Menu diet “Spring” for 35 days

  • 1 Rules diet “Spring”
    • 1.1 Pros and cons
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    • 1.3 What could be the results?

Weight loss is a process that everybody gives in at least once in life.
person. Currently, there are many diets by the rules
которые помогают активно сбрасывать лишний вес. Diet rules
very simple, and adherence to the right diet improves immunity,
heals, strengthens the health of losing weight and reduces fat. For
to lose weight by the rules and keep the acquired weight is necessary
use a diet called “Spring”.

This technique is developed by leading nutritionists according to
rules and will suit people who have no health problems
и у которых нет ограничений в питании.


Diet rulesы «ATесна»

Dieting will have the effect of not a single gram of fat. She also
helps to cope with hunger, losing unnecessary

Basic rules and principles of nutrition:

  • Before starting this power system, you must fully
    clean and prepare the body. For this recommended
    use water fasting with lemon juice. Drink
    this drink is possible in any volumes;
  • In order to carry out healing procedures for the body
    It is recommended to use any multivitamin preparations that
    will be able to saturate the body with nutrients and nutrients (this
    a very important rule that should not be neglected);
  • The last meal for effective weight loss should be
    no later than 19 hours;
  • The first meal is actually carried out no later than 12 hours
  • The basic rule of the diet is to divide meals into several servings.
    в течении полного day;
  • It is forbidden to eat bananas and potatoes, as they are very
    calories and can contribute to weight gain;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of oil for
    dressing vegetable salads, best for effective weight loss
    lemon juice and low fat yogurt will do;
  • It is not recommended to use salt and seasonings to the main
    dishes, it can trap extra liquid in
    the body;
  • Be sure to drink a sufficient amount of liquid – 2 liters per
    day, including tea and coffee;
  • It is permissible to drink juices and fresh juices, unsweetened tea and coffee.

Lose weight in the spring will help the spring diet, which is designed for
any age and is suitable for people who do not suffer
diseases of the digestive tract. Diet “Spring” for weight loss – a great way
improve your own body and get aesthetic

What are the advantages of spring health?

  • Relatively loyal dietary restrictions;
  • Vegetables and certain fruits may eat in any
  • AT случае срывов возможно продолжение диеты;
  • The skin on problem areas tightens and becomes healthy.

The menu according to the “Spring” method is developed according to the rules that
помогают похудеть за 35 полных дней. For it costs
stick to certain phases.

Advantages and disadvantages

«ATесенний» метод похудения подходит практически всем,
но все таки стоит знать все возможные плюсы и минусы диеты

From the minuses of nutrition by the method of “Spring” you can

  • Strict dietary restrictions;
  • Long term;
  • Minimum consumption of sugars, fats and carbohydrates.

The advantages of the diet “Spring” include:

  • Quality and good results that are easy to keep
    adhering to fractional meals and fasting days;
  • Recovery and recovery of the body;
  • Minimum contraindications.

Detailed menu

Диета «весна» на 35 дней — меню подробное:

  • Первые три дня необходимо придерживаться
    such a diet: immediately after a person wakes up
    you must drink mineral water without gas, namely Essentuki or
    any other with high mineralization. Breakfast – black tea without
    sugar, lunch – chicken fillet boiled or baked, dinner –
    skimmed kefir, not more than 200 ml;
  • На четвертый и пятый дни необходимо выпивать
    half a liter of nonfat kefir and 200 grams of cottage cheese product. AT
    in case of thirst, you can drink 300 ml of celery fresh;
  • На шестой день следует разбить 5 приемов пищи
    and eat 4 baked potatoes a day, drink this food
    можно любым фрешем (цитрусовым или овощным);
  • Седьмой и восьмой день – мясная пища, среди
    which is 500 grams of chicken fillet and mineral water without gas;
  • Девятый день – разгрузочный. Should
    drink plenty of liquid, better water with lemon
    соком и  небольшой горстью сухофруктов, которая разделяется на
  • Десятый день – обезжиренный кефир в
    неограниченных quantities;
  • Одиннадцатый и двенадцатый день — употребление
    useful half-saturated fats that help restore balance
    in the body of the necessary ingredients;
  • Тринадцатые сутки. Breakfast – 300 grams
    low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of any berries and fruits,
    exception is raisins and bananas. Lunch – vegetable broth.
    Dinner – celery fresh with the addition of carrots or apples;
  • Четырнадцатый день — употребление большого
    amounts of protein, such as boiled fish, meat or
  • Пятнадцатый день – 1 литр домашнего коровьего
    milk, cottage cheese and a handful of fresh berries for the season;
  • First фаза диеты «ATесна» пройдена. AT период второй фазы диеты
    it is necessary to eat more fractionally, i.e. break between meals
    should not be more than 2 hours;
  • Шестнадцатый день диеты «ATесна» – следует
    bake 500 grams of potatoes and 500 ml of kefir as the main
  • Семнадцатый день — употребление только лишь
    the curd product is compulsory to skim;
  • ATосемнадцатый день – отварное филе, которое
    must be prepared without salt and spices;
  • Девятнадцатый и двадцатый день – употребление
    only berries or fruits according to the season;
  • Двадцать первый день – минеральная вода без
    gas with the addition of lemon juice;
  • Двадцать второй день – 0, 5 литра kefir;
  • Двадцать третий день – отварное филе курицы,
    fresh and a few potatoes;
  • Двадцать четвертый день – пол килограмма
    crackers, compulsory rye and a liter of nonfat
  • Двадцать пятый день. Breakfast – rye toast,
    lunch – broccoli or cauliflower puree soup, dinner – a glass
    milk, healthy nutrition replenishes vitamins;
  • Двадцать шестой день – употребление любой
    жидкости без gas with the addition of lemon juice;
  • Двадцать седьмой день – сухое голодание,
    will help get rid of fat;
  • Twenty-eighth day. Breakfast – chicken or
    pork liver, lunch – vegetable broth, dinner – kefir or cottage cheese
  • Двадцать девятый день – половина столовой
    ложки гречневой каши, пол-литра kefir;
  • Тридцатые сутки – употребление минеральной
    water without gas.
  • Тридцать первый и тридцать второй день
     eat oatmeal with berries, pumpkin someone soup and fresh salad
  • Thirty third day. Morning
     запаренная гречка, обед — отварная индейка
    and tomatoes, in the evening – natural yogurt with berries.
  • Thirty-fourth, thirty-fifth
     даем предпочтение только воде, натуральному
    yogurt, cottage cheese, raw fruits and vegetables.

What could be the results?

Диета «ATесна» способна преображать фигуру и здоровье человека за
month. According to reviews, adhering to the scheme, you can lose up to 8-10
pounds overweight.

The revitalizing spring diet contains healthy foods on its menu.
proteins and a minimum of carbohydrates that are well digested
by the body.

For чтобы удержать вес и снизить содержание жира в
организме, после диеты «ATесна», необходимо придерживаться
given food style further, in order that over time not
осталось ни грамма жира.

Photos are thinner:

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