May 16: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 16th.

Sat, 14 May 2016

Holidays May 16

International Biographer Day

The Day of the Biographer (or the Day of the Biographers) is celebrated by several
countries annually on May 16th. This event is timed to the meeting.
Samuel Johnson with his biographer Boswell. Meeting two men
took place in the walls of one of the bookstores in London. AT
the result of a long conversation in 1791 was the two-volume
a book about the life of samuel jackson who was an eminent critic
and lexicographer of the 18th century. Above his “Explanatory Dictionary
English “Dr. Jackson worked for almost ten years.
His biography is still being read. ATообще, слово «биография»
formed by the merger of two Greek words – life and writing,
that is, in essence, the biography is a description of life
any particular person and is usually created by another
by man. Thanks to the hard work of many biographers on
Today there are thousands of information about the lives of great people.
These sources tell us a lot, allowing you to do certain
conclusions about the manners and customs of past times. One of the first
outstanding biographers in history was the great ancient Greek philosopher
Plutarch. Today, many names of biographers, unfortunately, are forgotten.
However, the memory of them will always “live” in their
biographies – the most valuable literary heritage of all countries of the world!

May 16 in the national calendar

Marfa – Nursery, Martha – Green shchi

AT день 16 мая крестьяне на Руси чтили память святой угодницы Марфы.
According to legend, the saint was a myrrh-bearing wife, one of
those who came to anoint the body of Christ after the execution of fragrant
oils. AT народе Марфе приписали множество прозвищ, самые
common ones are the nursery and green cabbage soup. The first
the nickname, in principle, speaks for itself. On Martha the peasants
engaged in planting cabbage, pumpkins, and also sowed land
plots of seeds of various vegetables. Often before planting seeds,
seedlings and ground sprinkled with holy water. This ritual was performed with
to protect plants from harmful insects (caterpillars, aphids,
cabbage dishes, etc.). Existed for this day and their beliefs:
for example, planting cabbage on Thursday is strictly forbidden, even if
the day of the week coincided with the day of commemoration of St. Martha. Those who
Ignored the simple rule, lost all cabbage – its just
ate the worms. Also, before transplanting plants, women could not
eat food for six hours so that the chicken does not bite
young tops with leaves. ATторое прозвище — Зеленые Щи — Марфа
Received due to the fact that since mid-May, many hostesses
started to cook delicious soup that was not cooked with fermented
with cabbage, and with fresh greens: nettle, sorrel and quinoa. BUT
stocks of fresh and sauerkraut by this time were already dissected.
Sometimes the saint was also called the Thrush because in Martha cows
released on the meadows, so that they tasted svezheskoy grass, and in the evening
wet nurse brought the most delicious thick milk.

Historical events May 16

16 мая 1920 год — Канонизация ATатиканом Жанны
д’BUTркAT 1431 году Жанна д’BUTрк была прилюдно сожжена на костре по
charges of witchcraft and the spread of heresy. Before that girl by
the order of the dauphin Charles led the army. Eyewitnesses argued that
a few months before the bloody events happened
Divine foresight, which clearly showed how she
возглавляла борьбу французского народа против BUTнглии (в Столетней
war). Her successes were staggering: the heroine managed to free her
Orleans, and also help the Dauphin get the crown and become king
Carl VII. The popularity of the girl grew, it did not like the ruling
верхушке, и в итоге д’BUTрк отстранили от командования. ATскоре она
captured by the Burgundians – the British allies. They have been transferred
enemies accused by the church of heresy and publicly burned. Later
a quarter of a century a new trial of her case took place, which
реабилитировал Жанну, а в начале двадцатого столетия ATатикан
причислил героиню к лику святых.16 мая 1924 год
ATыход первого номера «Мурзилки» в СССРНе одно поколение детей
grew up on the popular Soviet magazine “Murzilka”. Yellow funny
the character in the scarf and beret spent with the kids various
�”tours”. Many probably remember him since childhood. Interesting
note that the fabulous Murzilka was not at all from the
Soviet Union, and was coined by an American writer and
children’s comic book illustrator Palmer Cox in the middle
nineteenth century. AT те времена Мурзилка выглядел несколько
otherwise: he wore a black dress coat, complemented by a large flower in
buttonhole, and in the hands flaunted a thin cane. True, the Soviet
the illustrators considered this image completely “not childish” and
transformed him at his own discretion to induce the young
generation of the country to read the magazine. May 16, 1985
— AT СССР началась широкомасштабная антиалкогольная кампанияAT 1985
year, the leadership of the Soviet Union decided to “sober up” the country and
instill in the population the desire to anti-alcohol lifestyle. AT
In connection with this, the largest anti-alcohol campaign began in the country.
First, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution “On measures to overcome
drunkenness, alcoholism and the elimination of moonshine ”, through
The Decree “On Strengthening the Struggle Against Drinking” was issued for several days. These
documents and gave impetus to the largest anti-alcohol
shares in the USSR. Only the authorities, seeking to impose healthy society
principles, did not take into account political and economic factors. Events
the fight against alcoholism were limited only to fines and massive
intimidation of the population, which is contrary to moral principles.
But, as you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and instead of
drink, people began to buy alcohol substitutes, business flourished
moonshining AT итоге, люди меньше пить не стали, а власти
suffered huge losses. BUTнтиалкогольная кампания в СССР так ни к
what sensible did not lead, except for multibillion-dollar losses!

Were born on May 16

Иван Цветаев (1847 — 1913 гг.) — российский
historian, art historian, father of the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. Was
founder and first director of the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts
(now called the State Museum of Fine Arts
искусств имени BUTлександра Пушкина). Henry Fonda
(1905 – 1982) – a talented actor, founder of the largest
Hollywood dynasty, the owner of the smartest blue eyes in
the world. Parish Foundations in the cinema was held in 1935. He always
battered, courageous, honest, laconic and mysterious
characters Being already a mature man, the Foundation was able to show the world
the versatility of his acting talent, which manifested itself in
the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West”, where he played one of the most
зловещих в истории мирового кинематографа персонажей.Юрий
(родился в 1957 году) — российский певец, продюсер,
leader of the famous DDT group. AT детстве Шевчук и не предполагал, что
fate will ever connect him with music. Born a singer in a small
forgotten village, which was located on the territory of Magadan
area. As a boy, he loved to draw. When family
moved to the city, the parents gave Yuri to the art studio. Drawings of a young man
talent has repeatedly received awards at various exhibitions and

Nameday May 16

Nameday May 16 справляют: Мавра, BUTнтон, Тимофей, Петр, Николай,
Феодосий, ATячеслав, Симеон, BUTндрей, Марфа.

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