�”Mom, don’t hit me!”

Tue, Jan 28, 2014

One of the strongest impressions from the nursery.
literature – a description of the every-day indicative whipping,
arranged by the grandfather of Maxim Gorky and described in the story
�”Childhood”. But also for less impressionable adult oppressive
ugly scenes of accidental violence
children – mother’s distorted face of anger, rude curses and in
Completion – a ringing and terrible sound of impact. This picture causes
in my heart a wave of protest, I want to immediately stop the cruel
appeal, stop the mother, explain to her that it is impossible, not necessary,

One of the passers-by, watching the public spanking, is angry and boils
indignation, others justify such a mother by surrendering nerves and
of life. But the worst thing is when men and women see
this cruelty manifestation of educational moments. Difficult
to believe how huge the percentage of Russian mothers is, is sincerely not
seeing in the corporal punishments of great sin. �”Well, I’m not strong”
– they say, while continuing to reward the terrified crumbs weighty
slaps and savory slaps. �”Otherwise, the child is completely at the hands of
repulse! Words do not understand “- echo the supporters of” proven
method “- education beating.

Four rules for each mom

  • Rule one. Corporal punishment cannot be justified
    small force of beating. The essence of this will not change – except
    hot lady sooner or later deliver a fatal blow
    own child. Inflicting pain and humiliation will never pass
    without a trace, for anyone. The naive kid is still too kind and the most
    heavy – watch as the crumbs are gently stroked just
    the mother who beat him. True, this period will not be long – baby
    mature, accumulate silenok and be sure to strike back. BUT
    while it is small – it will train on those who are even smaller and
  • Rule two. There is no benefit in corporal punishment. And be
    can not. All that will achieve screaming and fighting from despair and
    impotent malice woman – only a minute delay, violent
    termination. Pain creates fear – the very fear
    which very soon will make the child lie, hide and cheat.
    BUT как же — никому не хочется быть битым.
  • Rule three. Throw away the whip and leave the gingerbread.
    Laski is never too much and regroup honey
    maternal love is impossible. At that moment, when it seems to us that
    the words addressed to the child are powerless and do not reach his consciousness,
    we are deeply mistaken. The effect of admonitions is often delayed,
    but patient explanations and shown love will remain in the soul
    baby forever. The resulting corporal punishment will have
    momentary effect, but will not get rid of repetitions.
  • Rule Four. There is no difference between girls and
    boys, either between the father’s belt and the mother’s cuff.
    Some parents mercilessly peel at the boy, apparently, “knocking out
    him dope “for preventive purposes. The girl is endowed with
    inviolability. However, the blow struck by the most expensive people
    equally terrible for little girls and boys.

What does a child experience when struck?

This information will be useful for everyone – and for those who
childhood inflicted corporal punishment, and to whom this fate
safely passed. The kid is afraid – strong,
filling all his innocent soul. BUT еще — боль, как бы ни
parents tried to close their eyes to this. After all, if they were not
They wanted to hurt their child, they would not beat him. Kid
experiencing the deepest insult – and the fact that by virtue of his age he
still can not respond with a sharp rebuff, does not mean that the pain is not
penetrates not only into his body, but also into his heart. Will pass a little
времени, и он не потребует, а попросит — �”Mom, don’t hit me!”
Most women admit that it is after these words that sound
as alarm, they forever abandoned corporal punishment. But
much better never to hear these words.

Text: Vera Guler


Oksana M. 02.02.2016 I really hope that many mothers will read this
article and make positive conclusions)) Nikolay 01.31.2016 Article –
complete shit. Sometimes without lyuley in any way. BUT эффект от них 100%. Here
the main thing is not to overdo it.

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