Menu and the basic rules of the diet “little saucer”

  • 1 Principles of the diet “little saucer”
    • 1.1 Tips for pregnant women
    • 1.2 Menu for the week
    • 1.3 Pros and cons
    • 1.4 Результаты похудения

Many suffer a fiasco trying to lose weight by giving up their loved ones
products: flour, sweet, fried, salty. Expecting fast
results by drastically restructuring the diet succeeds
strictly adhere to the menu no more than a week.

Dish “saucer” is very different from others: you will not notice how
those extra pounds will start to disappear, and the habit of eating tasty and
to be fixed for life, forcing to forget other ways
losing weight


Principles of the diet “saucer”

The essence of losing weight on the diet “Blyuchechko” – in a gradual change
nutrition, grafting new eating habits. People get used to much
overeat without even noticing it. For life, a person needs two
times less food than he eats with an abundance of various products.

The diet “Dish” consists of two stages:

На первом этапе notобходимо найти или приобрести
A saucer not more than 10 cm in diameter. All the usual food for themselves
it is necessary to eat only from it, without imposing an additive, without leaving it
border, not building a “pyramid” in the process of feeding. So brain
sees a full plate and signals the stomach about saturation. Daily
need to eat 4 times at a certain time. The duration of the first stage
– 2 weeks.

Второй этап заключается в пересмотре
own food. By this time you are already firmly fixed
the habit of eating less. A new rule appears: it’s time to go with the saucer
remove all harmful foods and dishes, replacing them with healthy ones,
helpful. The duration of the second stage of the diet “Dish”
limited: it should become a habit that will remain the whole
a life.

Each person is individual in losing weight and, with an active image
life, so much food is not enough. Then you can replace
saucer for dishes of larger diameter.

Advice pregnant

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman’s body and not a time.
for experiments. During this period, a woman needs more food.
Fully comply with the diet “Dish” is not worth it, but if you take on
arming some of its rules it will have a positive effect
only on the figure of a woman, but also during the pregnancy.

Well make your food fractional: for the body easier
eat in small but frequent portions. Will benefit
replace harmful foods with healthy, identify specific
время ежедnotвных приемов еды
. Should not be strict with
yourself: the body during pregnancy knows what it needs and,
not переедая, можно ступить на путь losing weight

Menu for the week

Many are captivated by the variety of foods that diet
�”Dish” contains. Menu for the week на втором этапе при похудении
can be varied.

Menu diet “saucer” (breakfast, lunch, snack,

1st day

  • whole grain toasts with cheese and tomato;
  •  soup based on a Mexican mixture of vegetables with sour cream;
  •  fruits;
  • fish baked with asparagus beans.

2nd day

  • egg with yogurt and 2 tsp. steamed bran;
  • boiled meat and boiled cauliflower;
  • homemade bun without filling with coffee;
  • stewed vegetables with veal.

3rd day

  • mix of flakes, flax seeds and dried fruits;
  • seafood soup with greens;
  •  banana smoothie without sugar;
  • salad with tuna and fresh vegetables.

4th day

  •  omelet with tomatoes and cheese;
  • buckwheat ham;
  •  cottage cheese with raisins;
  • fish stew with vegetables.

5th day

  •  corn porridge with apple;
  • cream soup with whole grain toast;
  • kefir with strawberries;
  • Caesar salad”.

6th day

  • sandwich with bread, ham and cheese;
  • liver stew with sour cream;
  • fruit cake with yogurt;
  • cottage cheese with apples.

7th day

  • scrambled eggs with toast;
  • boiled chicken and buckwheat;
  • mix of berries;
  • lentil broth.

Правильный выход: Приятной особенностью
losing weight on a similar system is that getting out of the diet
�”Little saucer” is not difficult. Getting used to eat according to
the rules of the diet, often in small quantities, the desire
return to the usual state of overeating when the stomach
constantly full, and the stomach swollen, just does not arise.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the diet “saucer” when losing weight:

  • Simplicity. Does not require complex manipulations or significant
    dietary changes;
  • Availability. No need to buy expensive dietary
    products. You can eat the same as the rest of the family. Need only
    reduce the amount of food;
  • The minimum probability of failure. Deceiving the brain with the fullness of the dishes,
    there is no desire for overeating;
  • Slimming slimming system restrictions. Slimming occurs
    gradually, without abrupt restrictions and extreme decrease
  • Performance. Diet will lose weight and confidently
    hold him down

Есть и обратная сторона подобной системы питания для losing weight
Not all fit the amount of food recommended by the rules of the diet.
�”Little saucer”. For example, with an active lifestyle or large
the amount of excess weight. It is recommended to slightly change the rules
based on your feelings. By cons also include slow
скорость losing weight


  • at first, the body will feel hungry after meals
    (the proposed volume will obviously be missed;
  • not will be able to lose weight in a short time – weight loss occurs
    gradually and smoothly.

Результаты похудения

Диета «Блюдечко» not относиться к быстрым способам losing weight
Results depend on weight and diet to the stage of active
struggle with extra pounds.

Первую notделю можно потерять до 3 кг, но not стоит обольщаться: в
это время организм очистился от избыточных накоплений и лишnotй
water. You can feel the lightness in the digestive organs,
absence or reduction of edema. В первые 7 дnotй метода «Блюдечко»
желание поесть может сильно мешать, но not стоит сдаваться: скоро
тело привыкnotт и будет воспринимать количество еды, которое
fits in a plate 10 cm, sufficient.

На диете «Блюдечко» можно ждать результатов 1-2 кг в notделю, что
является наиболее оптимальной величиной по мnotнию диетологов.
Благодаря медленному снижению веса, сброшенный объем not
is returning.

Photos before and after:

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