Milk diet or milk for slimming +reviews

every inhabitant of our country experienced at least once truly
the excellent taste of tea mix with milk, and, perhaps, each
the second will give his preference to this particular drink.

And is it worth talking about the beneficial properties of black or green
tea, especially in combination with milk.

Around the world there are a huge number of different tea
traditions, for example, the Chinese prefer the pure
tea without any impurities and additives, so as not to drown out the aroma
This magic drink has other flavors.

In Russia, they loved to drink tea from a large samovar, when the whole family
sat down at the table and sipped with delicious Tula gingerbread and
pretzels. But the true British, famous for their
the famous tea ceremonies “Five o’clock Tea”, prefer
use it with milk or cream.

What is the use of milk for losing weight?

Having studied this historical fact, scientists have established that
combination of tea with milk or milk (that’s exactly what they call it)
has an excellent effect on the human body, strengthening
it and stimulating the work of the main functions. In addition, milk in
significantly reduces the effects of caffeine and alkaloids,
which are part of the drink.

Also noteworthy is the fact that milk is very useful.
for the health of people suffering from diseases like
cardiovascular dystonia, polyneuritis, mental problems
nature, kidney disease, etc.

Tea with milk very effectively facilitates the absorption of fats,
included in dairy products, and tannin protects the mucous membrane
the walls of the stomach, so that it can be used by people who have
problems with the gastrointestinal tract. With the help of molokochaya you
will be able to remove excess fluid from your body, because
it has an excellent choleretic as well as diuretic

In addition to all of the above, the drink perfectly well
recommended in the field of weight loss – the majority of women
use it as part of diets and fasting days, noted that
those extra pounds confidently “go away”, and all this is completely easy and
without the slightest harm to health. By taking this drink, you
for a long time can feel satiated because
Molokochay very well reduces appetite.

If you are tired of various low-calorie nutrition and
you just need to lose a small amount of excess
kilograms, then using a milk diet is exactly that
what you need now. But first, let’s learn how to
properly prepare milk tea.


How to cook milk: recipes and features

To prepare this miracle drink you can
use black tea and green tea as well as a mixture of them. If you
no burden and at your disposal there is a lot of free
time, then you can cook the product according to the following

1. В первую очередь поставьте на огонь один литр
skim milk and bring it to a boil. Then remove it from
cooker and cool slightly. After that, you need to add milk
2 – 3 tbsp. spoons preferably green tea, but for lovers
You can replace it with black. Cover and let
Brew a drink for at least 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
After that you can add one teaspoon as needed.
honey, but no more.

2. Молокочай по-английски. For its preparation you
need to pour in a pre-warmed cup of 1/3 of milk, and
only then add 2/3 tea leaves to be used
to cook at the rate of – no more than 150 for one spoonful of loose tea
gr. water.

3. Если же времени у вас не так много, и с утра вы
hurry to work, then you can simply dilute with warm
milk your favorite tea and enjoy this superb drink.
But remember that in this embodiment, the result for weight loss will be
minimal, so it’s best to use the first recipe from

Do not store milk in a thermos, otherwise it will quickly
sour. The best place for this drink would be a fridge!
Combine its use with the intake of plain or mineral water.
in the amount of 2 liters in order to avoid dehydration.


Fasting day on milk or milk diet

Today one of the most popular species
dietary days are fasting days, including
using milk tea.

  • First, this method is available to most women.
  • Secondly, it can be safely repeated throughout the year without
    any restrictions
  • Thirdly, it accelerates metabolism very well.

It should also be noted that to spend fasting days on
milk can be as often as your condition allows
own body, but it is forbidden to do it in continuous cycles
more than one day in a row.

If you, к примеру, желаете просто поддерживать свое тело в
the current form, then you should contact unloading no more often,
than once a month. But if you decide to lose weight thoroughly and
lose big the number of extra kilos, then you
it is necessary to carry out a milk diet 5 – 6 times a month,
but not more often, so as not to harm their health. Because for one
fasting day a person can lose up to 2 kilograms

The essence of unloading on milk tea is that on this day you cannot
take nothing except this drink (absolutely no food). Behind
due to the fact that the body does not receive any calories during
day, he begins to take energy from his deferred fat reserves,
Thus, the process of losing weight begins.

In addition, excess fluid, intestines and
the stomach is cleared of toxins, which in turn and
are the main culprits of disharmony in your

Methods of drinking milk diet are as follows –
many nutritionists advise taking it on a cup every two or three
hours in one day, alternately alternating with one
чашечкой чистой water. This is done so that the body does not
prerequisites for dehydration were created, as tea with milk
обладает сильным мочегонным action.

Warning! Immediately I want to note that the use of this
diets are contraindicated for people with individual intolerance
dairy products, pregnant women and mothers who feed their

And also to all those who have any problems with the kidneys and
suffer from low blood pressure.

Reviews on the effectiveness of milk tea for weight loss

Natasha: “… I was very fit in the diet, I dropped it in an incomplete week
already as much as 3 kg. True, there are some problems “with the chair”, but
I easily solve them with the help of an additional fasting supplement
olive oil, although I think you can and sunflower. What is my diet
like it is that it goes easy and “copes” well with
hunger. It remains only to get rid of the habit of chewing something.
in front of telecom. :) … “

Irina: “… the diet for milk is already dear to me,
unload on it almost weekly. But I have the truth
The main task is not to lose weight, but only to maintain your current weight.
And she copes with it with a bang. To do this, buy green tea already
packaged in bags with different flavors and flavors, so
much easier to drink. Next liter of tea interfere with a liter of milk and drink
all day. True to the toilet will have to run often, acts like
diuretic … “

Lera: “… I have been on a diet since yesterday and the results have already been
there is!!!!! Behind первый же день отвес в 2 кг. Now I will arrange
myself fasting days twice a week until the weight is given in
норму, а потом для поддержания формы раз в неделю вторую… “

Karina: “… used this unloading only once. Before
I read on the Internet that I would have to run a lot to the toilet, but I
in this regard, everything was as usual. The day itself was more or less, but
the very flowers began at night. All night I could not sleep before
eyes and thoughts only about food. She barely fell asleep and the night was restless.
In the morning, the scales showed a minus of almost 2 kg, but in contrast to this
terrible breakdown. I didn’t have the strength to even move normally.
apartment, only by the end of the day it became a little better, despite
that start to eat as usual. After that, I sworn to use
молокочай, несмотря на полученный результат… “

Inna: “… the first day was on this diet, the second on buckwheat with
Kefir, 3rd again on milk. As a result, the scales showed minus 3 kg.
I feel good, I feel well by complexes
vitamins, I will repeat in a week, but for now I’ll sit on rice. Still
I noticed that my skin became better looking … “

What are your results? Share them in the comments!

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