May 26: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 26.

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Holidays May 26

Russian Business Day

Vladimir Putin, as head of the Russian Federation, October 18, 2007
signed decree number 1381 (D) regarding the “Day of the Russian
entrepreneurship. ” Thereby he finally approved the next
Public Holiday. Although before that, all Russian entrepreneurs
honestly, conscientiously served and worked for the good of the state.
It is impossible not to mention the memories of the entrepreneurs gunsmiths
Demidov dynasty, as well as Savva Morozov, who founded
Morozov dynasty. The Constitution of the Russian Federation clearly defines that
business has the right to engage in absolutely
any citizen of the country. It is interpreted by article 34 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
At the time when the great country of the USSR existed, this is the right
first acquired legal status after the adoption of the law
State of the USSR “On self-employment”. is he
was adopted on November 19, 1986. Only from now on
Doing business has become legal. Against the background of the Day
Entrepreneurship held various events:
exhibitions, training seminars, presentations, consultations, etc.

Chemist’s Day

Chemist’s Day отмечается ежегодно (последнее воскресенье мая)
according to the decree of the head of the government of the USSR of October 1, 1980 “On
festive and memorable days. Petrochemical and chemical
industries that form the basis of the chemical complex,
are almost the main in the Russian heavy industry.
Entering into their number, many branches and areas of production
based, as well as directly dependent on the chemical complex.
It’s hard to imagine life without chemical products.
industry. For example, these include potash and mineral
fertilizers, pesticides, rubber, drugs, various
polymeric materials, household chemicals, varnishes, paints and much more.
All people should thank the industry for detergents and
cosmetics, for the emergence of new quality varieties
motor oils and fuels; creation of new synthetic fabrics
for clothes, etc. Without the chemical industry
imagine the life of all mankind. Like any grand
праздника, а именно к таким относиться «Chemist’s Day», у этого так
there are traditions, laws, and customs. He is perfectly right
equate to the number of the loudest and most significant days. All traditions
This holiday is saved and passed down from generation to
generation.This holiday brings together all segments of the population who
have something in common with chemistry. These are students, graduate students, teachers
and chemical industry employees of all ages. Everybody who
studied chemical faculties, will find their way in life,
which will branch out into business, and science, and

May 26 in the national calendar

Lukerya Komarnica

May 26th Russian Orthodox Church commemorates the Virgin of Glyceria
Novgorod. The details of her life are still little known.
She died young, being the daughter of the city headman. Respect for her
It came only in the middle of the 16th century, when near its incorruptible body
various miraculous healings began to occur. On Lukerya
mosquitoes appear. That is how people thought at that far time.
They said that they are brought by the warm wind in the spring, and in the winter – by the cold
the wind blows back to the seas of the south. This is confirmed by the presence
sets will take associated with mosquitoes. If you kill a mosquito in between
May 26 before the day of the summer equinox, then do not escape the appearance
dozens of these insects, and if after – a dozen less. AT
the southern regions of Lukerya are called the Grechkoseyka because at this time
produced the first sowing buckwheat. This is how people called her warm
regions. Sowed buckwheat basically served as a breadbasket for bees, and
not for harvesting. Lukosnitsa – another popular glory
Lukery. Men spent the whole day in the fields, and women brought
im in the baskets food. ATот отсюда и пришло такое прозвище.

Historical events May 26

26 мая 1829 год – Победа русских в сражении у
Bosphorus during the Russian-Turkish warBrig “Mercury” – a child of Russian
fleet. The famous Russian ship snatched a heroic victory over
two battleships of the Turks. AT ходе русско-турецкой войны,
conducting a patrol off the shores of the Bosphorus, 18 gun “Mercury”
fought in an unequal battle with the Turkish squadron. Commanded the ship
Lieutenant A.I. Kazarsky. His deed was truly
heroic and worthy of respect. Upon returning to base in
Sevastopol, the Russian brig deserved the award in the form of a stern
St. George’s flag and forever immortalized his name. AT ходе сражения
4 seamen were killed, and Kazarsky himself was wounded in the head. This
a heroic victory Russian sailors showed their moral
the superiority of morale over the Turks, and also deserved universal
honor and respect of their compatriots. This famous event
a monument was erected in Sevastopol. Famous artist that
time I. Aivazovsky painted many paintings dedicated to this
the battle. 26 мая 1883 год — Освящение Храма Христа
SaviorThis historical event podgadali coronation of Alexander
Iii. Also in the temple was a memorial plaque about
the consecration of the temple. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was destroyed (blown up)
in its place to build the Palace of Soviets. Unfortunately, on that
the place was built only a huge pool “Moscow”. On today’s
time the temple is fully restored. May 26, 1913
– The first flight of a multi-engine aircraft “Russian
Knight ”engineer Sikorsky On this day an event occurred
world scale. Multi-engine aircraft “Russian Knight” made
your first flight. A similar class of aircraft in the world
then no one saw. is he был воплощен в мечту
design engineer Igor Sikorsky. The main task of the aircraft
– strategic intelligence. Its residual name is “Russian
Vityaz ‘aircraft received after some design modifications.
The extraordinary interest in the aeronaut of the new generation showed
Nicholas II. ATскоре он передал Сикорскому памятный подарок — золотые
clock. This was a breakthrough in the then aircraft construction. Building
This air giant had no analogues in the world by weight and
size, as well as marked the beginning of a heavy aircraft.

Were born on may 26

Климент VII (1478 — 1534 гг.) — Папа Римский,
the last representative of the church of the Renaissance. According to life
he was an extremely devout man, he lived in modesty, but he did not
differed activity and enterprise. It was him
отделение англиканской церкви от Рима.Михаил
(1730 — 1804 гг.) — один из основателей высшего
Education and mining in Russia. Senator. AT конце
the eighteenth century, he developed and approved the draft first
higher education institution in St. Petersburg, which is currently
time is called the Mining Institute. Soymonov became his first
директором.Анри Фарман(1874 — 1958 гг.) —
French aircraft designer, pilot and artist. His career
started as an artist, a few years later, became a racer, and after
– Together with my brother decided to explore the airspace. His
belongs to the world speed record set in 1909
flight. Since 1912, Farman began designing aircraft,
which were very popular during the period of the 1st world
of war.

Name Day May 26

Отмечают: Егор, Георгий, ATасилий, Александр, Юрий, Лукерья, Иван,
Efim, Makar, Irina, Christopher, Sergey, Tikhoslav, Marianna, Maria,

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