Milk-drinking nations win moredistinguished awards

Sun, Jan 17, 2016

Countries whose population consumes a lot of milk and dairy
products can boast a large number of laureates
Nobel Prize. This relationship was revealed by scientists of the Royal
Hospital in Gloucester, UK.

The researchers analyzed data for 2007 on consumption
milk in 22 countries and found that Sweden was the country with the most
high levels of consumption of milk and dairy products (340 kg in
year per person), as well as with the highest level of laureates
Nobel Prize – 33 for every 10 million people.

Switzerland is not far behind – 300 kg per year per person and 32
winner of the Nobel Prize for 10 million people.

Least of all milk and dairy products are consumed by the Chinese –
only 25 kg per person per year. In the same country it turned out and
самый низкий уровень лауреатов Nobel Prize.

The following interesting pattern was also revealed – how
only the amount of consumed milk and dairy products in
country reaches 352 kg per year per person, an increase in the number
Nobel Prize winners ceased.

Higher milk intake may be due to
a strong education system in the country, the authors suggested. But they
also not exclude the fact that vitamin D contained in milk
can enhance mental ability.

So as to improve your chances in the fight for the Nobel
premium, we should not only eat more chocolate flavonoids
which, as already known, increase mental abilities, but
and drink more milk too.

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