Meaning of name Julia

Meaning of name Julia
Fri, 27 May 2016

Имя Юлия имеет три версии происхождения. First
says that the name came to us from the ancient Greek language and
translates as “fluffy”, “wavy.” According to the second version,
It has Latin roots in terms of “July”, according to the third
version, the name Julia came from Scandinavia, where it is symbolized as
�”Born in christmas”. And in fact, the newborn December
girls used to be called Julia.


Julia – traits

In childhood, Julia is capricious, stubborn and touchy, a rare bully and
teasing other children, pointing out their flaws. Her impossible
to argue, in a fit of anger she can even pounce on
peer. Julia is impulsive, explosive, but quickly moves away. Often
whining and trying to attract the attention of adults by any
in ways.

In school, the girl becomes a little calmer. She is
gets along well with classmates and friends, but an explosive temper
occasionally reminds of itself, so it can often swear with
buddies, however, having cooled down and having thought, she herself will ask for forgiveness and
offers the world. Julia is characterized by thirst for adventurism and

Adult Julia has many friends, and no one will miss her.
Lighter invents incredible ideas and entertainment, loves
go to clubs, light and sing. Julia is straightforward, capricious and
often makes enemies.

There is so much energy in a girl that she just
forced to throw it out somewhere. Try to lock Yulia
at home, and she will definitely get back at you, simply because
she has nowhere to direct the enormous flow of energy at home.

Julia easily finds a common language with the stronger sex among her friends
many men. She is избирательна и не будет связываться с кем попало.
Yulia’s future husband is guaranteed a stormy life, full of passion. Live
with the mother-in-law is categorically contra-indicated to the girl – they will fight,
like cats. Julia is a good housewife, her door is clean and comfortable.
Homes are always open to guests.

Julia – Name Compatibility

In marriage, the girl will be happy with Vladislav, Vasily, Ilya,
Eugene, Edward, Maxim, Alexander and Cyril. Challenging
relationships can be with Andrew, Anatoly, Philip, Nikolai and

Celebrities named Julia

Y. Borisova – actress, Y. Voznesenskaya – poetess, writer,
Y. Daneshvar – Turkmen painter, Y. Lermontov – Doctor of Chemistry
(1847-1919), Y. Menshova – TV presenter, actress, Y. Savicheva –

Julia – interesting facts about the name

– the planet-patron – the Sun; – zodiacal affiliation –
Lion, Libra; – totem plants – oak, sunflower, vine; –
treasured animal – dragonfly; – color – red, yellow; –
stone mascot – amber.


Yulek 11/15/2016 I read Julia about myself :) 10/21/2016 yes
that’s for sure true !!! Dmitry 10/16/2016 Thank you I like YLiya
09/19/2016 Everything is exactly about me! Julia 07.30.2016 What I want to say about
capriciousness in childhood, anger, disputes and that lifts all
children girl named Julia – this is utter nonsense! I’ve always been
calm, balanced, serious child (judging by the stories
parents and, of course, I remember myself very well from the age of 5
age). You should not judge all Julia by this “explanation.”
meaning of the name “. We are all different. And the character does not depend on

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