Modern women suffer from complex”ideal childbirth”

Sun, Feb 28, 2016

Modern women think and act very differently than their
grandmothers. The attitude of future mothers to childbirth has changed. Experts
sure – today women in labor have high expectations and want to
the birth was perfect. When compared with the figures of the 1950s,
women began to listen much less to obstetricians and
gynecologists. “They know exactly what they need and persevere
this is achieved. In addition, women are indirectly affected.
Mobile applications for expectant mothers and books with tips “, –
says expert Terry Coates.

Fifty years ago every third woman preferred
give birth at home. In our time, this is practiced extremely rarely.
Most women in labor seek to realize the image of ideal childbirth,
which is imposed by the media. And any deviation from the ideal, for example,
anesthesia during the childbirth process is perceived
woman as a signal: everything went bad.

Another newfangled trend of the last decade is
so-called partner childbirth. Next to a woman during labor
is the husband, and in some cases the whole family. Prying eyes
they will surely embarrass a woman in labor and as a result she will
control your behavior and not think about the child – which is the same

Specialists from the Royal College of gynecologists and obstetricians
Obviously tired of female warmers, the know-alls in their 2001 report
сделали следующий вывод: современным женщинам надо give birth at home. BUT
hospital deliveries are shown to women who are at risk
(presence of triplets or twins, chronic diseases, age over
forty years). But of course such statements are made from the desire
cut health budgets. BUT реалии таковы – домашние роды
pose a significant number of hazards when confronted
you can not have time to get medical care and lose a child.

From the above, we can draw one simple conclusion: in
our modern times childbirth remains the same process as
they were both a hundred and a thousand years ago. However, modern doctors
possess today much higher qualifications and accumulated
experience, which means it is to their words that the bedwoman must listen
Firstly. Taking care of your baby and physical
sensations more than about your appearance.

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