May 17: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 17th.

Sun, 15 May 2016

Holidays May 17

World Telecommunication and Informative Society Day

The resolution to proclaim World Telecommunication Day and
Informative Society was adopted in 2006 at the initiative of
UN General Assembly. This holiday is professional,
Every year on May 17, it gathers all programmers, providers,
system administrators, internet editors, web designers and
all those who work in the field of information technology that
significantly changed, improved and enriched the “appearance”
modern civilization. Information technology produces
a real sensation in the global economy, as a result – it rises and
the quantity and quality of all manufactured products. This festival
It existed until 2006, only it was called a little differently.
(World Telecommunications Day), it has been celebrated from 1969 to
decision of the International Telecommunication Union. Date May 17 is timed to
1865, when in Paris after two months of negotiations was
signed by the International Telegraph Agreement.

May 17 in the national calendar

Baklushnik Day (Pelagia Protector)

On May 17, the people commemorate the martyr Pelagia of Tarsus.
The saint, according to the tributes, was born in the third century, her
parents were noble pagans. The girl was different external
beauty and good education. That is why the emperor
Diocletian decided to marry Pelagia to her adopted son.
– the heir to the throne. However, the girl, adopting Christianity, politely
refused such a tempting offer. Angry imperator
deprived her of life. According to another version, Diocletian wished made holy
his own wife, but as a result of the refusal ordered her to kill. On
Russia, Pelagia has always been considered the intercessor of young innocents.
girls and all undeservedly offended people, as well as the patroness
domestic and wild birds. In the twilight time on Pelagia gardeners
a special ceremony was held, which, according to belief, defended
plants, vegetables and other planting from evil spirits and various pests.
For it, special
pots with at least one crack were put into it
nettles, and then put the pot in the middle of a large ridge up
bottom. It was believed that any enemy, trying to seize vegetable
riches, burned with nettles and leave home. Sometimes day
Saint Pelagia was also called the Day of Baklushniks, since it was in
this period, people chopped trees and harvested baklushi.

Historical events May 17

17 мая 1727 год — Вступление Петра II на русский
On the throne of the death of Empress Catherine I, the Russian throne took
the young grandson of Peter the Great – Peter II, who was the last
in a straight male line by the representative of the house of the Romanovs. Petra
Alekseevich at that time was barely eleven years old, so
he could not rule alone. Up to 16, he relied on
Supreme Privy Council, headed by Alexander Menshikov. By training
the future emperor was engaged in Osterman, but he was not too fond of
learn and quite often shirked from classes, replacing them with hunting and
other entertainment. Due to the lack of independence of young Peter
almost all power was in the hands of Menshikov, and after –
Dolgoruky and Osterman. The period of rule of Peter Alekseevich historians
called the “boyar kingdom”, most of the achievements of the emperor
were forgotten. Boyar aristocracy significantly strengthened
the clergy tried to restore the patriarchate, and the army came to
complete decline. In Russia, theft and corruption flourished. Total
the reign of Peter the Second was to increase the influence of the Supreme
Privy Council consisting mainly of old
бояр.17 мая 1861 год — Обществу впервые
presented color photo taken on advanced
the method of the physicist D. Maxwell; Demonstration of the first color photograph,
obtained by the Maxwell method, took place in 1861 in
Kings College London. As a “model” the physicist chose color
checkered bow lying on a black velvet fabric. The essence of this
The method was as follows: in front of the screen Maxwell installed
three glass vessels with three types of liquids of different colors
(red, blue and green), and then through them projected three
glass positives, each through an appropriate filter (vessel with
colored liquid). After all the manipulations Maxwell technical
put the obtained layers on top of each other in a way, and it turned out to be a single
color image. And although the views on this method were very
ambiguous, the scientist made a huge step in the development
photographic art. 17 мая 1988 год
Discovered treasure in the territory of the Moscow Kremlin
date for us during construction and excavation works in the territory
Moscow Kremlin builders found a large treasure that included
various decorations and ingots of Kiev, Chernigov and
Novgorod types. Onходку составляли более трехсот предметов
antiquities, later it was called the “Great Kremlin treasure”, which
is very interesting and diverse in composition and complex
of things. It is based on ancient Russian jewelry,
dated to the 12th century are extremely expensive decorations for
of time. Onходка позволила исследователям подробнее изучить
features of Russia of that period. Onпример, выяснилось, что Москва уже
at the initial stage of its existence played a huge role in
transit trade and was at the center of political events.

Were born on may 17

Эдуард Дженнер (1749 — 1823 гг.) — выдающийся
English surgeon, founder of vaccination. In the spring of 1796
Jenner developed a smallpox vaccine that is pretty fast
showed its effectiveness: vaccinated child, contacting with
sick, not exposed to infection, protection from this disease
proved impeccable. However the royal scientific community
skeptical of the discovery and rejected it, arguing the refusal
serious side effects. Opponents of the doctor hung on him
all the sins, they claimed that the smallpox vaccination received
by weakening the cow pathogen, will lead to disastrous
results, and people will begin to mutate into cow-like creatures.
What only heresy did not say. Cartoonists portrayed
newborns with horns and hooves. Only a few years later
the value of this vaccine has been proven, and by the end of the 18th century against smallpox
in Europe, more than a hundred thousand people were vaccinated. Jenner finally
recognized, compensation was paid to him, and a large
cash prize for special achievement in the field
медицины.Джозеф Локьер (1836 — 1920 гг.) —
English astrophysicist. Mainly engaged in the study of the spectrum
solar chromosphere. He belongs to the prediction of discovery
unknown at that time element on Earth, which was named
helium. After 27 years, scientist William Ramsay discovered on the planet
гелий.Анри Барбюс(1873 — 1935 гг.) — известный
French writer, public figure. In Russia, became famous
as the author of the panegyric “Stalin”. Barbusse was also the organizer
the group that united the world’s largest writers – Maxim
Gorky, Bernard Shaw, Anatole France and many others. Died
writer in Russia. His portraits have long decorated pages.
reader, and then began to fade away.

Name Day May 17

Name Day May 17 празднуют: Иван, Кирилл, Климент, Никифор, Исаак,
Nikita, Pelagia, Nikolai, Oleg, Miroslava, Maria, Leonty.

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