Mexican Express Diet: Rules, Menu, andresults

After eating delicious food and a rich feast decided to give
opportunity for the body to relax, get rid of excess fat? Exactly
Mexican diet will give you the opportunity to quickly bring the body to

Mexican Express Diet: Rules, Menu, and results


  • Basic rules of diet
  • What foods can you eat on the mexican diet?
  • Menu
  • Каковы results от такой диеты?
  • Good diet
  • Features diet and tips
  • disadvantages
  • Contraindications
  • How to get out of the diet?
  • Express diets: video


Basic rules of diet

Nutritionists include such a diet to one of the hard. That’s why
follow a strict diet, as in this diet, the best in
�”Peak” cases. So, it is necessary to give preference to vegetables,
dairy products, dried fruits. Give up sugar fast
carbohydrate, ice cream. Alcohol must be excluded from
own diet. An important principle is the abbreviation of ordinary
ration. The advantages include the fact that such a diet is inexpensive,
so everyone can slender to sit on it

Tune in for 4 days and you will get the opportunity to throw up to 5
kg But before the restriction in nutrition is necessary morally
tune in, because you will periodically feel hunger due
consumption of a minimum amount of calories. However, the effect of
worth it!

An important nuance of the diet is the use of only small portions.
But you can not prolong the diet, because you risk significantly
harm the body. You can follow it, regardless of the time
of the year. And if you are not a fan of cooking culinary masterpieces, then
You can rejoice, because now you do not need to cook!

What foods can you eat on the mexican diet?

  • Egg yolk is famous for its content of lecithin, fatty acids and
    vitamins, therefore, has a high nutritional value. If a
    If you eat 3 eggs a day, it will definitely not do you any harm,
    but you will quickly fill up and not be hungry. As for protein,
    then it plays the role of high-grade protein and is equal to meat and
  • Vegetables are valued for their vitamin content, while cucumbers give
    the ability to remove water through calcium.
  • For express – weight loss, you need to lean on the sea
    cabbage, it contains important substances.
  • Грубая клетчатка – это необходимая составляющая ration. In her
    contains miraculous qualities that enable
    cure obesity.
  • Fruits are also needed to replenish the body with vitamins,
    trace elements, minerals. At the same time, any fruit allows
    relieve the kidneys, improve the digestive tract, and also have
    diuretic effect.
  • Fresh dandelions are recommended to be added to salads, because
    young shoots make it possible to lose weight.
  • Cheese, milk, and kefir – all this is a storehouse of milk proteins and
  • Natural strong coffee is a source of cheerfulness for the whole


On Monday:

For breakfast, it is recommended to use green tea, orange and a couple

Lunch should begin exactly after 5 hours. Recommended
consume up to 10 pcs. prunes, pre-soaked in water

For dinner, use a glass of kefir and a fresh, juicy pear.

ATо вторник:

For breakfast, it is recommended to eat no more than 110 grams. cheesecake. Wash it down
his cup of hot coffee.

For lunch, it’s best to eat an orange and just cooked

На ужин мандарин и egg.

On Wednesday:

It is necessary to use green tea, but without sugar. Can add
a little lemon.

For lunch, prepare a salad of vegetables – cucumber and tomatoes.
Season with lemon juice. Separately eat 100 gr. cheese

For dinner, drink up to 245 gr. milk

On Thursday:

For breakfast you can eat a small portion of oatmeal flakes,
but it is recommended to boil them in water and without salt. Add a pair
dried fruits.

For lunch, eat a salad of vegetables – tomatoes and cucumber.

For dinner – a couple of oranges.

Throughout the day, you can drink only mineral water.

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Каковы results от такой диеты?

In order to lose weight instantly this diet is considered
incredibly effective. And this is confirmed by numerous
grateful reviews. Star Victoria Ruffo also sticks
such nutritional restrictions.

The main feature of this diet is that it is capable
reduce the volume of the stomach, so soon you will be able to eat
small portions of food. Your appetite will be moderate. Take on
armament that you can repeat the diet only after a month.

Good diet

  • in just 4 days you can lose up to 5 kg – very good
    result. This is especially true if the planned secular
  • benefits include low cost diets, because the products
    are simple. You don’t need to cook anything during the day;
  • it is not necessary to consult a doctor, because
    diet has a minimum of restrictions.

Features diet and tips

  • before you take another batch, it is important
    check that it is at least 5 hours past
    food intake;
  • you must drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day;
  • you can not add spices and salt;
  • it is important to follow the menu exactly;
  • must refuse sweet, fatty products, as well as from
    alcoholic, carbonated drinks;
  • during the diet a small amount of physical exercise is allowed,
    which will help improve metabolism, due to which fat
    Fiber will dissolve more successfully.


Diet does not have a good balance. The menu presents
only proteins and complex carbohydrates, but fats are missing. And although their
An insignificant amount comes with fermented milk products,
this is not enough for functioning.

Remember: diet is a way of life, not a temporary limitation in

На протяжении 4 дней необходимо питаться лишь 3 раза в day. AT
While experts recommend eating small meals,
but 5-6 times. Long intervals between receptions and small portions in
As a result, you will always feel hungry.

Alas, but to keep achieved will be very difficult. As soon as you
start to eat in the usual way, then the body immediately back
accumulate fats.


  • allergic to citrus, eggs;
  • stomach disease;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • pregnancy;
  • advanced age;
  • heart diseases.

How to get out of the diet?

After you have successfully completed the 4-day diet, do not
hurry back to your usual diet. ATсе же следует
take into account the limitations, but not so strictly following them.
Try to gradually add to the diet familiar and loved ones.
products that excluded express diet. You can not eat flour,
fat and sweet. Recommended налегать на фрукты, овощи.
Eat more water, but eat muesli for breakfast.

Such nutrition will be useful not only for the figure, but also for
health in general.

Express diets: video

AT данном видео рассказывается о том, как быстро и эффективно
lose weight with the help of an express diet for 4 days.

Such a diet will be ideal for those whose weight is the norm,
but there are slight deviations in a couple of kilo. Therefore she will not
effective in the event that you need to throw about 15 kg –
the effect is almost not noticeable. Worth consulting with a doctor
on account of the presence of stomach disease. ATажно пить больше воды,
play sports to quickly achieve the desired effect. Can
perform light exercises and at home.

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