Maroon 5 frontman secretly married

Tue, May 27, 2014

Rumors that the frontman of the group “Maroon 5” Adam Levin and the actress
Behati Prinslow intend to get married, went for a long time. Couple never
hid her love and even discussed the question of a quick wedding,
however, the specific date was never called. It is only known that
the celebration was scheduled to be celebrated twice: in Mexico and in Namibia,
and in the homeland of Bekhati.

On the eve of the information appeared that lovers secretly entered into
marriage. This was told by a friend of Levin, who was present at the wedding
and noting that the couple looked infinitely happy.

Levin’s bachelor party was held in Las Vegas. Guests noted that
Adam was in a great mood and talked all evening with his

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