May 22: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 22.

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Holidays May 22

International Day for Biological Diversity

In 1995, the UNGA on the basis of the 1994 Convention
on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted a resolution establishing
International Day for Biological Diversity, and since 2001
the holiday, having adopted a global scale, began annually to be celebrated
most countries of the world. Under biodiversity taken
understand all the diversity of life that lives on our planet. AND
today this life is under the pressure of a rapidly developing
civilization is gradually dying out. Entire forests are being erased from the face of the earth.
some species of plants and animals disappear after them. Blame
to that becomes the active activity of mankind. To draw
attention of the world community to this problem in 1994
Convention on Biological Diversity. Today
Parties to this Convention are more than 200 countries
which is obvious: they seek to preserve the biological
diversity of all living things as well as consolidate environmental
the situation on Earth. The main task of this day is the basis of
so that society finally recognizes its wrongfulness towards
flora and fauna and start to be more careful with natural resources
the planets. The biological diversity of our cosmic home smoothly
declining, the ecological system is deteriorating at a pace that
life does not have time to adapt to changing conditions
the environment. The World Conservation Union has identified seven
underlying factors leading to biological imbalance
on the ground. They are dominated by aggressive human
livelihoods. AND лишь на второй план отступают естественная
the evolution of nature and the following climatic changes.
Today огромными темпами идет разработка программ по сохранению
the diversity of life on Earth, created reserves for endangered
species, introduced responsibility for the destruction of animals, etc. AT
our strengths to help the dying life perk up and triumph

May 22 in the national calendar


On May 22, people commemorate Saint Nicholas, who is also called
Pleasurer and Wonderworker. He is one of the most revered
saints in Christianity, patron saint of commerce, children and sailors. Still
during the life of Nicholas, they praised him as a mediator of the warring, the guardian
innocently accused and a defender from a vain death. Celebrations in
the honor of Nikola Udodnik in Russia was arranged twice a year – 19
December and May 22. By this period, grass flourished in the streets,
therefore, the cattle were sent to the meadows. Among youth existed
a special ritual: single guys were equipped with the whole family and
sent them to the field, and with them gave various treats. ATечером к
he was joined by young unmarried girls, and began
a real party with dances, songs and dances. On Nicola
parents sent their children to adulthood, so from this
day control was not exercised. With Nikola Udodnik on the street,
as a rule, good, warm weather was established, and peasant
life began to climb the mountain. Goats and cows produced
more milk, thanks to the fresh greens in the fields.
Therefore, people are not particularly worried about how to feed the family.
Today также обращали внимание и на погодные приметы. If morning
it was foggy, which means traditionally people were washing themselves with morning dew,
to add health, strength and strength to the whole year. Good
the omen of this day was a warm rain, promising a rich
harvest this year.

ANDсторические события 22 мая

22 мая 1856 год — Основание Третьяковской
galleriesTretyakov Gallery, which is a national
Russian Museum of Fine Arts 10-20 centuries, was
founded in 1856. AT указанную нами дату известный русский
collector Pavel Tretyakov bought several paintings of outstanding
artists Khudyakov and Schilder. Still будучи молодым, Третьяков
set a goal to establish a museum that would be famous for
the whole of Russia. For 40 years he went to his dream, slowly but surely, not
turning from the right direction. Establishing strong friendships
relationship with peredvizhnikami collector received
the opportunity to acquire their best works. AT 1856 году мечта
Tretyakov come true. May 22, the official opening of the museum,
however, for public viewing, he opened his doors only in 1881
year To date, the Tretyakov Gallery has more than
one hundred thousand different works of art, concentrated in
architectural complex with a building on Krymsky Val and
Lavrushinsky Lane. By decree of the head of the Russian Federation Tretyakovskaya
the gallery was ranked among the most valuable cultural and historical
объектов в Российской Федерации.22 мая 1892
Beforeктором ATашингтоном Шеффилдом был изобретен тюбик для зубной
пастыAT то время доктор Шеффилд и помыслить не мог о том, что его
the invention will eventually be one of the most sought after items
human life activity. AND хотя на сегодняшний день tubes
fill with different products (creams, paint, food, etc.), dental
pasta was the first substance packed in a tube container. Before
end of the nineteenth century to maintain teeth in proper
humanity used tooth powders that
marketed in small paper envelopes. ATскоре этот
порошок начали «разжижать», поэтому дантист AT. Шеффилд озадачился
aim to invent a convenient packaging for liquid toothpaste.
The man who gave the doctor the idea was one American artist,
who kept his paint in a tubular container. Dentist decided that
after some transformations such tubes can be applied and
for storage of liquefied toothpaste. ATоодушевившись идеей, доктор
seriously engaged in the release of toothpaste in tubes. However, due to
Dentist forgot to patent on time
he invented the packaging, and a year later Apothecary Colgate – the inventor
liquid toothpaste – entrusted this mission to yourself. After some
время, Колгейт додумался упаковывать в tubes всевозможные крема,
ointment and paint.

Were born on may 22

Уильям Стерджен (1783 — 1850 гг.) — английский
inventor. He did not have a special education, however
circumstance did not prevent Sturgeon from inventing a dynamo, and also
build the first horseshoe electromagnet that raised
массивные грузы большой массы.Павел Зарубин (1816
– 1886) – Russian self-taught inventor. AT детстве Зарубин
literacy practically not studied. However, the mother invested in
son some knowledge. Paul spent most of his life in the service
under the earth department. Zarubin is the author of such inventions.
as a reaper, water lifter, fire pump, appliances for
measurements of sea depths and vessel speeds. Many of his projects and
remained unfulfilled due to lack of funds. Besides
of the listed inventions, Zarubin focused on
problems of air and diving, as well as a virtuoso
publicist and prose writer. Никита Богословский (1913
– 2004) – an outstanding Russian composer, People’s Artist of the USSR.
Author of more than three hundred song performances, among which the most
Famous became: “Favorite city”, “Dark night”, “Shepherds, full
mullet “and some others.

ANDменины 22 мая

Отмечают: Сергей, Николай, Северин, ANDосиф, ATасилий, Христофор,
Elena, Rita, Julia.

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