Melissa: useful properties of lemon grass.The use of lemon balm in medicine, indications andcontraindications

Пт, 12 авг 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

About the medicinal properties of such a plant as Melissa, with
amazing subtle and distinctive aroma, knowledge is transferred already
many centuries.

A close relative of mint, which has many different
names, a very unpretentious plant that can always
Help cure many ailments at home.

Features of the composition of lemon balm and beneficial properties of the plant

Lemon grass is one of the most common
drugs that can be found at hand in his garden.
The abundance of the beneficial properties of the plant is due to the rich
vitamins and beneficial elements of the composition. Into it

  • flavonoids;

  • resins;

  • essential oils;

  • tannins;

  • rosemary, coffee acids;

  • bitterness;

  • vitamins C, D, group B;

  • micro- and macronutrients, such as selenium, zinc, iron, potassium,
    nickel, calcium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium;

  • biologically active substances.

According to external signs, melissa is very similar to mint, plants
belong to the same family. However the differences
are present not only in the beneficial qualities of plants, but also in other

1. The method of growth of the stem. At mint the stalk grows directly, and at a lemon balm
has branches.

2. Aroma. The smell of mint is sharper, pronounced and resembles
menthol. Melissa has a softer, spicy aroma with lemon

3. The flowering period. Melissa blooms with false rings at that time
as mint inflorescences are formed in the form of an ear.

4. Application areas. In medicine, plants can be used as
for the treatment of the same diseases, and completely different. AT
culinary melissa serves seasoning or spice, and mint
strong flavoring.

Medicinal qualities of lemon balm and useful properties

AT народной медицине трава мелисса применяется для
dealing with such problems:

• cardiovascular disease. Melissa tea in the morning
normalizes the activity of the system, normalizes blood circulation,
relieves heart pain, eliminates shortness of breath and restores pressure.
The benefits of lemon balm for the heart and blood vessels are enormous;

• diseases of the endocrine system. Melissa normalizes work
endocrine system, metabolic processes in the body;

• colds and inflammations. With respiratory diseases,
fever, influenza is applied melissa. Plant
able to lower fever, has diaphoretic action and is effective
struggling with colds. Suitable for the treatment of children from the age of 3
years old;

• in gynecology. ATажное место принадлежит мелиссе в этой
industry. Lemon grass is used for douching by women,
the form of infusions and decoctions. Melissa is able to alleviate the symptoms of PMS and
remove pain and discomfort during menstruation;

• toxicosis in pregnant women. For women in the position of lemon balm
absolutely not dangerous, if not too carried away by the plant. AT
Melissa’s breastfeeding period improves the formation of a new

• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In diseases of the intestine, stomach
(gastritis, ulcers) Melissa is effective, it can save the broth from

• painful sensations. Melissa performs well
anesthetic. She is able to get rid of headaches
eliminate the effects of vascular disease in the form of dizziness or

• in cosmetology. Thanks to the positive effects of lemon balm
actively used for hair, skin, treatment
dermatitis, rashes, acne and other diseases;

• disorders in the nervous system. Melissa has
calming effect, therefore helps to cope with neurosis,
stress, nervous tension, insomnia, relieves

• unpleasant smell from the mouth. Besides him, Melissa fights
a number of other dental diseases;

• overweight. Do not shift all responsibility to
issues of losing weight only on the plant, it acts only as an assistant.
The main engines of excess weight is sport and the right

Methods of preparation of lemon balm: useful properties in
home medicine and cosmetology

ATся ценность растения заключается в его листьях. To
to preserve the beneficial properties of lemon balm, you need to correctly
prepare medicine from it. Most often they do medicinal
decoctions and infusions.

1. Infusion for internal use is prepared as follows.
in the following way:

• first crushed leaves of lemon grass;

• then they are filled with boiling water in the proportion of 8 dessert spoons
raw materials to 1 glass of water;

• insist in a thermos for about 30 minutes;

• then filtered, and the infusion is ready for use.

2. Infusion for external exposure in the form of poultices and the
similar can be prepared in a similar way, as well as with
2 times the number of leaves.

3. A decoction of the leaves of lemon mint is prepared as follows:

• it is necessary to dry the leaves in advance and take 1 tbsp. l dry

• the mass is poured with 1 cup of boiling water;

• then in an open container the mixture should be infused about 10

• after which the broth must be filtered and can be used.

Leaf decoction lemon balm can not be stored, use it
should be immediately after preparation. If reheat
mixture, the plant begins to lose its beneficial properties.

4. Melissa tea is an excellent antiviral and
antibacterial product. When brewing such tea you can
use both black and green varieties, adding to them fresh
or dry leaves of lemon balm. To избавиться от простудных
disease is perfect blend of green tea, lemon balm and

Melissa is used in traditional medicine as a medicine and
prophylactic for a long time. According to the observations
those people who regularly drink melissa teas look tighter and
feel healthier than their peers.

Применение мелиссы: contraindications лимонной травы и возможный
harm to the body

There are a lot of useful properties of melissa, it has long been
used in traditional medicine and very effective. But
есть у мелиссы и contraindications, с которыми обязательно стоит
read before use.

1. Melissa has успокаивающими свойствами, которые иногда
are out of place. Therefore, before driving, do not
you should drink tea with melissa or use it in any other form.
Because of the plant you can lose vigilance or even fall asleep.

2. Young children under 3 years old should not be given grass either. Their
a fragile organism can react to the plant in different ways.

3. Lemon grass is contraindicated in patients with epilepsy.

4. Each person may have individual intolerance.
this or that product. If you are allergic to the plant from it
should be discarded.

5. Имеет мелисса contraindications в случае почечной

6. You should not use teas, decoctions or infusions hypotensive –
people with low blood pressure.

7. Frequent use of lemon balm by men can cause them
decrease in sexual activity.

AT остальных случаях можно не боясь употреблять напитки на основе
melissa, without fear for their health. Even in small quantities she
has a positive effect on the body.

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