Milk Diet

molochnaya-dietaAbout the dairy diet for the first time started talking another 20’s
years of the last century. At that time, the main task of the diet was not
weight loss, she thought about how to program nutrition
for the treatment of people suffering from serious diseases.

Its founder, author of over one hundred books on the benefits of physical
education and a healthy lifestyle, Bernard McFadden believed that
milk, especially whole type, is a product with perfect
a combination of all the nutrients needed to nourish.

He published his work on the dairy diet in 1923. By his
opinion, the optimal amount of milk recommended for this
therapeutic diet – about six liters daily!

Such a high caloric load is due to the fact that people for
successful recovery and recovery of the body is necessary
regain lost weight during the period of illness. For people,
suffering from diseases such as diabetes or diarrhea caused by
Excess fat content in milk, Bernard McFadden recommended
use skimmed milk.

Modern Milk Diet

Today, no one has any doubt that milk has a very
many useful properties. Great combination of proteins and
amino acids, large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and
a number of other essential minerals, a rich source of vitamins
groups B (especially B2, B5 and B12) and vitamin D, moderate content
Vitamin A, B1, B6, E, K and folic acid – makes a lactic diet
truly unique nutrition program. Whole milk contains
beneficial for the body Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids.

In the modern dairy diet for weight loss is used
skimmed milk. Although this reduces the amount of daily
calories, but on the other hand eliminates the ingestion of Omega
3 and 6 fatty acids.

In addition, since some vitamins are
fat-soluble, and therefore require the presence of fat to be
absorbed by the digestive organs then skimmed milk
turns into a scarce source of vitamins A, D, E and K, leaving
only a few vitamins of group B.

Dairy diet rules

molochnaya-dieta-dlya-pohudeniyaBefore starting a diet on
skimmed milk makes sense to prepare your body by
reduce food intake at least two days before
the beginning.

Sudden change in diet from solid to liquid
can be quite difficult for most people, therefore
a two-day transition is advisable.

Skimmed milk, depending on the manufacturer, contains
about 85 calories in a standard 250ml. a glass Duration
Milk diet – at least 14 days.

Daily intake – three liters, that is, twelve
standard glasses of skimmed milk, optimally one glass in
an hour plus twelve hours for sleep and rest. It gives daily
consumption of just over 1000 calories is quite low
calories to produce significant weight loss if
stick to a diet for a long period of time.

The presence of protein and calcium in milk means that, unlike
other low-calorie diets, the milk diet maintains the condition
muscle mass, which means that you will not lose during the diet
muscle In fact, three liters of skim milk daily
provide you with a double recommended daily protein intake and almost
four times the normal amount of calcium.

Although it is not quite the best option for losing weight
long term use low calorie extreme
diets, but it should be recognized that almost every person with excess
weighs them from time to time. Based on this, if needed
to recommend the “best” of various radical diets, then
milk diet, with its high content of protein and calcium, is
the most correct and working choice.

To brighten up the shortcomings of skim milk and for the sake of improvement
nutritional balance, add to your diet a few
citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, kiwi) to cover
Vitamin C requirements, as well as 5000 mg. fish oil to
get omega 3 fatty acids and help with absorption
fat soluble vitamins.

Do not neglect daily exercise in the fresh
air, because sunlight is necessary for sufficient production
vitamin D.

Another version of the milk diet

This method of dairy diet has a more stringent limitation on
calories and allows you to lose about 8kg.

Duration диеты – 8 дней. Fruit use any, except
grapes and banana.

First day: 1500ml. of milk

The second day: 1000ml. of milk + 2 фрукта

The third day: 500ml. of milk + 2 фрукта + 100g nonfat
cottage cheese

Fourth day: 1000ml. of milk + 1 фрукт + 100g lean

Fifth day: 500ml. of milk + 2фрукта + 100g lean meat + 1

Sixth day: 500ml. of milk + 1 фрукт +100g lean meat +1
egg + 100g nonfat cottage cheese

Seventh day: 750ml. of milk + 3 фрукта

Eighth day: 500ml. of milk + 1 фрукт +100g lean meat +
100g nonfat cottage cheese

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