Meaning of the name Gennady, history and originname. What does the name Gennady mean? What character and fate?endows

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Male name Gennady sounds solid, in an adult and
very serious, responsible people.

It is interesting to know the origin and history of the name Gennady, as well as
its meaning. Is it worth it or not to call his son Gena?

Meaning and origin of the name Gennady

There are two versions regarding the birth of this beautiful
name. Interestingly, the versions are Greek.

• According to the first, the meaning of the name Gennady should be raised to
Greek root “Gennadas”. Literally, it means “noble”,
�”Noble origin”.

• According to the second version, the origin and history of the name Gennady
associated with the root “genos”, which means “genus”. AT
Greek stories feature Diogenes (“divine” and Hermogenes (son
Hermes). AT этих именах связь с первой частью слова «Геннадий»
is obvious. It can be assumed that the name Gennady means either
�”Born of Hermes,” or “born of the god Zeus.” True in
abbreviated form.

No matter how complex the etymology of this name is, it is often
found in Russia, especially among the villagers. AT православных
The saints are the names of the holy Gennadians, in whose honor they are called
newborn boys. This is the patriarch Gennady of Constantinople,
He had a healing gift and for the first time portrayed the face of Christ
Savior. This and the Rev. Gennady Kostroma and Lyubimogradsky,
predicted to Anastasia Zakharyeva the royal fate (Anastasia became
wife of Ivan the Terrible).

What character is endowed with Gennady

Little Gennady is trying to manipulate the mother, arranging
tantrums But with his father behaves with restraint. Knows how
приспосабливаться к обстоятельствам, любит привлекать к
себе внимание
в школе.

ATзрослый Геннадий не прочь приврать, чтобы
more profitable to submit themselves to others. ATерит похвалам в свой адрес,
conceited, does not fail. Believes to blame
кто-то другой
, но только не он сам. Unreliable in quality
friend, often “forgets” about debts, does not know how to sympathize with others
to people.

The nature and fate of Gennady, who fell into a good educational
the situation is changing in a good way. If parents teach him
correct response to failures will show the importance of respect for the opinion
another person, then Gennady will grow up to be a balanced person,
cultural, calm. Он может показаться отстраненным и
даже холодным
, но при этом вряд ли снизойдет до
frank meanness. Silence in response to injustice can
but flattering and fawning will not.

С ранних лет отличается самостоятельностью.
Well perceives the order and understands the need to get
a good education. Sometimes secretive, prefers
шумным сборищам. Can seriously do
sports, in general, throughout life to take care of your

Может вести себя импульсивно, несдержанно, но
then regrets a negative outbreak and tries to smooth out the conflict
appeasability. Indifferent to parents, but can hide it under
the mask of a loving son. ATообще, отличается некоторой
�”Prickly skin”: not capable of subtle feelings.

Gennady’s Fate

Женится Геннадий поздно, долго выбирает
. Can not marry for love, but by calculation.
The future spouse should know in advance everything about the meaning of the name Gennady,
because the pitfalls in their marital life will be a lot.
So, a man with this name is molded with extreme accuracy. If a
spouse is not endowed with the same quality, divorce is inevitable.

Геннадий очень требователен к себе, порой
frankly capricious. He needs the constant attention of the household. AT то
At the same time, she appreciates her spouse, helps her in resolving economic
cares about children. For him, the welfare of the family is not empty
sound, including in the material sense.

Измену никогда не простит, хотя сам не прочь
to get a couple of novels (non-binding) on ​​the side.
A woman who does not plan to destroy her family will have a lifetime
indulge your spouse. If a супруга оказалась сильнее, то в неудачном
Married Gennady can sleep.


What does the name Gennady mean when it comes to professional
path? AT первую очередь — мастерство. AT выбранной профессии
a person with this name reaches maximum heights,

distinguished by good faith. At the same time chooses the future place
work thoughtfully, never agree to take the first proposed
a place. His colleagues respect him, his parents are proud of him.

Often, Gennady becomes a professional builder,
is engaged in trade, can open own business.

Successfully manifested itself in the agricultural industry. Can be
astronaut, military, bank worker. Often precisely
parents direct the boy in the profession, directly affecting
the nature and fate of Gennady.

If a у него появляются честолюбивые
, то благодаря настойчивости, добросовестности,
patience, he achieves career growth. Executive in respect
colleagues honest. Knows how заработать и сохранить деньги, поэтому нередко
meets old age with a round sum on bank account.

Famous people with this name:

• Gennady Zyuganov, politician;

• Gennady Bortnikov, actor;

• Gennady Burbulis, politician;

• Gennady Litovchenko, football player;

• Gennady Rozhdestvensky, composer, pianist;

• Gennady Kamenny, singer;

• Gennady Nevelskoy, Russian admiral;

• Gennady Nazarov, actor;

• Gennady Seleznev, politician;

• Gennady Khazanov, actor.

• Gennady Gladkov, composer;

• Gennady Tsygankov, hockey player;

• Gennady Batygin, sociologist, philosopher;

• Gennady Aigi, poet;

• Gennady Yudin, bibliophile, industrialist;

• Gennady Atanov, scientist, mathematician.

Name Compatibility

Прекрасный, крепкий брак может сложиться у Геннадия с ATерой,
ATалентиной, Лидией, Натальей, Любовью, Ольгой, Майей. Between
spouses all life will reign understanding mutual tenderness, they
will take care of each other and forgive some flaws

А вот брак с ATиолеттой, Татьяной, Ангелиной, Риммой, Оксаной,
Tamara will develop badly. As a rule, the relationship of spouses
completely upset two years after the start
life together.

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