Meaning of the name alice

Meaning of the name alice
Wed, 01 Jun 2016

ANDмя Алиса пришло к нам из Германии. In translation
from the ancient Germanic language, it means “noble.” His
This name gained popularity after the publication of the famous fairy tale
Lewis Carroll. �”Alice in Wonderland” – a cult work,
on which to this day films are made and performances are staged.

There is, however, a statement that “Alice” has Greek
the roots. If you believe this interpretation, then translated from the Greek name
will denote the “truth.”

Alice is an unusual rare name. It can only be combined with
patronyms that add brightness and expression. To the best
His patronymic name is Stanislavovna, Aleksandrovna, Grigorievna. AND
patronymic Semenovna, Petrovna,
Trofimovna and the like.


Alice – Character Traits

Baby Alice will delight all relatives and friends with her
angelic face expression. But do not forget that behind this
a cute appearance hides a hurricane of emotions, vivid dreams and aspirations
get to the bottom of it.

Alice, growing up, asks many questions. It is important for her to make
picture of the world in which there is and should be a place of justice
good love She remains romantic and vulnerable all her life, but
inside it is an absolutely solid rod that does not allow
to lose heart even in the most hopeless situations.

Having encountered difficulties, she will surely be frightened. But it does not mean,
that Alice will retreat, run away and allow injustice to happen.
She is often willing to sacrifice herself, within reason. Honour,
dignity and love of truth are its trumps. ANDменно с ними так тяжело
live in the modern world.

Alice can make friends, but she will never trust
who betrayed her once. She will forget about such a person by making
certain conclusions.

Alice and the life partner will choose according to the principle “my honest and
good knight “Because it is by nature fragile enough, strong
she needs a man’s shoulder. This is one of the few ladies
which accepts “paradise in a hut”. AND это именно она способна
to inspire a man to noble deeds.

Alice – Name Compatibility

Alice can build her happiness with different character
by men. For her, the main thing in the relationship is sincere love,
loyalty and understanding. She does not pursue wealth, and she can not
call prudent selfish. She will give all that she has. She is
give your heart, but only in exchange for a great mutual

Alice is best suited romantic Vitaly, Eugene,
Vyacheslav. But from Romanov, Sergeev and Andreev should keep
far away.

Alice – famous people who bore this name

Alisa Freindlich – the great Russian actress. Movies with her
participation is popular to this day.

Alice Cher – a popular Petersburg radio host, DJ.

Alice – interesting facts about the name

Alisa Selezneva – the main heroine of the domestic version
adventures of an unusual girl. She is тоже оказывается в забавном
a world unfamiliar to her. It accidentally takes in the past.
Adventures that have fallen on her head are no less dangerous than
Alice’s adventures through the looking glass. Based on the book of Cyrus Bulychev was
filmed a film that immediately became incredibly popular among
schoolchildren and teenagers.


Alice 01/23/2016 Are the mascots for Alice? all other names
there is

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