Moms and grandmothers: what is the difference?

Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Despite her age, a woman is always actively feeling
maternity. When the children grew up and became parents themselves,
female guardianship automatically switches to grandchildren. Who else
entertain, pamper and regret the baby, if not your own grandmother? But
sometimes two mothers find it difficult to find mutual understanding in matters of upbringing
baby From the height of unequal ages and depth of development experience
baby is seen differently. Sometimes there are serious differences.
How to feed, dress, punish and talk with the child – the general circle
disputes grandmothers and young mothers. The causes of conflict are in contrast
methods and approaches.

Grandma’s School

  • Patience. With age, a woman usually becomes
    more condescending to children’s disadvantages and pranks. She can
    to accept grandchildren by any: whiny and persistent, capricious and
    evil. Abstain from physical execution. Grandma is not too lazy
    get up early and cook your beloved grandson or granddaughter of apple
    pie, sit with the child at night, when he had a bad dream.
    She has the patience to read a fairy tale, to make kulichik or
    construction of houses and pyramids.
  • Attention. Unlike busy work and problems
    parents, grandmother will always have free time to
    listen to grandchild or granddaughter’s stories about childhood dreams, little ones
    successes or failures. This attitude develops in the child.
    the trust. Therefore, children often seek help and advice.
    grandmothers, and not to parents.
  • Experience. Grandmothers are more experienced and wiser, they can do a lot
    научить baby They know better than doctors what a baby needs,
    explain the reason for his illness and help to cope with this when
    help of traditional medicine.
  • Another family model. The child often suffers because
    parental conflict or lack of a father. If grandma is
    happy marriage, she can show the baby other family
    relations. Этот момент очень важен в воспитании baby

Mom’s upbringing

  • Неопытная забота. Young mothers at the birth of a child
    (especially the firstborn) try to wrap him up for fear of colds
    overfeed, afraid to load physical
    loads, giving preference to intellectual work. With
    health problems mom usually refers to traditional
    medicine: antibiotics and other chemicals.
  • Butвые методы. Young mothers with behavior problems
    children often resort to physical punishment or seek
    help to psychologists. Neglecting grandmother’s advice to talk more often
    with a naughty child in search of mutual understanding.
  • Development. Young mother is always trying to give the child
    more than she received in childhood. And there is nothing wrong with that! WITH
    early age gives it to specialized circles, schools for
    all-round development of the baby. This decision is also due to
    high employment of the mother, lack of time for independent

Both approaches pursue creative goals. Here is very important
harmonious exchange of views. With совместном воспитании ребенка маме
and grandmother need to immediately identify and agree on principles
education of the baby, settling all differences.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova

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