May 15: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays May 15th.

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Holidays May 15

International Family Day

International Family Day, празднуемый ежегодно May 15 многими
was established in 1993 by a regulation of the General
UN Assembly. The purpose of this celebration was the appeal of the world
public to the many problems of families. According to
the founders of the holiday, trampling on the basic rights of any member
same family can lead to the collapse of a single cell of society
due to problems and misunderstandings that entail
a threat to other families. The family, as the first step of socialism,
main ordered “building material” of the formation of society
in general, evolves and evolves over the centuries,
adapting to the environment and forming behavioral stereotypes.
In the family, life is born, develops and ends;
the atmosphere forms the character of each person. Thanks to her growing
the welfare of the people and the state is growing. Family welfare
is the main criterion for the development of progress in
any country.

International Climate Day

Today, the problems of stabilizing climate on Earth
take a global scale. Maintaining the main factor
supporting life on a planet, this is a global problem that
waiting for a serious and deliberate decision from humanity. Change
atmospheric composition, global warming, natural disasters,
evolution of the nearest cosmic bodies, the pernicious human
activities – all this entails the suppression of climate
balance on Earth, which greatly affects the quality of any life.
�The “rebellion” of natural disasters annually kills a huge
the number of people into the atmosphere are released toxic elements
adversely affecting vegetation and other life on
the planet. �“You can’t live like this anymore!”, Ecologists warn us.
In order to somehow interest the population to the raised problem, they
Another date in the international calendar was introduced – Day
Climate (or Climate Preservation Day), established in 2007
representatives of 200 countries of the world. Unfortunately, modern science is not in
able to stop climate change due to natural
factors, however, according to most experts, humanity
quite able to slow down the irreversible process to the maximum.

May 15 in the national calendar

Gleb da Boris Seyateli

May 15, the people commemorate the princes of the martyrs Gleb and Boris (in
the baptism of David and Roman), which were Russian princes,
sons of Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. In 1015, as a result
the outbreak of civil strife, the princes were killed by their own brother
Svyatopolkom. Gleb and Boris became the first saints in Russia –
the intercessors of the lands of the Russians. On Gleb da Boris peasants began
to plant pumpkins and cucumbers so that they will live out of glory. Continued
and other land work on plowing and sowing fields. Therefore
about the way people said: “Boris and Gleb sow bread.” From this
day nightingales began to sing. And by their singing many were judged
upcoming things. For example, if the birds sang loudly, then soon
set summer. Nightingale chants
testified to the clarity of the coming day. Often the day of Gleb and
Boris was also called “ginger-day”, and merchants solemnly
they glorified the saints today in the hope of getting a lot of profits for that.
On the successful course of affairs in the year, any sold in
this day is a thing.

Historical events May 15

May 15 1883 год — Утверждение мнения
State Council “on the gift of dissenters some
civil rights “This opinion, considered by the State Council, was
approved by Alexander III in 1883. After more than two hundred years
after the church split, almost all competitors of Orthodoxy
(Baptists and Old Believers) were allowed to conduct public
prayer in cemeteries and in private houses, but subject to
law and order. The schismatic prayer houses should have
clear differences from churches. Also representatives of the Old Believers
it was forbidden to make crusades, to hang icons over the entrance
in the home and impose their beliefs on the Orthodox. Noncompliance
These points are strictly punished by law. May 15
— Основание в России Красного КрестаОснование в
Russian Red Cross Society occurred according to Alexander
The second. At first it was called the “Society for the Care of the Wounded
Warriors ”, and in 1879 it was transformed into ROKK (Russian
Red Cross). Empress became its patroness.
Maria Alexandrovna. Russia was one of the first powers in the world
where this society was formed. From the first days of his
the existence of the ROQC began the implementation of the intended goals both within
state and beyond. Red Cross activities
touched many wars, among them: the Franco-Prussian,
Greek-Turkish, Russian-Japanese, World War I, as well as others
conflicts and civil strife between ethnic groups. ROCK
helped (and still helps) the wounded soldiers and the military
time as well also to civilians affected by
natural Disasters. May 15 1935 год — Открылась
The first line of the Moscow MetroThe first metro was built in
1863 in England. It was then that the metro began to develop,
showing a distinct advantage over land transportation. AT
Russia thought about the construction of the metro arose in the beginning
1870s, however, the authorities stopped them because of bad
elaboration of the project. A few years later, the State Duma of Moscow
returned to the idea of ​​building the subway. The reason for this was
the rapid growth of the metropolitan population, which, respectively,
provoked transportation problems. Consecutive wars
and economic difficulties in the country pushed aside construction
metro indefinitely. And in 1924 Moscow
the authorities have finally developed a metro network project from one
circular and four diametric lines. AT 1931 году началось
construction, and four years later, a solemn
the opening of the first metro line in Moscow.

May 15 родились

Иван Черский (1845 — 1892 гг.) — известный
Polish paleontologist, geologist, geographer, who explored Siberia. Behind
participation in the Polish uprising Chersky was given to the soldiers and
sent to Omsk, where the researcher became interested in science. Further it
life is firmly linked with Siberia, in the study of which the scientist
made an invaluable contribution. Михаил Булгаков (1891 —
1940) – an outstanding Russian writer. AT 1921 году он без гроша в
pocket and with a medical degree he moved to Moscow. First months
Living in the capital was extremely difficult. Fracture in life
Bulgakov occurred three years later – after the release of the story
�”Devil”. After her followed the novels “Heart of a Dog”
�”Fatal Eggs”, “White Guard” and “Master and Margarita” – perhaps
the most famous and extravagant work of M. Bulgakov, in
which, despite the mystical bias, laid a deep rod.
ATладимир Трошин (родился в 1926 году) — российский
singer and actor. AT свое время всенародную славу ему принесла
the song “Moscow Evenings” performed by him. Still young
Troshin was awarded the Stalin Prize, and later became the People’s
artist of the RSFSR. Несколько лет назад именем AT. Трошина была украшена
�”Square of Stars” at the foot of the concert hall “Russia”.

Именины May 15

Именины May 15 справляют: Глеб, Борис, Зинаида, Афанасий, Давид,
Roman, Strezhislava, Michael, Fedul, Sofia.

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