May 20: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 20th.

Tue, 17 May 2016


Holidays May 20

World Metrology Day

Metrology is the science of measurement. International
professional holiday – the Day of Metrology – established 88th
meeting of the CIPO organization in 1999. The history of this day on
The territory of Russia begins in 2004. Day Celebration Date
metrology timed to the signing in 1875 in France of the convention
on scientific and technical cooperation of 17 countries, including the Russian
The Federation is headed by a representative of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
Today, the organization brings together more than fifty
States, which allowed us to create an ideal ground for the establishment
single metrological space. Set boundaries
world cooperation in the field of measurement sciences allow
maximum use of the knowledge gained in industrial,
commercial and public purposes. Traditionally this holiday
metrologists, specializing in the field of
measurements of physical phenomena.

Day of the Volga River

Every year on May 20, a number of regions of the Russian Federation celebrate the Day
Volga, “born” on the initiative of UNESCO in 2008. First
the holiday, established in honor of the Volga, was marked in the Lower
Novgorod in parallel with the international
scientific and industrial action “Great rivers – 2008″. Gradually to
The celebration was joined by other regions of the Russian Federation. Among them
Astrakhan, Volgograd, Samara, Yaroslavl regions, and
also the Republic of Tatarstan. May 20, all Volga regions spend
thematic events dedicated to the river Volga, which, having
length of 3530 km, is one of the largest rivers on Earth
and the largest in the whole of Europe. Many ancient Russian
The authors in their annals called the Volga Ra. A little later this river
endowed with the name Itil. A few more centuries later,
modern name Volga, derived from the Slavic word
�“Vologa” and literally interpreted as “moisture” or

May 20 in the national calendar


On May 20, an unbreakable tradition existed in Russia: this day was
it is customary to bathe in the river all cattle available in the household, especially
horses It was believed that such a rite would give them health and
additional forces for field work in full swing. More
Moreover, entire families today were drenched in water from the nearest
natural source. To do this, water was taken in the morning, put on
the sun, and when it warmed up, every member of the family poured himself with
head to toe. The very height of sowing fell on the bath, and this
the day could not be missed. The housewives had a special
a sign that women went to visit and visit each other
shared seeds. It was believed that someone else’s seedlings and seeds
took root better than their own. And since they did
almost everything, then people did not stay at a loss.

Historical events May 20

20 мая 1570 год — Создание первого в мире
geographical atlas The modern atlas prototype was developed and
compiled by the hands of an outstanding cartographer of the time – Abraham
Ortelius. In the same year it was first published. The first
the geographical atlas consisted of fifty three large
kart. An explanatory text was attached to each of them. Atlas
fully consistent with those ideas about the geographical
the location of objects on the globe. And although later it was
some errors were discovered, it was for many navigators
a kind of “geographical bible.” As gaps are filled in
areas of geography atlas supplemented with new information and
improved. Today’s knowledge of the earth makes it possible
its most accurate display on paper. Modern atlas
The Earth includes not only the physical map of the world, but also other types
information reflecting the birth rate, the population density is almost
in all countries, mortality and a number of other social indicators.
In recent years, the population prefers the so-called
electronic atlases containing the most detailed information on
окружающем мире.20 мая 1873 год — День рождения
jeansThe first jeans pants that released American Levy
Strauss, were patented in 1850, and later sold by
price of 1.46 dollars. A few years later Strauss opened his own
firm on tailoring. May 20, 1873, this company received
license for the production of jeans. It is this date that became
official birthday denim pants. People very quickly
appreciated their strength, the first batch scattered with lightning
by speed. Soon the jeans company began
use blue material instead of gray, which is even more
increased the popularity of denim products among the population. In 1926
year on sale were sold jeans with a zip fly, and in 1981
the year on the shelves for the first time appeared jeans for representatives
weak sex. 20 мая 1942 год — Учреждение ордена
World War I and II degrees Order of the Patriotic War
established by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in
considered we date 1942. It was the very first award
established in the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. Order
rewarded those persons commanding and ordinary compositions of the Red
armies (as well as the NKVD, the Navy and partisan detachments),
who showed resilience in war, courage and courage. Handed over
This order is also to workers of the rear. So, he was awarded:
designer of small arms Sudayev, aircraft designer Tupolev and
many other personalities. Total Order of the Patriotic War was
about nine million citizens were awarded (about 2.5 million
received the first degree, the rest – the second). After the collapse of the USSR�
the government abolished this award, but it remained forever
a symbol of the tolerance of the Russian people, their victory over the fascist
by the troops.

Born on May 20

Алексей Маресьев (1942 — 2001 гг.) — легендарный
Soviet pilot, awarded the title “Hero of the Soviet Union.” In 1942
year, the enemies managed to shoot down the plane Maresyev, and the pilot himself received
severe wound and, making his way through the territories captured by the enemy,
he survived. After 18 days, he was picked up by partisans. Maresyev
both feet had to be amputated, however this circumstance was not
prevented him from returning and continuing the battle as
летчика-истребителя.Роман Карцев (родился в 1939
year) – comedian, People’s Artist of Russia. His unique
the ability to delight the Russian audience, instilling in him faith in
a better future, forced to move away from the routine and completely
get into the view. Kartsev’s speeches are always collected full
halls of the people. �”The king of laughter with sad voices,” – just so his
many characterize. But in the entire history of his creative career, he
proved that it can be different (just remember Shvonder from
«Собачьего сердца»).Алексей Гуськов (родился в
1958) – actor of Soviet and Russian cinema, producer,
People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. Known for his roles in such famous paintings.
as “The Garbage Man”, “The Plot”, “The Hunt for Izyuber”, “Wolfhound” and others.
2002 Guskov was awarded the State Prize for
playing the role of Goloshchekin in the TV series “The Frontier. Taiga novel.

Name Day May 20

Owners of the following names are noted: Anton, Akaki, Ivan, David,
Zeno, Joseph, Fadey, Isidor, Stepan, Michael, Lyudmila, Lily.

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