Miniature rose “Dick Dick”: description,dignity varieties. Growing roses varieties “Dick Dick” in a pot and inopen ground

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Miniature roses form a compact bush, unpretentious care,
tolerates frost well and is suitable for home decoration. Them often
can be found as a curb or container plant.
Among the variety of varieties of popularity is gaining rose “Dick Dick”, about
which features and talk.

Description and characteristics of miniature varieties of roses “Dick Dick” with
a photo

This type of roses belongs to ground cover plants, forms
low fur bushes. The average height of the bush reaches 20-35 cm.
Leaf cover shallow, dense. Rose is able to own
dump faded flowers. Durability and resistance to disease
varieties high.

Bush mini roses densely covered with flowers whose diameter is not
exceeds 4 cm. Petals are densely double, painted in bright red
color, their outer side is whitish. In the period of flowering roses exude
barely perceptible scent.

The shrub blooms for a long time, the petals are held on flowers and not
fall down even in adverse weather conditions. At one
the plant is simultaneously dissolved up to 20 buds. Variety suitable for
growing in indoor conditions and as a curb flower.
It gets along well with hybrid tea roses.

The merits of the rose “Dick Dick”

Miniature variety has a number of advantages that make it
Popular among fans:

– compact size of the bush;

– large flowers;

– bright coloring of petals;

– long flowering period;

– good immunity;

– high winter hardiness;

– unpretentiousness in leaving.

However, mini roses have their own characteristics, which should
examine before you purchase seedlings.

The subtleties of growing roses varieties “Dick Dick” at home

Purchased miniature roses are grown from cuttings, stimulate
growth drugs, so after the first flowering, they die.
Save a beautiful bush is not easy, but possible. With good care
bloom will occur every two months.

When buying a potted plant, pay attention to the root
flower zone. If the place of vaccination is clearly distinguishable, then refuse
deal. Choose your own rosary roses, they are easier to adapt to
new conditions.

As soon as the pot of petite beauty got home,
follow these rules:

1. Cut off all the flowers and buds to make the plant easier.

2. Maintain moderate soil moisture.

3. Regularly spray the bush with warm water.

4. Feed complex mineral fertilizer through 2
of the week.

Период адаптации составляет 2-3 of the week. At this time shrub
needs careful care. Then you can transplant a rose in
new pot.

Miniature roses are light-loving plants, so take back
the flower is the lightest window sill, but in the dining heat the bush should not
suffer from the scorching sun. The best option would be
southwest or southeast windowsill. In spring and summer
you can take the pot to the street, but the place to choose windless. BUT
Here you do not need to plant a rose from the container into the ground, if in the fall you
plan to take her back to the house again. The fact is that the roots of the shrub
grow rapidly, making transplantation difficult, leading to injuries and

In winter, the miniature plant has a dormant period, although a rose may
release the buds if the room is too hot. But better
maintain an optimal temperature for wintering and rest
flower Comfortable temperature in this period is 14-18 ° C. Provide
bushes a constant flow of fresh air, often air
room, but make sure there is no drafts.

How to properly care for a miniature variety of roses “Dick Dick” in
домашних conditions

Every spring, the roses are transplanted into fresh, nutritious soil in order to
She began to actively develop, pruned dry shoots. For this
they use leaf humus, turf, sand, wood ash and
superphosphate. The pot is chosen small so that the soil has time
dry out and not stagnant and moisture at the roots. Container required
must have drainage holes.

The rose is watered regularly, but you need to make sure that the soil is worse
was not swampy or too dry. This leads to different

In spring and summer, the plant needs spraying to
maintain optimum air humidity. Bush irrigated twice in
day. You can put the pot on a tray with wet pebbles.

Первую подкормку розы после пересадки проводят через 2-3 of the week.
Use a weakly concentrated solution of mineral fertilizers.
for indoor plants. Flowering occurs in 2 months,
continues until winter. For full bud formation
the flower needs a 16 h light day. If you plan to bloom roses
in winter, without additional lighting is not enough.

Особенности выращивания миниатюрных сортов в open ground:
where and how to plant a rose “Dick Dick”

Landing curb beauty is not difficult, but worth it
listen to the opinion of experienced gardeners about:

– how to choose the right place;

– what soil to use;

– when and how to plant.

Miniature the rose is different in stamina, grows well on
any soils. But planting a bush after Rosaceae is not worth it. AT
Soil can be pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Too heavy
and acidified soil needs to be loosened, organic should be added under

Place for roses “Dick Dick” choose a quiet, windless,
well lit in the morning.

The best time to plant is spring, when the soil warms up well.
If there is a threat of night frost, then an immature plant
should cover up.

ATысаживают розы в лунки, высота которых соответствует корневой
system. You do not need to dig the root neck, it is left on
the same level. Between miniature bushes keep the distance to
25 cm

Full care for the variety “Dick Dick”: watering and dressing roses,
pruning and wintering

Water the bushes in the evening. AT жаркие дни частоту полива
increase, but the soil should not be too wet. It is better
Rumble up the root zone so that the roots do not overheat.
In addition, do not allow water to enter the leaves.

ATесной и осенью под кусты вносят компост, в период образования
buds and abundant flowering roses are fed potash

Pruning is carried out in the spring and throughout the season. AT первый
year pinch all shoots above 5 sheets. AT последующие годы
side branches are shortened, dry and completely cut out

Despite the good winter hardiness of the variety, in a snowless winter rose
�”Dick Dick” may suffer. With the onset of frost the plant

– pruned shoots;

– Spud to a height of 20 cm;

– cover with dry leaves, spruce branches.

You can warm the roses with a covering material, but with the arrival of spring
the frame is removed so that the plant is not covered.

How to propagate a miniature rose varieties “Dick Dick”

The procedure for breeding mini bushes is not difficult. Roses
well amenable to cutting and dividing the bush during transplantation.

Cut a rose “Dick Dick” all summer. Shoots cut and planted
in the greenhouse for rooting. Sapling winter in the same place, and in spring
transferred to a permanent place.

Bush are engaged in early spring, when the buds have not yet dismissed. From
uterine plants separate the seedling with a developed root system and
kidney growth. ATысаживают сразу на постоянное место.

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