May 3: what are the holidays today. Events, name dayand birthdays may 3.

Mon, 02 May 2016


Holidays May 3

World Press Freedom Day

The holiday was established by the decision of the UN General Assembly in 1993
year The date of celebration of World Press Freedom Day was timed to
the signing day of the Windhoek Declaration, the contents of which
about ensuring independence and pluralism of free press.
The adoption of the declaration took place in 1991 at the World Assembly.
UNESCO in Windhoek (Namibia). Events held for
holiday promotion (mainly through the media) are
reminding the world public that freedom of the press is
the fundamental right of expression officially enshrined in the universal
By law. Every citizen has the right to adhere to this freedom.
Moreover, everyone must protect these rights, as they
reflect the essence of democracy. This day provides an opportunity
the international community to commemorate the professional
media workers who were able to fulfill at the cost of their own lives
your duty to your homeland. The authorities should think about
giving more security to reporters around the world.

International Day of the Sun

The purpose of an unusual holiday is to draw attention to development problems.
lack of energy. As you know, its sources gradually disappear.
from the face of the earth, and the best alternative to them can serve
natural cosmic energy synthesized by the sun. The sun –
it is the center of our planetary system, it is the closest star to the House,
while others are tens of light-years away
from us and not able to supply the Earth with the necessary heat, light and
life energy. They are only small cold spots,
scattered across the night sky. The sun keeps potential
billion tons of fuel to provide humanity with the necessary
energy, light and heat among them – a small fraction of all that
what it can give us. Its dimensions are grand, it caresses and
destroys at the same time. The sun itself radiates a very dangerous
for life energy, it emanates strong winds with a capacity of thousands
kilometers, however, the Earth’s magnetic field formed by
its nickel-iron core is able to repel these dangers. The sun
It is a powerful energy raw material, it does not need to be mined from
land and easy enough to use for their own purposes. And most importantly,
the energy produced by sunlight is replenished and practically
infinite (at least, scientists promise our Svetilis 5 more
billion years of life).

May 3 in the national calendar

Appeal to ancestors

The peasants believed that on this day the departed remembered
their earthly life and want to see their loved ones – those who are still
continues its earthly journey. That is why May 3 in Russia was
It is customary to visit the cemetery. It was also believed that today heaven
are revealed, and the souls of the dead can “fly” on the former
a haven On May 3, in all houses, tables were surely laid, and
before the meal, traditionally, special prayers were read to help
ancestors acquire eternal rest. This day it was forbidden to catch
fish, because this occupation was considered a great sin. Maybe,
This was due to the fact that at the specified time many fish
start spawning. By the way, the peasants loved to tell fortunes
young animals It was believed if the fry were blurred quickly after
impacts by hand on water, this year you can sow bread
a little early. If they blurred slowly or not at all
succumbed to provocations – with the sowing should wait.

Historical events May 3

3 мая 1113 год — Восхождение на княжеский престол
Vladimir Monomakh Vladimir Monomakh was one of the most
outstanding rulers of ancient Russia, he safely made history
of our state as the first serious reformer. Smart,
active and energetic Vladimir rules, as they say, firm
hand, but with a fiery heart, preventing conflicts and various
strife. And he was assisted by the board on adults.
moment sons. For example, on the initiative of the son Mstislav was created
a complete list of laws reflecting all property issues,
the legal status of people according to their gender,
inheritance and other aspects of the life of Russia. May 3, 1862
— Владимир Даль представил сообществу российской
literature the main work of his life – Explanatory Dictionary of Russian
By the way, Russian is not the only language in which
perfection owned compiler of the famous dictionary. He also
I spoke six more easily enough (English,
French, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Serbian and Belarusian), read
In Latin and in his free time he studied Bulgarian. Just as it may
strangely, he did not know the language of his ancestors. We are all used to
identify the name of Dahl with his unique creation – the four-volume
dictionary. In the middle of the 20th century it was called the great
everyday writer who compiled more than one hundred essays on Russian
жизни.3 мая 1904 год — Получен патент на первую
writing pen with a mechanical ink set system
invention owned by an eminent american inventor
George Parker. In order to earn some money, Parker
got a job at a company that specialized in selling
written pens. The inventor began to sell the product, for which
received a percentage of the profits. However, these pens were quite
fragile and quickly broke. Receiving constant complaints from
buyers, the company organized a workshop for the repair of written
pens, where he worked Parker. On his own initiative, he decided
assemble a more advanced design. After several months
hard work he succeeded. Armed with experience and knowledge
Parker designed and assembled a mechanical fountain pen
ink set system. May 3, 1904, the inventor patented
this design.

Born on May 3

Александр Бенуа (1870 — 1960 гг.) — художник,
inspirer of Russian modern culture. Is the creator
unsurpassed illustrations for the Bronze Horseman and the Queen of Spades
A.S. Pushkin. The name “Benoit” is connected with the activity of the community “World
art. Setting a goal, the artist organized a triumphant
ballet group that has become very popular in the community. And his
art history books have become world classics
искусствоведения.Франсуа Коти (1874 — 1934 гг.) —
famous French perfumer. Kochi became the first person to
understood and divined the “psychological essence” of spirits. He always
argued that their dignity was not just exquisite
fragrance, but also perfectly matched (to a specific flavor)
original bottle. In addition, perfumes must have
appropriate packaging and color – this complements the holistic
composition. Kochi also came up with the idea of ​​releasing perfumes
Series: perfumes, soaps and other accessories with identical smells.
Джеймс Браун (1933 — 2006 гг.) — прославленный
performer of soul music. Growing up in an orphanage, he became a street
bully. The young men put him for theft, he soon became interested in music
and, breaking all stereotypes, turned from a criminal into a living one
legend of american music.

Name Day May 3

Name Day May 3 отмечают: Гавриил (Гаврил), Галина,
Maria, Alexander, Philip, Gregory, Yana, Vyacheslav, Yakov, Antonina,
Anastasia, Fedor, Nikolay, Theodore.

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