necessary substances, but make
work it as long as possible and efficiently
intermediate recharge another sandwich. In the evening
a portion of muesli will save you from possible overeating before bedtime.

They are very easy to prepare and nutritious. Good
digested by our body, slowly absorbed, due to what
You may not feel the sensation of hunger for a long time. Many
dietitians include them in various diets that
directly responsible for weight loss.


Features and effect of muesli for weight loss

Imagine that you are in a regular laboratory where
under the microscope, consider such a tasty and well-known
product like an apple. So, apple cells, like any other
cereals are composed of structural polysaccharides whose presence
makes their shell more dense and durable.

But the cellular structure of the cereal also consists of a very
strong and elastic fibers that our gastrointestinal tract is not
able to recycle. As a result, while they move along
intestine, the body spends a lot of energy in trying to
digest, thereby burning calories. Plus fiber
properly form a load on the intestinal wall that
favorably affects his peristalsis.

Basic rules for choosing muesli

If you decide to lose weight with muesli, you should be extremely
attentive when choosing them. The thing is that in stores
sell, as a rule, this product is already with various additives,
which are unacceptable in the process of healthy weight loss. Perhaps it
makes the taste of muesli more interesting, but still the presence
chocolate, sugar or icing can only slow down your movement
to the desired result.

Low-calorie muesli by themselves, but if you eat them without
supplements, they are not everyone can please. Therefore you
you need to learn how to cook them and choose in the store. AT
low-fat products can be used as primary dressings
(milk, kefir, natural yogurt) and natural juices.

ATот пару вариантов, как приготовить мюсли:

  • «Медовые» – смешайте в тарелке 1-2 чайные ложечки меда с
    3 tablespoons of hot water, there add 3 tablespoons. spoons
    oatmeal, 1-2 tbsp. spoons мелко нарубленных орехов, мелко
    chopped banana, small apple, a bit of lemon juice and 1.5
    glasses of milk. Give the dish a little brew and enjoy you
  • «Ореховые» – 800 гр. oatmeal mix with 200 gr.
    chopped walnuts or sunflower seeds, then
    add the same 100 gr. honey and 50 gr. sunflower oil.
    Put the mixture on a dish covered with parchment paper, and
    put in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. After
    cooking flakes should cool down. Then mix the already cooled
    flakes with dried fruit or fresh fruit. Keep such muesli in
    cool place.

Muesli Diet

If you are for one week for breakfast and dinner
use 100 gr. pure muesli without any additives, filled
200 gr. skimmed yogurt, then you can get rid of this
a period of 2 kilograms extra.

Another method of diet – this reception of the same 100 grams. muesli on clean
mineral water with a small amount of fermented milk
products. ATсего не более 300 гр. in a day. Fruit can be eaten in
unlimited quantities, excluding only banana and grapes.

Reader reviews about muesli for weight loss

Lucy: “… I use my own muesli for now
more than 10 years. And very, very proud of it! I like mine
Feelings and how I look in general. I think to eat muesli on
Breakfast is worth everything – from young to old. This is useful, and fast, and
the main thing is convenient! … “

Marina: “… Since childhood, I was accustomed to porridge,
which my mother prepared for me every morning, so I can’t even imagine
imagine that breakfast can consist of something else. Muesli
although I somehow did not like it until I tried to bake them with
nuts – it’s just a magical taste. But the usual muesli some
tasteless … Also, by the way, quite good with a banana. I eat them instead
овсянки и постепенно худею… “

Karina: “… I like to eat natural muesli, but the whole problem
consists in the fact that they are quite high in calories, and since I do
shaping, I can’t eat them more than two spoons a day, so
говорит мой тренер… “

Sveta: “… Personally for myself I didn’t discover that goodness about which
write many. Once again I decided to buy myself muesli and
made sure that I don’t like them either. Yes, I agree
that they very well satisfy hunger, and most importantly for a long time, but this
продукт не для меня (с моей то слабостью к вкусной еде)… “

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