Menu for the week with a white diet forslimming

  • 1 Белая диета для slimming
    • 1.1 What is a white diet?
    • 1.2 List of permitted products
    • 1.3 Menu for the week

Девизом этой диеты могла бы стать фраза – цвет slimming
�”white”. This is the main set of products of this
therapeutic nutrition. It includes:

  • low-fat dairy products;
  • chicken’s meat;
  • fish;
  • quail eggs, chicken;
  • cereals – rice, oatmeal, bran;
  • various sweet fruits, excluding sour berries,
  • vegetables – cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh greens;
  • beans;
  • dry wine.

A white diet may seem artificial. However she
effective, simple, effective, well balanced.

Белая диета для slimming

The white diet is a low-calorie protein diet with
restriction of fats, with the exception of salt, sugar. Source of carbohydrates
are vegetables, various fruits, rice, oatmeal.
The basis of the food system – dairy products low
fat content.
This is where the name comes from. Source of
Protein are also chicken fillet, fish, eggs. There is a big
similar to the Ducane system in the combination of protein and vegetables.
The white diet also allows fruit.

White diet due to low calorie, limited choices
products, a small amount of fat should not be extended
over seven days. Она действенна для slimming. Can reliably
lose four to five pounds of unnecessary weight. Nutrition
performed four to five times a day. In hour
You will need to drink 200 ml before meals. non-carbonated mineral water,
which allows you to muffle your appetite.

What is a white diet?

White diet – low calorie diet system,
allows you to quickly remove excess weight. The principle of four, five times
fractional nutrition, the rule of water intake with a fifteen-minute
interval before a meal will help disperse the metabolism,
fix a long time result, it is easier to transfer calorie restriction.
The diet of the main protein, milk may also include fillets
chicken, white fish, various vegetables, sweet fruits.

A sufficient amount of protein saves muscles while losing weight.
Dairy products of low fat content, fiber, food fiber
vegetables, fruits improve digestion. High calcium content
noticeably improves the condition of the teeth, bones. White diet shown
после отбеливания зубов, действенна для безвредного slimming.
This nutritional program is well tolerated, but has
minor contraindications, including:

  • allergies to dairy products or lactose intolerance;
  • diseases of the stomach, intestines;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period.

As with any low calorie diet, not recommended

List of allowed products

Consider what you can eat on a white diet? List of products for
белой диеты возглавляют молочные продукты малой fat content.
При похудении в меню надо включать:

  • 5% cottage cheese;
  • kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt, yoghurts less than four fat
  • 1.5% milk;
  • various cheeses.

A number of sources recommend fully skimmed dairy.
products. However, without fat, there is no absorption of calcium, vitamins E, D.
Therefore, low-fat milk products are more rational. For
additional source of protein you can eat boiled fish fillet,
куриную грудку, филе, яйца перепелов и курицы.

Source of carbohydrates система питания

  • dried bread, crackers;
  • whole grain cereals – oatmeal, rice, buckwheat.

The white diet nutrition system includes beans, a variety of
types of cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, radish, mushrooms. Widely uses
dried fruits, fruits (sweet apples, peaches, pears, bananas,

Mineral water is usually recommended as a slimming drink.
without gas, dogrose, flax seed, unsweetened green, black

The list of the allowed necessary products at a white diet
is strict and excludes:

  • sour foods, citrus, berries;
  • chocolate;
  • sugar;
  • salt.

Instead of sugar, you can use a small amount of honey. Alcohol
excluded, but there is an extreme option, including dry wine –
white or red. Sour cream is used as a sauce.

Menu for the week

Диета для slimming белая — меню на неделю наиболее
demanded dairy option.

First day:

  • on a pair of spoons of st. oatmeal with raisins and low fat cottage cheese,
    Ryazhenka 200 ml .;
  • small banana, yogurt;
  • green tea, a couple of steep eggs, cottage cheese 0.15 kg. with sour cream;
  • yogurt, apple.

Second day:

  • rice porridge, a little honey;
  • ryazhenka, peach;
  • cheesecakes 0,2 kg., milk;
  • small banana, kefir, homemade ice cream.

The third day:

  • cabbage stew with a spoon h. sour cream, milk 200 ml .;
  • ryazhenka with three plums;
  • milk oatmeal with honey;
  • four boiled quail eggs, forty grams solid cheese,

Fourth day:

  • omelette, croutons with hard cheese, mineral water glass;
  • a handful of dried fruit;
  • boiled chicken fillet, stewed cabbage;
  • fruit salad, kefir.

Fifth day:

  • milk buckwheat porridge, small banana, green tea;
  • a pair of baked potatoes in their uniform;
  • bean soup, vegetable salad;
  • boiled rice, baked fillet of hake.

Sixth day:

  • cabbage stew with a spoon h. sour cream, milk 200 ml .;
  • ryazhenka with a pear;
  • milk rice porridge with honey;
  • four boiled quail eggs, forty grams solid cheese,

Seventh day:

  • rice pudding with honey, kefir;
  • curd with prunes, a little sour cream;
  • two hundred grams of fish steam, mashed potatoes seventy grams,
    cabbage salad, milk;
  • kefir, apple-banana puree.

Белая система питания допускает другие линии меню.
Dry wine example:

  • wheat toast, cheese, glass of dry wine;
  • cottage cheese 0.2 kg., three wheat crisps, a glass of white wine;
  • a pair of slices of cheese;
  • one hundred grams of cheese, some dried bread, a glass of wine.

Menu with beans:

  • a piece of dried bread with cheese, cottage cheese 0.1 kg., kefir;
  • boiled beans with steamed vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, sweet
    pepper and red onion);
  • sweet fruit;
  • chicken soup with boiled beans.

Menu with rice 0.5 kg .:

  • baked chicken fillet 100 grams with boiled rice;
  • peach with milk;
  • vegetable salad with boiled rice;
  • boiled rice with fruit salad.

Meat menu:

  • vegetable salad with boiled chicken fillet;
  • boiled chicken breast with apple;
  • buckwheat porridge with stewed chicken;
  • carrot-potato puree with boiled fillet;
  • chicken broth with vegetables and 50g. boiled chicken.

Выводы: Отзывы и опыт показывают, что белая
диета подходит для быстрого slimming, уменьшения живота. Weekly
weight loss at the level of three to five kilograms.

Losing weight noted:

  • The granularity of food, a sufficient choice of products allow
    To tolerate the white diet is relatively easy.
  • A large amount of fermented milk products is favorable for
  • This nutrition system strengthens the teeth, improves the skin. She doesn’t
    causes harm to health. The time between repetitions is about a month.
  • Additional benefits include simplicity, accessibility.
    ordinary products, ease of use.

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