May 28: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 28th.

Thu, 26 May 2016


Holidays May 28

Border Guard Day

Every year, on May 28, personnel officers, as well as border veterans
troops of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan traditionally
celebrate the most significant day of the year – professional
праздник Border Guard Day. In the Soviet Union, the celebration of this
day, which was dedicated to the establishment in 1918 of the Frontier
protection of the border of the RSFSR, began on May 28, 1958. Then, in 1918
was organized by the General Directorate of the frontier.
Maritime border guards protect the maritime border,
border guards – air pilots at coastal outposts
border guards also have their service. Representatives of this profession
go on a very difficult and dangerous path through life and at the same time
cause great respect for yourself. In fact, the celebration of the Day
The border guard is hundreds of years old when the first
centralized border posts. So, in Russia from the onslaught of the enemy
and in order to protect its borders defensive structures were used,
which were built along the borders of Russian territory. And for
Watching for the outpost created a special guard.

May 28 in the national calendar

Groin Bokogrey (Warm)

On May 28, the Orthodox world commemorates St. Pachomius the Great,
who was once an Egyptian monk. Being young
pagan, Pachomius entered the service of the emperor Constantine.
Once, making another trip, the division of Pachomy stumbled
on one peasant settlement. Then about the Christian religion still
few people knew. Someone from the elders told Pachomius about the Christian
doctrine, and he so strongly believed in one God the Father, that
the end of the war he baptized, and soon on the initiative of Pachomius was
built a hostel monastery. In Russia, Pachomius was nicknamed
Pakhom Bokogrey (or Warm), as steadily approaching
summer, and on the streets there was a real heat, freezing,
finally, completely disappeared. Old men leaning on
existing hundreds of years of belief, put down many sayings and
proverbs about it. �”Pahom came – it blew warmly,” was
The most common expression in the nation. On this day, the peasants
finished the remaining wheat: “Bokogrey came – sow the wheat
rather, ”they said together, inviting each other to work.
However, people tried to help each other to work
faster and more fun. But the planting of other vegetation today is not
recommended to engage. It was believed that any seedlings,
landed on Pakhoma, simply disappear or scorched heat.
We looked at the people and some signs: for example, if the sun with
the morning was shrouded in crimson shroud, then they awaited formidable fires in the summer

Historical events May 28

28 мая 1756 год — «День рожденья» майонезаМайонез
is perhaps the most popular sauce in the world. What kind of it
only does not happen! Manufacturers pretend to make mayonnaise
with the addition of a variety of ingredients. Light mayonnaise for
losing weight or more high-calorie – for its true connoisseurs –
Please, you can safely choose what you need for you! But about
The origins of this sauce researchers are still arguing.
There are several versions to this effect. Most reliable
says that he appeared in one of the French cities –
Maone – in 1756, when England occupied the French
land.French troops of Marshal Louis du Plescia (Duke of Richelieu)
experienced an acute shortage in food. From available
ingredients, they had only eggs, vegetable oil and
lemons. From the order of podnadoevshih omelets all already turned up, and then
Duke Richelieu asked the chefs to cook the original dish of
available products. In the course of numerous experiments, one of
cooks prepared sauce, which turned out to be extremely tasty and
Immediately fell in love with the French military. And the original name
he was given the sauce “maonsky” – in honor of the French town.
Subsequently, the whole of Europe learned about it, and later the whole world. Today
Mayonnaise is an integral part of almost any kitchen.
мира.28 мая 1812 год — Подписание Бухарестского
peace treaty, which ended the Russian-Turkish war (1806 –
1812) The signing of the Bucharest peace treaty was preceded by
initiated by the Grand Vizier, the negotiations that started
after the defeat of the Russian army (under the command of Kutuzov)
60 thousandth army of Turks in the area of ​​Slobodzei on the left bank
Danube. Negotiations led by Kutuzov himself. Peace Bucharest
the treaty included sixteen vowels and two secret points.
According to this document, the Russian border moved from
Dniester on the Prut River. Territories of Bessarabia and Eastern Moldavia (with
population of about 300 thousand people) were ceded to Russia. By secret
points of Russia was transferred to the use of the sea coast
Caucasus. 28 мая 1961 год — Создание независимой
human rights organization in london that was named
�Amnesty International Amnesty International represents
by myself independent non-political defense organization
the rights of every person, regardless of their place of residence, race,
ideology and worship. The founder of the organization accepted
count British lawyer Peter Benenson. He always called
society to pay attention to the problem of respecting human rights,
remembering biblical truth: “Treat your neighbor as
would like to be treated to you. ” Objectives of the organization
activities are to promote: the release
prisoners of conscience, abolition of the death penalty, ensuring fair and
a speedy trial, as well as curbing ill-treatment
suspects and prisoners. In 1977, Amnesty International
was awarded the Nobel Prize, a year later – the UN Prize, and now
this organization includes about two million supporters from
more than 150 countries of the world.

Were born on may 28

Георг I (1660 — 1727 гг.) — английский король с
1714, the first representative of the Hanover dynasty. To the throne
ascended according to the Act of the throne. Joseph
(1738 — 1814 гг.) — французский врач, изобретший
guillotine as the fastest and humane way to separate the head from
torso. The guillotine was able to accomplish an act of justice with one
удара, чем не могли похвастаться тогдашние палачи.Иван
(1897 — 1965 гг.) — Герой социалистического труда
(awarded twice), chairman of the kolkhoz “Gorki
Ленинские».Ян Флеминг (1908 — 1964 гг.) —
English writer, creator of the literary character James
Bond (agent 007). Its activities in naval intelligence
Fleming recalled with great enthusiasm. The writer adored the world
espionage, shrouded in covert operations and complex technical
devices. Once he told his friends that he would write the most
the world’s best book about his hobby, and he managed to keep his
word. Кайли Миноуг (родилась в 1968 году) —
popular pop singer and film actress of Australian descent.
Many in the west call it a “singing canary”, and all the fault
are short and diminutive girls. She has achieved fame
due to great perseverance, mobility and fantastic endurance.

Name Day May 28

Celebrate: Dmitry, Achilios, Efrosin, Pakhom, Serapion, Valery,
Roman, Strezhlislav, Herman, Makar.

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