Methods of dealing with diaper rash in a child:effective and useless. How can you preventdiaper rash?

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The skin of a newborn is one of its most vulnerable organs,
because she is so gentle and thin. It is easily permeable to infections and
harmful substances and does not do well with the function
thermoregulation. That is why babies overheat and sweat so easily.
All of these factors often lead to diaper dermatitis, which
also called diaper rash. They appear where the skin is long
time was in conditions of high humidity or friction. how
this usually occurs in the skin folds of the baby: inguinal,
underarms, etc. The ideal environment for the appearance of diaper rash – skin
the buttocks and the crotch, which has been in diapers for a long time.

how появляется пеленочный дерматит

The main reasons include:

Improper care for the baby: rare diaper change,
washing and bathing.

Overheating, which occurs when the child wraps too much.

Coarse or cramped clothing, child clothing
synthetic fabrics.

Long enough (within a few hours) skin contact
buttocks and perineum with urine and feces. Their combination releases
substances that irritate and corrode the delicate skin of the baby (ammonia,
fecal enzymes). If a child has diarrhea, the bowel movements become
sour and more irritating. Besides,
defecation and skin irritation occur much more frequently than usual.

Allergic reaction to laundry detergent components
cosmetics, etc.

Excess weight of the child, leading to increased sweating. Have
full of children a lot of skin folds, where it lingers

Bacterial and fungal infections.

Symptoms and classification

The main symptoms of diaper rash include redness and itching.
and burning, leading to increased tearfulness and moodiness of the baby.
There may be small wounds and cracks, sometimes pustules. Doctors
there are several degrees of diaper rash:

The first. The skin is reddened, its integrity is preserved.

The second. The skin at the site of diaper rash is very red, small
wounds and cracks.

Third. Cracks are large enough, sores can form and
suppuration, the baby is worried and naughty because of severe pain and
burning sensation.

Diaper Rash Treatment

If diaper rash is not very pronounced, then ordinary hygiene is enough.
It is necessary to thoroughly wash the baby during the shift
diaper, and if he poked, then be sure to wash with
baby soap or a special tool for washing. Wet
skin should be thoroughly blotted with a soft cloth (do not wipe, but
just get wet) and dry. It is very useful to leave the child without
diaper for at least 10 minutes to air and dry
irritated skin. Apply a clean diaper before dressing
special cream, baby oil (you can use boiled
vegetable) or powders. You need to use one thing: either
cream or powder.

For second degree diaper rash, you may need to use
special ointments or ultraviolet irradiation. All this appoints
doctor. In the case of diaper dermatitis of the third degree
Special disinfectants and
bactericidal emulsions. If the skin has pustules and pimples,
You can not use fat creams. They prevent the drying wet
skin and its healing. After removing the inflammation should be applied to
baby skin wound healing creams or ointments (with zinc oxide,
panthenol, etc.).

To dry and disinfect the skin, it is time to return to
bathing the baby in a solution of potassium permanganate or decoction of oak bark. Also
helps applying to the affected skin a decoction of eucalyptus, swimming in
infusion series or chamomile. Pustules can be treated
green paint.

Diaper rash prevention

To keep the baby’s skin healthy, you must absolutely observe
Some hygiene rules:

It is necessary to carefully select disposable diapers. With
any other signs of skin irritation
need to change the manufacturer of the diaper.

Even the best diapers need to be changed often (ideally –
in 3-4 hours). Be sure to change the diaper after

After removing the used diaper baby wash
running water. Then you need to gently wet the skin and give it
dry in the open air. If you have to change the diaper on
walk, it is necessary to wipe the contaminated area thoroughly.
baby wipes (it is preferable to use
special disinfectants).

Skin should be smeared with cream, use powder or normal.
starch and then put on a new diaper.

Baby clothes should be made from natural fabrics, for
the smallest – with seams out. Wash it with special
means for children and very thoroughly rinse.

The child should be dressed, focusing on the weather and the rule “+1”
which says: on the baby should be clothes one layer more,
than an adult.

Means used for child care should be
quality, hypoallergenic, with a minimum of additives.

Regularly inspect the baby’s skin for detection
redness and irritation. Especially carefully should inspect
neck skin, groin and buttocks, behind the ears.

Daily air baths will not only save the baby’s skin from
diaper rash, but also contribute to hardening.

Observing these simple rules will keep your baby’s skin healthy, and
also the nerves of his parents.

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